Friday, September 28, 2007

Worry No More

First and foremost pardon my spelling of 'pregnanct' in my last entry. Yeah, i was that worried. thanks for all opinions, sharing of experience and well wishes. Thanks to sikulat who called, just to check how i was doing. I really appreciate all of you.

We did seek and got second opinion. Eventho it's an unplanned pregnancy, the thought of losing the baby (na'uzubillah) was just too much to bear. Kebetulan Iman had been vomitting his tummy out, we rushed to APSH this morning. First we registered Iman in. Dr Fauziah was not in today but the nurse advised me not to postpone things and suggested that i see Dr Ashar instead. And we did. Did the telltale of yesterday's experience to Dr Ashar. It was such a relief when we saw a tiny sac with a little human being inside, with a heart that beats! Yesss, a heart that BEATS! And there's no fibroid whatsoever. What we saw yesterday could have been a little contraction. Maybe it was their machine. Maybe. We are so relieved. Alhamdulillah.

When I was pregnant with Iman, it was Dr Jemilah all along. I had fertility treatment after failing to conceive after trying for 6 months. See, Iman is a 'high maintenance' boy from the very beginning. Furthermore, his twin failed to thrive, specialist care was the best option. When I got pregnant with the 3rd child, we feel like going to GP until the 7th month. But with what happened yesterday, I don't think so anymore. Better be safe than sorry right. My next appointment will be on 27th October 2007. I've decided it's gonna be Dr Ashar this time around.

that's our baby.. with a beating heart

got a new appointment card too.
to replace my 7-yo worn and torn card.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


i'm dead worried. went to antenatal check up and here's the findings: -

[1] i am 8 weeks pregnanct, there's sac but no heartbeat was detected. is it normal?
[2] i have a fibroid measuring 3cmx3cm very near to the sac. should i be worry about that?
[3] my regular gynea is and will be away. i have to choose another one. so far i have Dr Fauziah in mind. elin suggested Dr Ashar. anymore suggestion for me to choose? must be from Ampang Puteri since our records are all there.

Pse let me know what you think.

Monday, September 24, 2007

12 Ramadhan 1428H

Al-Fatihah to adik Nurin Jazlin. I hope the monsterous killers/abusers will be captured soon. Walaupun adik Nurin dah selamat dikebumikan, this is far than over. Walaupun saya tak kenal family dia personally but as a mother of small kids, sudah tentu saya pun trauma sama. What is becoming to our community?

Finally, after weeks of meloya, muntah and the likes, I was well yesterday. Maybe it was the kebab I so long to have for iftar. And yet today, I am all weak again. Anyone, please share tips on how I can reduce this feeling. Cannot tahan already.... I have not gone to work for almost 2 weeks and the house is in a total mess.


Remember my 'laman' project? It has started and progressing well. The landscape architect, who came a week later than promised (due to some illness), surprised us when she under-quoted my budget by a good 4-figures! Anyway, I executed my evil plan and added a tempayan, a garden lamp and a wooden bench (We just took the lamp in the end. We'll go and hunt for tempayan and the bench ourselves later). The work started last Saturday, 22nd September. Salleh and his Myanmar counterpart sungguh mengkagumkan saya. Dalam panas-panas matahari, dibulan puasa somemore, they only stopped for Zohor prayer. The rest cuma kerja kerja kerja. Tengok pun penat.. kalau saya yang buat tu, mau cuti sebulan lepas tu! Bukannya kerja senang-senang, siap cangkul licin all the unwanted shrub, gali tanah untuk letak pasir, gali lubang, angkat pokok besar, gergaji kayu tebal... fuhh... Tebby pun tak sanggup. By today they're gonna do everything except the wooden-deck. Kiranya sebelum raya ni insyaAllah siaplah semuanya. Tak sabar...
Saya share a few photos on the first day they started work..

ha, selesai abang Myanmar tu buat kerja, hak dua orang ni sambung pulok!
Ni bukan buruh paksa taww!!
Kalau dah terlepas keluar, inilah kerja saintis kenit dua orang ni.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

