Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pinggan Putih Kembali di Amcorp Mall!


Perhatian kepada peminat-peminat pinggan ala-ala modern, putih melepak gitu..

Saya baru balik dari Amcorp. Ada sale kat foyer tu, lagi hebat dari yang dulu. Squares, rectangles, rounds, ovals - macam2 bentuk dan saiz. Nafsu nafsi ku menyuruh beli but maybe tunggu dulu lah kot.


The wait is for the whites. Tadi, saya tak beli the whites. Beli ala-ala chinese set. Just a few small bowls, squares (again?) and 3 big bowls yang amat sesuai untuk makan megi he he..

Gambor akan diload kemudian okies.

ps - sikit hari lagi buleh jadi spokeperson for Amcorp la pulak!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Muhammad - A Bit Of Preparation

I hope my old scale is wrong. Stepped on it last night and know what, I piled another 3 kg within the last one month. Tebby, who was all silent on my eating habit for the past 5 months, has started to gear up and watches my diet. I know he means well as 80%-90% of what I eat, usually ended up to the babies. This is based on my past pregnancies. Excessive eating and weight-gain may result me end up in the OT and not LDR! Scary huh!

I am all itchy-and-scratchy but trying hard to refrain from scarring myself. I have upgraded myself into old nursing-b** and I have started leaking yellow subtance for a week or two already. The next appointment will be this Friday and I shall update more later. Can't wait to see our Little Muhammad. (Tebby's choice - Muhammad Adam, my choice - Muhammad Abdullah -> haven't really decided tho) He's all kicking and moving and at times he sends me right to the loo!

I'm done shopping for mittens-booties and pairs of pyjama and bodysuits. Well, I hope I'm done but who knows if I shop again kan.. kan.. kan.. Apa kata kita cerita pasal shopping? Yess... retail theraphy. This 'event' happened many weeks before. Just did not have the mood to blog about how it depleted my account hu hu!!

As planned, went shopping on Friday, weeks ago. Originally, I took a day off but then something urgent and important came up that I spent the whole morning in the office. I might as well take just 1/2 a day off, so did I. Tu pun nyaris-nyaris tak jadi sebab hujan lebat sangat time lunch tu so had my lunch first with Sikulat, Zarid, Bi and Lela before pushing my luck for a cab at nearly 1.30p.m. At almost 2.00p.m, I was at Midvalley, all set for a spree.

Aussino was completely unplanned for. They had a sale near Jusco entrance. I stopped and looked and shopped. Bought plain-dye pillow-cases. I love plains! RM10.50 for a pack-of-2. Bought 3 packs. They were selling 3-in-a-set towel for RM49.90, buy one free one, so I had these also. Kakak later claimed the towels are hers so.. those are hers now.. sigh. Bedlinens... hemmm... I just stood at the shelves thinking. First, did I really need new linens? Secondly, am I really an Aussino type? The answers were, no and no. I did not need new bedlinens and I am not an Aussino fan. I still love my Macy's most. Subtle, understated, perhaps a bit dull. Hey, that sounds like me!

Kakak immediately claimed ownership on all these!

Next, proceeded with my original plan. To buy things for Little Muhammad. I am done with mittens-booties. I was there for clothes. I first ransaked Jusco's baby department and bought 10-pairs of long-sleeve suit. Anakku, Pigeon, Pride & Joy and ntah apa-apa lagi lah. Da** expensive these days. Hardly things tagged below RM10. There was a 'lambak' kinda of things but to get one pair was hard enough. Let alone finding the right size and I was getting tired of standing up. I ended up buying things on the shelves. Whites and blues, greens and beiges. Sungguh geram with all the girly things. Waraskah saya kalau selepas ini berusaha for a girl pulak hanya kerana baju-baju budak perempuan yang sungguh cantik?? Oh tidak. Tebby is gonna faint if I tell him this. (In fact, I told him. He said 'we don't bet on that..')

My next spot was Kamdar. Just when I thought everything was taken care of, I still need to furnish things for Kakak. Barely 2 weeks in primary, her baju kurung already koyak! And I feel I need to add-up her collections. Tak larat nak memberus weekdays. 4 more baju kurungs. This time I bought el-cheapo ones, priced at RM11.00 each. Sarong are sold at RM24 each, more or less the same with other places. Kain ela was tagged at RM4.50 per-metre. To me, sarong are easy-peasy to make so I bought kain ela to top up her dark-blue sarongs for sekolah kebangsaan and green for sekolah agama.

