Thursday, May 31, 2012

Piknik @Teluk Cempedak 27052012

Went to Teluk Cempedak last Sunday, 27th May. The ironi is that, takde pokok cempedak pun kat situ. Went balik kampung in Temerloh and the next day brought the kids and their Atok and Wan to Kuantan. Piknik @Teluk Cempedak. Kids had a blast running around. Arrived there around noon. Scorching hot. Squint. And do not walk on sands. Panas. We managed to secure a good spot under shade of a tree. Breezy. Yang spoilnya there was this family nearby who talked like talking to someone who was 500m away. Bingit okay.
I am neither not fimiliar nor am I expert about Kuantan. I've been to Kuantan (and Teluk Cempedak in particular) since I was still mandi air laut in just shorts.. and topless some more ha ha. That was many many many many years ago, in case you're wondering. The shopping spot at that time - Kompleks Teruntum. Hebat ooo ada escalator bagai. And there's A&W kat bawah tu. Time tu lah kan. Now shopping malls sprouting. For someone who works minutes away from MidValley, I was not enticed on going to any there. I work in Pantai Baharu, near Pantai Dalam but I still love going to the beaches. Pantai Baharu, Pantai Dalam - no pantai at all. As Teluk Cempedak sans cempedak. Yeah, sometimes I just don't get it :D
Rows of stalls selling souvenirs. Wan beli few things here. Kakak got a keychain made from beads with alphabets forming her name. I didn't get anything except a tudung for Kakak. She soaked hers in sea water and I forgot to bring an extra. Dulu sini kereta boleh lalu lalang. It's a good move transforming it into this. More tourist-try la kot.

Saya dah kenyang Ummi. Saya tak nak makan. - ADAM yang tak sabar-sabar nak mencelupkan diri dalam air laut :D :D IMAN pulak, on the other hand, apa-apa hal pun, perut mesti kenyang dulu :D Tuuu diaaaa tengah mengadap kat belakang tu :P


One down.

One more going down.
Adam - trying out rock climbing hihi

Acara renang pasir individu :D :D
We left at around 4.00pm. Kids were happy. Kakak kata piknik macam ni lagi best dari pegi tido kat hotel. Owh yess Kakak, best jugak untuk poket Abah dan Ummi.After solat kat masjid (I didn't get the name, yang tetengah town tu, dekat dengan padang), pegi makan kat Tanjung Lumpur pulak. Ana Ikan Bakar Petai. I'll post some photos later.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daily Cuppa...

Green Tea! My daily cuppa,.. (or rather 'mug'-ga actually). Some may find it a tad too bitter. Thing is we don't add sugar to green tea like we do with normal tea (tho I doubt it has adverse effect if we do) I can gulp down jamu in liquid form, green tea is a piece of cake :D :D

I have a box of green tea sachets in my office drawer. BOH is more bitter, more intense than those cuppa I have in Sushi King and some other Japanese food joints. In those joints, usually green tea is the cheapest. Not forgetting to mention free flow too. Minum sampai kembung ^_^

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Makan-Makan Do @VPO

When I first moved to Level 20 almost a year ago, sangat sunyi this floor. One could almost hear what others were talking about through their phone! I asked an ex-Level 20, I was told it used to be much more merrier before. I was from a very merrier floor, so imagine how lonely I was.

But now sunyi no more. We have new people coming in after a divisional restructuring. Things are not the same. We even re-established back the Kelab VPO, as an informal social structure. Activities were planned and listed and the first one to take off was, errrr... makan-makan do. In fact, it took off yesterday.

Okay peeps. 15 minutes more to food and happiness hihihi. Get ready, empty your bowel and whatnots so you can really fill up later.

Lines of birthday presents to those who were born in January right up to June. Bajet kecik, hadiah pun kecik. You know what they say, good things come in small packages :P

Cutesy mugs, good looking air freshener and handy food canister (I bet they'll give me that later.. to store up my ration ha ha)

Pulut kuning and rendang ayam yang sangat sedap. But NEVER, NEVER order these again. Some of us tertidur after lunchtime. Including me. It was unintentional. Very hypnotic I tell you. I was hypnotized into sleeping  ^_^

Pecan Butterscotch. Berlemak manesss!! Ai laik!! Had two slices of this.

Food galore. Nasi berlauk-pauk (yeah.. on top of pulut kuning and rendang tadi) sila exercise u ols lepas ni..

Nami, dialah MC, dialah pembaca doa. Dialah coordinate order food. All-rounder. Single but not so available yer...

Muka-muka kelaparan. Floormates at Level 20.

Ni Kak Misah. Jamuan ni pun antaranya as perpisahan dengan Kak Misah. Dia pencen mid-May. Alhamdulillah she made it to come and join us yesterday.

Jurihias kek. Tengah pasang lilin.

All the birthday boys and girls. Ada lagi yang tak termasuk dalam gambar kat tetepi tu.

Jurutembak pulak. Tadi juruhias kek :D :D

Tiup kek berjemaah.

Potong kek berjemaah.

Ambik gamba berjemaah.

Dannnn.... makan berjemaah.
Caterer ambik balik harta benda dia pukul 5 petang. In between lunch until 5.00 tu some of us had 2nd or 3rd servings. Tapau some more.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I dah POPULAR, anda bagaimana?

POPULAR so-called loyalty card that is!