8 Ramadhan 1428H

Alhamdulillah dah 8 Ramadhan dah hari ni. For me, it's the 6th. Semalam tak puasa. Pagi-pagi lagi dah muntah-muntah. Tengahari Tebby balik bawak pegi klinik. BP 90/90.. lagi sikit drop memang kena drip air masuk. Petang tu okay sikit. Hari ni cuba-cuba puasa. I still have that giddiness and bloated with air. Tu yang buat nak termuntah tu. Dr said semakin banyak kali mengandung, kebarangkalian semakin teruk morning sickness tu semakin tinggi. Nasib baik this is my 3rd pregnancy. Saya dan Tebby tak merancang untuk menambah ahli keluarga lagi selepas yang nombor 3 ni. Tapi tu lah, kita hanya merancang, ketentuan pada Allah juga. Saya jugak nak express kekaguman saya kepada kaum ibu yang memang teruk morning sickness tapi masih lagi sanggup mengharung keadaan tersebut demi zuriat. Saya baru rasa kali ke-3 mengandung.. tak sanggup rasanya. Apapun saya mintak doa sangat-sangat keadaan ini akan cepat berakhir.

Hari ni dah masuk 9 hari saya tak masuk ofis. Abislah performance appraisal saya tahun ni but what to do kan. Saya pun tak mintak sakit-sakit macam ni. Dr kata nasib tak baik sampai 16 weeks pun boleh jadi macam ni. Dan kalau saya berterus-terusan lembik, dia mungkin akan refer saya ke specialist terus. Saya rasa bos saya pun mungkin dah pening sama by this time. Dia pun baru join division kami. Kena pulak hujung Ogos hari tu, Zarid (colleague saya) dah start cuti bersalin. Awal September pulak, Azima, staf saya (indirectly reports to my bos) cuti bersalin jugak. Belum sempat colleague saya yang sorang lagi tu cuti bersalin (jangkaannya dekat raya nanti), saya pulak dah asyik MC sebab morning sickness.

Kalau Ramadhan tahun lepas, saya banyak kongsi menu dan resepi, tahun ni nampaknya sepi. Macam hari ni, pagi tadi saya teringin nak berbuka dengan nasi ayam. Tengahari saya tukar fikiran nak makan nasi bukhara Restoren Said di Bangsar. Lepas tu saya nak makan nasi lemak Mahbub pulak. Ish.. ish.. Dan pada kebanyakan masanya, saya telan sesuap dua, lepas tu dah tak selera lagi dah. Dan sekarang saya membayangkan berapa sedapnya makan tembikai merah. Ataupun mangga siku raja. Kalau macam ni 9 bulan, boleh pengsan Tebby melayan saya!


Hari tu saya ada masak Udang Telur Masin. Punyalah beriya-iya masak, last-last saya makan 2 ekor aje. Resepi can be found here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

6 Ramadhan 1428H

My wish to fast a full ramadhan this year was officially off yesterday. With the conditions that I am in now, I may skip a few days more. And I haven't gone working for a full week today. Unlike my previous pregnancies, this time around is really a test. I am all weak, giddy and dizzy and have the feeling of wanting to vomit all day long. Anyway, every pregnancy is different for different people, even for the same mother! Whatever it is, I believe Allah has plan everything to our benefit. Maybe an easy birth this time around. I hope! I am quite worry about work but I guess I just have to put that aside at the moment. My co-workers are kind enough to communicate via phone about things in the office.

My sister called just now. Due to some misunderstanding (which I do not want to elaborate here), she may not be coming back to our hometown for Eid (God knows when she will be but I really hope things will be eventually settled). We just talked about our children and Eid preparation. To be frank, I haven't really prepared anything. Takde tempah baju pun. Kain pun tak beli. Baju baru pun tak beli. Yang saya beli cuma kuih raya sejenis. Itu saja. Maybe towards the end nanti mood saya datang, who knows. All I know, Kakak and Iman are gonna get at least sepasang baju baru. InsyaAllah. And Tebby too.

Hari ni pun I am too tired to cook. Tebby beli aje kat pasar Ramadhan tadi. Walaupun perut lapar, tapi dek sebab tekak meloya, nafsu nak makan tu tak de lah 'serakah' sangat. Err... saya dah listkan 2 eating-outlet yang harus dikunjungi sebelum saya bersalin, and I am only 6+ weeks pregnant! Walau apa pun, I pray to Allah that I'll deliver a healthy baby eventually and dapat melalui pregnancy kali ni dengan tabah dan gembira.

Okie dokie - nak menghidang pulak...