Then off to Mom's Care, nak mencari onesies or bodysuits but none really attracted me so I went a bit further to Mothercare. I knew I would get something there. Yesss... baju-katak! I love babies in baju-katak especially those with fat, chubby thighs. I got Little Muhammad 3 sleeveless-bodysuit and another 3 bodysuit with short sleeve. Also looked for towels but they sell 3-in-a-pack for over RM100! Better look somewhere else. Yes, those were adorable, cute and attractive but alhamdulillah I came to my senses! And yes, had I bought those, Tebby is going to faint!

The spree did not end there. I browsed through WOC next for short-sleeve-with-short-suits. Nothing much left. Maybe masa cuti sekolah hari tu dah habis kena borong kot. There were 2 areas 'lambak' but I just did not have the heart nor the energy to pick and choose from the whole lot. Left with just 2 pairs.

A quick glance showed that I had one hour more before Tebby come and join me for dinner. I might as well just buy everything under clothes-category in my shopping list. I literally dragged myself to Metrojaya. They have better and newer collections, displayed in a more tidy way than Jusco's so I didn't have much problem selecting. Little Muhammad gets 3 more short-sleeve-with short and 5-short-sleeve-with-long-pants. And 2 bath towels.

Shopping bags hanging from both hands, I dragged myself slowly back to Jusco for Asar prayer. All tired but satisfied. I don't know when is going to be the next time I can go shopping in peace (read: without the kids) so with all the purchases, I was (and still am) satisfied and happy and relieved. The cost? Don't ask. It's more than preparing for Kakak even! Tebby came around a little bit after 5.30p.m and headed straight to Sushi King for light dinner.

long pants with long sleeve suits.

short pants with short sleeve suits

long pants with short sleeve suits



So, expectant moms out there, are you not motivated? he.. he..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Am All Tensed

saya sangat sibuk.

ada 2-3 meeting yang bertindan-tindan.

ada 4, 5, 6 dan bermacam-macam task yang semuanya diberi cuma 1-2 hari untuk diselesaikan.

saya ada sorang staff exec. memang boleh diharap. attitude bagus. kerja bagus. cuma asyik kena kidnap dengan bos higher-up.

saya ada 4 staff-non exec dan 2 leasing. tapi kena faham ada level2 nya nak delegate kerja. takkan nak delegate kerja exec to non-exec kan?

so, in a nutshell -> saya tension!!! waaaa......

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One Mother's Pride & Joy (And Hope)

ms muslimah in the making. she looks a lot like Tebby.

Kakak told me she nodded off while in sekolah agama yesterday. She said she was tried. Well, what do i expect from a 7yo who just started primary and at the same time sekolah agama. Her schedule is as pack as mine. I better start looking for options i think. Oh ya, she also told me that yesterday, ustazah asked 'siapa sayang ibu?'. Kakak angkat tangan cepat-cepat, tinggi-tinggi.. she said. oww..... now.. isn't she sweet...

Iman, always busy doing something..
Don't be tricked by his soft exterior.. he's one little tiger

Iman is another story to tell. He spends his kindy-hours outdoor regardless of the activities or what other kids his age should be doing. Occasionally he would be indoors but then again, he does everything on his own accord. No wonder his uniform are all dirty everyday (that i had to order 2 more extra pairs). Well, what do you expect from a barely 4yo boy who is having a mild-hyperactivity symptoms. After exactly a week of kindy, he suddenly gave me a pat on the head and said 'apa khabar?'. That was his most clear, comprehendable sentence so far. Perhaps among the moments I've been waiting and looking forward to. I know this is quite late for kids his age but this is Iman, my son who still doesn't really converse eventho he is already more than 3yo. So, when he does, I really treasure the moment. The excitement is just like seeing him taking his first step, so to speak. I'm giving him another 6 months or so before deciding if he needs special attention. As a mother, I just hope he's keeping things within himself and hoping that in the next few months, he'd just spill everything out.

ps - just to note (and brag!), the photos were taken using my new Olympus FE280, edited with Adobe (started edition only!)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Life After 8 (years... well, almost)

If you ask, I am tired. Being pregnant is one. Being a mother of one school-going is another. Plus another kindy-age. I am not tired being a mother but being one is tiring. How's that? Maybe Tebby noticed that lately. He announced last weekend, if we can do something to settle the payment for my ViVa, I can quit working this 9-5 job.

