Friday, November 12, 2010

Red Wok Kajang/Bangi

Now that I am a temporary SAHM, me and Tebby spend less time together, the 'just-us' time. When I was working, we usually had our breakfast together and occasionally lunch. Friday was the 'groceries-day' which later we had quiet dinner together before heading home. We love our kids to bits but after years of marriage we decided that we need to have some 'just-us' time. Just like we need 'abah-ummi-kids' time.

We have 'pasar Kajang' time together. So un-romantic is may sound but doesn't dating means doing something we like in common? Plus, it's like killing two birds with one stone. Dating, and all the provision is done for.

And recently we started dating back on regular basis on Friday night. No good movies to catch up, we ended up on good food. After three weeks in a row of Saba Restaurant (read here and here), we tried out new place earlier today. Red Wok in Bangi. We acccidently saw this place en-route back home from Saba the other day (while being sesat sebenarnya). Tried out thier Korean Sizzling Steamboat (grill+steamboat). They have Steamboat alone as well. Met Tebby's friends there and they recommended ala carte as well. Maybe next time, InsyaAllah.

Oh, browse here for more info on Red Wok

but the wok ain't red y ols!

steamboating and grilling.

my first plate of food that night

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