Friday, September 14, 2007

2 Ramadhan 1428H

tak percaya punya pasal, I did 2 tests. one on 5th Sept, the other on 8th.

Thanks for all well-wishes and congratulatory notes. Really appreciate that. Today, I am 6 weeks & 1 day pregnant. Unlike LimauNipis who chosed not to tell about her 3rd pregnancy, I'm gonna share my 3rd experience. Afterall, during my 1st & 2nd pregnancies, I never heard of blogging anyway! Like some of you, Tebby and I were also surprised ourselves when we got to know about this baby. We did take precautions, so to speak. And with 2 jumping kids, it was (still is) hard to get intimate moments together, alone. So,.. it was indeed a surprised. Semangat Merdeka, as I told a friend. Yahh, August that reminds me of our wedding, our anniversary, my birthday and the day we were first introduced each other. For Sikulat who was the xx person to know, sorrylah Smah. Ingatkan blogger tegar akan baca sokmo blog. The day I posted that entry, she did not browse around. I am not coping well this time around. I tire easily. I have funny taste in my mouth and at times my head gets giddy. And I've been on a 3-days MC already. My motherly instinct tells me it's a boy. But Kakak already have a name for the baby. To her, it's a girl, a baby sister she's been dreaming of having - Nur Sarah. After telling her that the baby can possibly be a boy, she thought hard and came out with another name, Muhammad Syafiq, just in case it's a boy. Iman is still oblivious to the fact but he's been clinging to me, more than he ever did before.


Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan. May we all get the berkat it brings along. Like any of us, I am trying to read Quran as much as I can and not to miss Terawikh. Like last year, we intend to eat home-cook iftar as much as possible. Thanks to the company which lets us go back at 4.30p.m during Ramadhan. We need to clock-in 1/2hr earlier i.e. 8.00a.m. and have our lunch-breaks shorten by 1/2hr. For these 2 days, the heaviest traffic Tebby had to go through was getting out of the parking lot itself! Yesterday I prepared Masak Lemak Ikan Terubuk Masin, Ikan Cencaru Goreng, Bubur Kacang Merah, Telur Dadar and Sliced Timun. For today, we had Chicken Soup, Sawi Goreng and Telur Dadar. We still go to Pasar Ramadhan to feast our eyes and for some kuih-muih. As you can see, nothing fancy for Iftar. Just 'everyday' food. I believe in the terms of 'air tangan'. The more you feed the family with things you cook yourself, the closer you get to each other. Maybe it's not 'air tangan' per se but the activities that bring food to the table. Groceries-shopping together and then together preparing the dishes. That adds up so much more to just 'air tangan', I guess. You just have to try then you'll know.

Masak Lemak Terubuk Masin. Fresh tumeric root, garlic, shallot - blended together.
Plus bruised lemon-grass and thick santan

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guess What?

LilypieExpecting a baby Ticker

this is unplanned for, and least expected. nevertheless when it happens, we are more than happy. in fact a little bit over excited....

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Not So Graceful 1st Day..


Itulah saya sejak seminggu kebelakangan ni. walaupun bukan saya yang pulun angkat barang dari tingkat 23 Menara ke tingkat *4 Annexe 2, but still... Weekend lepas pegi klinik, BP saya borderline nak jadi high BP - 135/85. Kira ni julung-julung kali BP saya mencatatkan bacaan that high. Ofismate yang concern ada jugak tanya-tanya - penat ke, serabut tak? Of course it was. The coordination between units, the management of barang-barang, the layout to sumbat things here and there. And the people. Ye lah semua pun manusia biasa kan. Ada kehendak itu ini. I hope lepas ni I won't be shifting office anymore ke mana-mana lagi dah. Even if so, janganlah saya yang kena coordinate.. Penat mak!

My flaming red cubicle

Lepas ni kena shift into gears and start my routine back.