Since Kakak started her Tahun1 on 2nd January 2008, Iman with his kindy on the 7th - we've been busy adjusting. First, mentally and emotionally, later came the physical part. Even 6a.m. is too late to start with! Maybe even 5.30a.m! I took a quick shower and then start preparing for the kids' bekal and breakfast. I am not so worried about Iman but I do with Kakak. Her recess is at 10.10a.m. everyday and without proper breakfast, I don't think she can last that long. By 6.15a.m., usually I already lay down their breakfast and have their bekal all prepared. To make it all smooth, we make sure the fridge is always stuffed with something that can be prepared in short time. Or have rice cooked ahead if I were to serve Nasi Goreng for breakfast.

Tebby wakes-up Kakak for her shower and makes sure she doesn't linger too long with that. After Subuh prayer, I helped her puts on her uniform (she still can't do it quickly without my help. I hope in another 1 or 2 months she can do that in breeze).

Next - breakfast time. This is another task - to coax her eating in the wee hour in the morning. Breakfast ranging from toast, plain bread with cheese slice, hotdogs, nuggets, fried rice/noodles and recently, cereal.

By 6.45a.m., we're out heading to Atfal Sayang, where she and Iman will be left. Kakak later is chaperoned to school whilst Iman will line up to Atfal Excel for playschool.
Being in the office doesn't stop me from worrying, pondering about, thinking about the kids. At 7.15a.m (Kakak walks to school), 7.40a.m (Iman goes to Kindy), 10.10a.m (Kakak recess time), 11.30a.m (Iman goes back to taska), 1.00p.m (Kakak comes back from school), 2.15p.m (Kakak goes to Sekolah Agama), 4.30p.m (Kakak recess time), 5.30p.m (Kakak comes back to Atfal Sayang). And I've been bothering these pengasuh at Atfal Sayang every now and then, checking up on the kids.

Before bed, we make sure they have their dinner. Check on for homework, if any. Make sure their school/kindy bags are ready. Same goes with nursery bags. Before I adjhoured into my own corner, I made sure her uniforms are all ready for the next day. All crisp and smooth. (hey, I steam-iron her uniforms okay.. but I send mine and Tebby's to laundry-shop nearby. Kenot cope all maaa... she only, has 10 baju kurung sekolah!)

I am maidless but I am coping as of now. These new adjustment, new tasks, new things - teach us to manage better. Believe it or not, I can still catch noon-nap during weekends amidst all these and still manage to lay down full lunch and dinner. And even breakfast by 8.00a.m during weekends. All complete with tea in cup-and-saucer. I guess the more limited time you have, the more you appreciate every moment you can to spend with your loved-ones.

I do not know what awaits us once I pop another baby in May. Who knows I maybe quit working by then, huh? Kakak specifically told me not to spend my maternity balik kampung. Kalau Ummi balik jugak, nanti tangan Kakak jadi panjang sampai rumah Atok, masuk rumah, tarik Ummi balik sini. Scary huh? Cam cerita Nang Nak pulok! From the look of it, most probably pun I'll spend the 2 months here in KL.

Okay people, enough ramblings about this. For those whose anak still not starting sekolah rendah yet, this is the kind of thing you may have to face in future.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Maybe I should get these for each of the kids.
Kalau tidur malam sure masing-masing menyondol nak rasa ada orang kat sebelah.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Kakak, Abang & Adik

Sebetulnya saya belum lagi habis mem-blog pasal si Kakak masuk Tahun 1. Iman pulak mula kindy hari ni. Tak boleh bayangnya macamana dia menggendong backpack kecik dia tu dengan si kikker kat tangan berjalan ke kindy. Kalau ikutkan saya, saya tunggu tahun depan tapi paed nasihatkan masukkan dia masa umur 4 tahun, saya masukkan juga. Kalau ikut tahun, memang dia 4 tahun tahun 2008 ni. Kalau ikut bulan, he's just 3 tahun 2 bulan aje.

Cerita kanak-kanak 2 orang ni saya reserve dulu. Beri laluan untuk Little Muhammad pulak.

