Monday, November 29, 2010

My England Is Broken Too

Me and Tebby decided to send Kakak and Iman for a school holiday tuition at a nearby center. For Kakak it's gonna be Math, Science, BI and BM. For Iman, the 3M (membaca, menulis, mengira).

Today is Kakak's first day. Iman is supposed to come along but since he's down with chicken pox, Kakak went alone. Naik van. As usual, this pathethic mom stalked to ensure she's safely in her class. Then I went to the office, paid for the fee and was offered an english enrichment tuition (cam tulah lebih kurang namanya) (for Kakak) but I declined. Don't want to push her too much.

When she got back and showed what she has learned, I almost fainted when I saw these sentences
---> the tree are growth well
---> the tree are die
You know these are wrong right? I asked. A ah tapi cikgu suruh tulis gitu.

Thank God it's Science. The facts are right but those are so grammatically, glaringly wrong. Should that be BI, I'd go there and then and claim my money back.

I am not bragging of my command of english whatsover. Mine is broken too. I don't use bombastic english words. I come from a non-english speaking background and use pantai timur malay at home. So, please don't get me wrong. But, if I paid xxx much of money, then I expect to get back xxx worth in return.

Now, who should really enroll in that english enrichment tuition thingy? Hurmp...


oren said...


bwk jek kertas tu gi opis, mintak explanation..kalo mcm teragak2, mintak balik duit dan akak pun buleh bukak tuition kat umah utk si Kakak..

ummi said...

oren ~ memang pun nak pi buat query. kalau ikutkan mmg nak tuitionkan semua tp tak sempat. focus kat iman dulu.

Shaza Shamsuddin said...

Salam singgah. Hihih comel la entry nih kak.. ;)