The above was composed before 5.45p.m. today. Afterwhich I went down via the lift, along with a friend and her husband. On 9th Floor, came a pregnant lady and then a man (from the floor that I can't recall which). There were 5 of us. Suddenly the lift came to an abrupt stop and refused to move up or down. The buttons were not working at all. We thought we were lucky when the bell rang when we pressed them. Nevertheless, no one answered. After 5-10 minutes we started calling our friends when the signal was okay. After that, we called just anyone. After 1/2 hour, there were still no one answering the bell, nor did any help arrived. Alas, we called 994. Yes, we did. Desperate people take desperate measure okay. I was thinking of just hammering the heels of my shoes to get attention. He** no I don't care about damaging the lift. Not at all. As we were relating our story to 994, we heard a voice and minutes later the door slowly opened to an almost complete darkness. We quickly got out. My regrets: -

1) No one anwered the bell - at all - for a good 1/2 hour

2) Thank God there was Celcom signal (albeit intermittenly) - what if it did not? would anyone, at all, know what happened?

3) Where the he** were the maintenance people. It took them 1/2 hour to come to rescue us. Unless they were not nearby at the moment.

4) My husband, (whom I managed to SMS when the signal was available) waited at Ground Level and overheard the guards talked among themselves that, what happened was not their duty. Like hellloooo... lives were at stake and that was not a duty?

All I can say is that, I would never get into the lift alone. The stairs would be a better option. But from 14th Floor? Hmmmm.....

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sports Day & Sillaturrahim Atfal Excel

Hari ni kami ke Sports Day & Silaturrahim Atfal Excel 2007 di Pusat Komuniti Bukit Cheras. Ada games for anak-anak dan parents juga. I did not take part in any games. Tebby was busy watching over Iman, who was all over the hall.

Apa-apa hal pun, sebelum acara bermula, kami pegi breakfast di area dekat-dekat dewan tu. Budak-budak tak makan sangat pun. Maybe dah excited sangat or sebab dah minum susu coklat sekotak sorang sebelum bertolak. Dah syok-syok makan tu, baru sedar saya cuma ada RM3 dalam beg duit while Tebby ada sikit. Short of RM1.30. Pegi geledah kereta jumpa some coins. Sib baik ada! Cadangnya lepas acara nanti, nak singgah pasar basah kat area tu for some lauk-lauk dan sayur-sayur. Kensel lah nampaknya.

Acara dimulakan dengan lagu Negaraku dan Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita. The kids stayed in their respective group, Kakak was in GREEN. Lepas tu 3 lagu kanak-kanak. Then they marched along the hall before starting the 1st game for 4-yo's. Tau-tau sajalah budak-budak. Orang suruh ikut turn, depa lari ramai-ramai sekali,.. terus menang! Then for 5-yo's. After that barulah turn Kakak (6-yo's) - Snake Golf. Kena 'gelecek' bola dengan kayu golf plastik. Then the 2nd cycle started, back with 4-yo's, then 5-yo's, then 6-yo's. That time around, game Happy Feet a.k.a Lari Dalam Guni. Kakak slipped and landed on her butt but managed to end her turn, not once but twice! (ada budak in her group takmo participate). Lepas tu dia nangis sebab jatuh. Katanya tak sakit tapi dok nangis jugak. Maybe malu kot. Lepas pujuk-pujuk baru dia setuju nak main her 3rd game, which was Kangaroo Junior. Despite tadi nangis-nangis, I think she had good time doing it. Lepas 3 round game budak-budak, game orang dewasa pulak. The event ended approximately at 11a.m. with a refreshment but we adjhourned straight to Uncle Ronald's joint. Btw, GREEN won 2nd place and each member got a medal (which is hung proudly in the house now). Iman? He got some sweets to chew and a few ballons to pop.

Marching in

FIRST GAME - Sedang gelecek bola dengan jayanya..

SECOND GAME - Hopping her way thru

THIRD GAME - Bouncing to the finishing line

And the 2nd place goes toooo..... *drum roll* - RUMAH HIJAU!!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

We're Moving Out But No Clearance Sale!

Ahhh.. kononnya nak tutup blog sementara waktu untuk buat maintenance. Macamlah hebat sangat kan he he. Last-last tak buat apa pun. Thanks for those who emailed me and enquired. Nope, I don't intend to close my blog, nor do I want to make it a registered-assessibility.

I am busy with moving from my current office in Menara to neighbouring building Annexe 2. The new office is a little bit smaller than now. At least we got new set of furniture tho I don't agree totally with the colour scheme. Red. How soothing that is to eyes, huh? Anyway. This time around I am in-charge for my office. I hate managing petty things but what to do kan. Responsibility is responsibility. The movers only managed to transfer 1/3 today and will continue on tomorrow.