Saya pegi check-up Jumaat lepas. Lewat sikit sebab Dr Ashar buat C-sect. Pukul 4.30ptg baru masuk jumpa dia. I piled up 3kg within the last one month. Dr Ashar tak kata apa pasal weight gain tu. But me and Tebby know better berdasarkan pengalaman. Kalau saya makan banyak, I hardly get fat but the baby does.

Little Muhammad is doing well. So far, bila scan, he's shying away from us. Dia selalunya akan sorokkan muka dia tu. Hari tu, just nak reconfirm, kami mintak scan 'anu' nya sekali lagi. Confirm, ada little john and the twin.

He's now lying vertically but dr said there's still sufficient space for him to turn to the right position later on. Both his sister and brother dulu, tho they were vertical, they were facing front dengan muka mendongak. Mintak-mintak Little Muhammad ni pandai cari posisi yang betul. Bagi Ummi senang bersalin.

From the scanning we saw his scull with some patterns on it (which Tebby and Dr Ashar discussed in details but it gave me no slightest idea whatsoever apa ke benda nya tu) We saw his tulang kaki, his beating heart and even one of his earlobes. From the look of it, perutnya buncit cukup makan and he has the same hidung like Kakak and Iman. Hidung Ummi! He weights around 600gm (sekati) at this point. His size is one week in-advanced comparing to his age. I am 22-weeks pregnant and his size is of a 23-weeks foetus. But not to worry. The range given is plus-minus 2-weeks.

I have another 4 months before I give birth. Nothing much of preparations so far. Sibuk dengan sekolah Kakak and Iman. After this concentrate untuk Little Muhammad pulak. Dalam shopping menyopping untuk budak 2 orang tu, sempat jugak saya beli mittens-booties 10 pasang. Next, baju-baju pulak, insyaAllah.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Letting Go - Lesson 2

Kakak is officially a Year 1 student since yesterday. Tebby takes leave until tomorrow while I spared 2 more days until Tuesday next week.

The registration cum orientation was yesterday. I didn't know it could be tiring running here and there, up and down settling things. We first registered her in the canteen then proceeded to 'Dataran Ilmu' where the Year 1 pupils lined up for the usual drill - Negaraku and short briefing. Then they were brought to their designated class while the parents stayed for more briefing, namely PIBG and j-QAF programs.

While she was settling in her class, which happens to be at 3rd floor, we settled fees on 4th floor, then bought books on 1st floor and then went up again to 3rd floor to clarify things on J-QAF and Sekolah Agama. While I waited for Kakak to finish coloring, Tebby went to book and pay for her transportation to Sekolah Agama, which is RM28.00 monthly. At 11.30a.m, her 1st day was done and we proceeded to Jusco for lunch and bought some provisions. Wanted to buy more camisoles but could not find her size. Bought boxes and small drawers to organise her school items. Went back home, rested (we slept like logs while Kakak herself stayed awake watching TV) a while and then sewed badges onto her tudungs.

Of course I am still worried. I have another 2 days to ensure she does things she's supposed to. Like where to line up every morning, where to wait after school, what to do during recess time (for now, we'll be stuffing her lunch-box with items from home until she knows how to transact in the canteen). Endless list. I even worry over if she could find empty seat in the canteen during breaks. I am one pathethic mother so my worry-list will always be longer than other people's, I guess.

If you asked, this is totally different than sending her to tadika. A whole lot of students (350 of Year 1 alone), a bigger classes, many blocks of building. I guess, from her perspective, that could so so big. In Atfal, her class consisted of merely 20 pupils while in her current school, her class alone consists of 34 pupils. How can I not be worried, right?

It feels like only yesterday that I held her close after birth and now she's going to school already. How time really flies. Without me knowing, I am letting her go, bit by bit.

She asked the other day if I'd still hug and kiss her when she grows older. Yes, for as long as you let me. Or, till death do us part. No matter what age you are, you will always be my baby. You will always be the princess of my heart.

Btw: -
We bought additonal white baju kurungs and kain hijau for sekolah agama. We still have raincoat, additional tudung and camisole in our 'to-buy' list. Having paid the fees and bought the books, I guess our major expenses are covered already. The total has came to a RM50 less than a grand. Phew...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Congratulatory Note To Tebby

Congrats Yang.

Almost 9 years ago I married an executive of a Telco and today I am to a newly appointed Chief *** Officer of the giant's subsidiary.