Thursday, May 31, 2012

Piknik @Teluk Cempedak 27052012

Went to Teluk Cempedak last Sunday, 27th May. The ironi is that, takde pokok cempedak pun kat situ. Went balik kampung in Temerloh and the next day brought the kids and their Atok and Wan to Kuantan. Piknik @Teluk Cempedak. Kids had a blast running around. Arrived there around noon. Scorching hot. Squint. And do not walk on sands. Panas. We managed to secure a good spot under shade of a tree. Breezy. Yang spoilnya there was this family nearby who talked like talking to someone who was 500m away. Bingit okay.
I am neither not fimiliar nor am I expert about Kuantan. I've been to Kuantan (and Teluk Cempedak in particular) since I was still mandi air laut in just shorts.. and topless some more ha ha. That was many many many many years ago, in case you're wondering. The shopping spot at that time - Kompleks Teruntum. Hebat ooo ada escalator bagai. And there's A&W kat bawah tu. Time tu lah kan. Now shopping malls sprouting. For someone who works minutes away from MidValley, I was not enticed on going to any there. I work in Pantai Baharu, near Pantai Dalam but I still love going to the beaches. Pantai Baharu, Pantai Dalam - no pantai at all. As Teluk Cempedak sans cempedak. Yeah, sometimes I just don't get it :D
Rows of stalls selling souvenirs. Wan beli few things here. Kakak got a keychain made from beads with alphabets forming her name. I didn't get anything except a tudung for Kakak. She soaked hers in sea water and I forgot to bring an extra. Dulu sini kereta boleh lalu lalang. It's a good move transforming it into this. More tourist-try la kot.

Saya dah kenyang Ummi. Saya tak nak makan. - ADAM yang tak sabar-sabar nak mencelupkan diri dalam air laut :D :D IMAN pulak, on the other hand, apa-apa hal pun, perut mesti kenyang dulu :D Tuuu diaaaa tengah mengadap kat belakang tu :P


One down.

One more going down.
Adam - trying out rock climbing hihi

Acara renang pasir individu :D :D
We left at around 4.00pm. Kids were happy. Kakak kata piknik macam ni lagi best dari pegi tido kat hotel. Owh yess Kakak, best jugak untuk poket Abah dan Ummi.After solat kat masjid (I didn't get the name, yang tetengah town tu, dekat dengan padang), pegi makan kat Tanjung Lumpur pulak. Ana Ikan Bakar Petai. I'll post some photos later.

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