We'll be attending Atfal's Family Day this Saturday. Kakak went to its rehearsal today. She insisted that we get out early today since she was told that the bus was leaving at 8a.m. Usually we leave home at 7a.m. sebenarnya and arrived at Atfal's gate approximately 5 minutes later. She still can't tell the time. Hence kept on telling us to be early so she would not be missing the 8a.m. bus!

Ok, I'm too tired to even type anymore. See you when I see you....

Sunday, September 02, 2007

How The Weekend Went - Post Celebration

The Landscape Architect came at 3p.m. today, as promised. Yep, our years-old plan to do a lawn makeover is going to be materialised, insyaAllah. Soon. I am so excited actually. We want something simple and practical. Neither tropical, nor english. Maybe something in between. We hope they can squeeze in the wood-deck I so much want into the budget. I want green lawn with stepping stones, one or two big palms and small plants with colors. With 22x6, I don't think too much trees/small plants will be pleasing. And yes, the deck for us to laze around in the evening. Maybe even steamboat dinner outside. Enough daydreaming. The Architects will come next Sunday to discuss the plan before proceeding.


I dare not paste photos of our little lawn yet. Nevertheless, here's photos of Athirah's cucumber - chronologically. (terbalik lah pulak..)

Know what, today I made Nasi Lemak with Sambal Bilis MIL Style and Sambal Udang. It took me an hour to finish the 3. The beauty of this is that, it lasted from breakfast until dinner! The secret lies in thinly sliced shallots and ginger. And pandan, of course.

Tebby prepared Wantan dumpling last Friday. The BBQ gathering we had in Putrajaya, it was a pot-luck. So wantan it was for us.

I had a fun weekend, hadn't I?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Little Celebrations

I had a good 7th Wedding Anniversary & 33rd Birthday Celebration. No candle light dinner, no bouquet of roses, no romantic night just you and me. But I had good time amidst burning charcoal, burnt chicken parts, choose-yourself birthday/wedding present(s), running and screaming kids. Those spell F.U.N.

Oh, btw, our little getaway before fasting month is officially postponed. Both Tebby and I (and the kids too) have so many things on our plates at the moment. I'm moving office, the kids have a forthcoming Family Day and Tebby, like usual, is always busy. And their grannies insisted to see the two goneks early Ramadan.


After trying out the shoes and applying the 6-steps skincare regime (most probably I'll settle back to the basic 3 in no time at all!), me, Tebby and the kids went to a BBQ dinner gathering with old school-mates in a friend house at Precinct 9, Putrajaya. We were busy gossiping, taletelling of our lives, shared secrets and all (and eating), I had forgotten to snap a single photo. I even forgot that I brought along a camera. Those are friends from my secondary school. Some whom I haven't met for a good 16 years! Coincidently the host, Ana, shared same birthdate with me. So we had the limelight cutting cakes while others sang the old Happy Birthday song. (actually on Thursday, my office had a little makan-makan celebrating a retiring colleague, celebrating 50th Merdeka and also my birthday. Siap gemuruh tepuk tangan lagi tu bila buat announcement tu. Unfortunately I wasn't there. BigBoss hantaq pi meeting... waaaaa) Of course posing-posing maut kat tangga like the good old days. Before parting ways, we exchanged gifts with each other. It's a girls' thing lah, you guys will never understand. Since I have no photos (yet.. since I intend to pester my friends to have some email-ed to me), I might as well paster the gifts that I got... a wrist-rest-cum-paper-weight and a memo holder. We got home at midnight. Others stayed on until the wee hours. Some even slept at Ana's.

The nexy day, before I knew it, 1/2 the day was gone. We woke up to a shining sun. Ya Allah, ampun.. tertidur sampai tak tersedar. Instead of going for breakfast, went to a brunch in Jusco Cheras Selatan. Had steamboat @Johnny's. Sebelum balik, went around in the premise and stopped at PSA. Tried on 6 and decided to get just 2. 2 long tunics that reach my knee. Tebby paid. Had I known he was going to do that..... *evil thought*. Thanks darling. To close them all, malam tu we had a steak dinner in a steakhouse somewhere in Balakong.


Last Friday, not only we celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary and my 33rd Birthday but that date also marked the commencement of our 8th year sharing our lives together and the start of my 34th year. I am making resolutions for betterment, physically and spiritually. InsyaAllah..