English novels - BORDERS. Arts/Crafts/Recipe Books - KINOKUNIYA. Malay novels - MPH. Revision books - POPULAR. I noticed I have fallen into that pattern. Usually and mostly BORDERS and KINOKUNIYA. en.Tebby suka pegi those two. A wide selection of comics or rather graphic novels as he puts it. (Men, they never grow up. We outgrew Barbie, dolls and all, but they and their superheroes are another story altogether. Should I roll my eyes? hi hi) But for revision materials, I'd serbu POPULAR. More comprehensive. More to choose from. Oh ya, kalau anak anda hilangkan buku teks sekolah, silalah ke C ZIP LEE. Branch in Bangsar and Kajang.

Costs me RM12 annually. 10% discount on purchases (with some exceptions). It doesn't go by point collection system though. Purely discount. Upon application, I was given a temporary card. Temporary card can be used sampai dapat kad yang sebenar. Fair huh?

Other cards. Cuci rumah, Habib, Herbaline, kain sutera. Eh kad pie pun ada hihi. Just a 'hello' away, and your warm pies come to you! And Pn Sariah's card. She's the president of Persatuan Dyslexia Malaysia. I am keeping the info handy, just in case people ask, I have the info right away.

I used to have more of these so-called membership/loyalty card. When I was on unpaid leave, I learned to better manage my financial matters. To keep simple life simple. I spent less now on things I want. Despite what my friends said heh heh.

Anyway, I sometimes find it a bit funny when SA manning the cashier, most of the time asks, 'Ada member?' 'Oh yeah, loads of them. which one you want to know about?' But we were all taught to be polite, weren't we? :D Took the cards for them to swipe :D :D

En.Tebby once remarked, 'Oh wife saya ni dengan semua kedai dia ada member'. And later at seeing those vouchers I redeemed or discounts I enjoyed, dia pulak yang mintak kad whenever nak bayar.
I even have a small card wallet :D Oh, that's Moo Cow loyalty card. For every RM10 spent, one cow face. Froghurt nya adalah sedap!

Anyway, Adam was not well last week. Low grade fever and a mild asthma attack. He got so syiokk staying home and not having to go to kindy, he faked fever last Monday! Tuesday, no mercy. Tadika you go dear boy. Have exam some more! Kids these days huh. 4 tahun dah exam. Let's think what we did at that age.. hurmphh..

Tee hee hee! My mukabuku friend, Iman's teacher at PDM shared this on her wall. Somehow it reminds me of myself during those exams waaaayyy back in STF and later in UUM. And I can't believe that still apllies. Anak-anak yang exam, mak bapak yang jadi macam beruang tu. Anak-anak? Rileksss jahhh :P :P

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My New Discovery of Terengganu (after 12 years!)

When my FIL passed away last January, my inlaws held a 7-days tahlil. 6 nights (Saturday-Thursday) and 1 after solat Jumaat. What amazed me was the extend of menu! Menu for 7 days was prepared. Tasks were assigned (who buys what, who orders what, who cooks what). I was told that 7-days was normal amongst their kampungfolks. In fact when en.Tebby's atok passed away many years ago, it was 40 days!

The last day, it was Nasi Minyak (yang sangat sedap, I must say). Siap panggil caterer and sewa kerusi meja. In contrary, back in my kampung, it's a simple affair. Simple food. Tahlil normally for 3-days.

I never knew Terengganu has her own version of Laksa, which was one of the menu in one of the days. Complicated recipe though. Imagine beef and fish added together as gravy? And many kinds of accompaniments to go with it. And hours to simmer the gravy. Hasilnya? Sedap!

Among the fresh ingredients untuk buat accompaniments. Daun kesum, kacang panjang, taugeh and daun-apa-nama-tatau. Other than taugeh, all were sliced finely.

Another one. Kemangi, is it?

I love daun kesum! Kalau makan laksa, I'd like to have loads of this in my gravy. Laksa Terengganu, daun kesum is not added and cooked dalam gravy. It is served as ulam.

Child labor 1 :D Getuh daung tu je. Doksoh ambek taka.-> petik daun je, tak usah ambik tangkai.

en.Tebby and Teh, my aunt-in-law. Adik my MIL. Sangat motherly and welcoming. She makes everyone feels nice around her, everytime. Not forgetting to mention, a very good cook too.

Child labor 2 and 3 :D Kejap aje menyumbang tenaga pastu lesap :P :P

Tengok tu.. apa ada atas peha Iman. His latest collection of tiger. Harimau bongsu. Duma, as they named it.

Daun-apa-nama-tatau. Pucuk kayu manis?
Anyway, since I'm a lousy cook as compared to my SILs (and en.Tebby as well for the matter), I was assigned to prepare drinks. Hot coffee and hot tea. :D :D :D 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Not doing well. Minor headache. en.Tebby is staying back in a domestic inquiry session and they want to wrap it up by today. Mind you, today ends at 11.59pm! ............ And we carpool. I hope they have good hearts not to drag the matter.

Adam (R) with cousin, Zahin. Born a month apart.

Asked for favor from SIL to pick up my three kids from nursery. I bet the younger two will have good time giving their Mokja major headache! Iman is sebaya with SIL's eldest son. Adam is sebaya with her second son. When SIL got pregnant the third time, I even panicked! He.. he.. Anyway, imagine four boys running around sampai berpeluh lenjun (like they always do anytime they meet up).

Image ihsan Google
Popped up 500mg paracetamol. Hope my headache will ease up. And hope my SIL won't have to take this one too :D :D