Thursday, November 25, 2010

Iman's Vision Test HUKM

A busy week indeed. Today I brought Iman again to HUKM for vision test. New cases will be entertained between 7.30 - 9.00 am. Hit the road at 7.00 am, reached HUKM around 7.40 am. Alhamdulillah I didn't have to resort to abang valet as half of the lots were still empty. I took my time rear-parked my little car and leisurely walked with Iman. Sampai kat Ophtalmology, well.. well.. well.. orang sudah ramai. Dropped Iman's referral and waited.

I have to mention here that there was a notice on the wall stating one should make sure to eat before coming or bawak bekal. I got an uneasy feeling reading that while rummaging thru my bag to make sure I did indeed brought sepapan potato bread and a tumbler of plain water for Iman. Thank God I did.

After almost an hour, Iman's name was called and we got number 1011, room 10. This is for emergency or walk-in. Tunggu lagi. Nasib baik bawak notebook and a pen for Iman to scribble in. When it was finally our turn, Iman refused to cooperate. Whatmore dengan nurse yang sangat tidak pandai mengambil hati anak-anak kecik. We were sent to Room 12 then. Petugas yang lebih child-friendly and took a bit of time asking me what exactly Iman's case is all about. with all smiles and no frown.

We were then asked to go to room 1. Kena tunggu lagi for our turn. This one sangat lama. Iman habis makan sepapan roti potato, drank 1/2 tumbler of plain water, drew approximately 10 pages of cartoon, read 2 sets of flash cards, almost threw a series of tantrum.

When we were finally called in, Iman sangat bosan and again, refused to cooperate. I had to sit down with him sitting on me. Nasib baik Dr tu child-friendly and knew how to 'connect' with a 6yo boy. Ultraman, robots and all. The test went well and the results were okay. Nevertheless, we were referred to HUKM's branch near HKL for further assessment. Next appointment with HUKM Cheras will be 30th March 2011. But before that we need to go to HUKM's branch near HKL first.

The whole process in HUKM took around 3 hours, plus journey back, almost noon sampai rumah (singgah beli pretzel sama jco donut sat) Nasib baik I am on long leave, kalo idak, harus stress!

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