Friday, September 14, 2007

2 Ramadhan 1428H

tak percaya punya pasal, I did 2 tests. one on 5th Sept, the other on 8th.

Thanks for all well-wishes and congratulatory notes. Really appreciate that. Today, I am 6 weeks & 1 day pregnant. Unlike LimauNipis who chosed not to tell about her 3rd pregnancy, I'm gonna share my 3rd experience. Afterall, during my 1st & 2nd pregnancies, I never heard of blogging anyway! Like some of you, Tebby and I were also surprised ourselves when we got to know about this baby. We did take precautions, so to speak. And with 2 jumping kids, it was (still is) hard to get intimate moments together, alone. So,.. it was indeed a surprised. Semangat Merdeka, as I told a friend. Yahh, August that reminds me of our wedding, our anniversary, my birthday and the day we were first introduced each other. For Sikulat who was the xx person to know, sorrylah Smah. Ingatkan blogger tegar akan baca sokmo blog. The day I posted that entry, she did not browse around. I am not coping well this time around. I tire easily. I have funny taste in my mouth and at times my head gets giddy. And I've been on a 3-days MC already. My motherly instinct tells me it's a boy. But Kakak already have a name for the baby. To her, it's a girl, a baby sister she's been dreaming of having - Nur Sarah. After telling her that the baby can possibly be a boy, she thought hard and came out with another name, Muhammad Syafiq, just in case it's a boy. Iman is still oblivious to the fact but he's been clinging to me, more than he ever did before.


Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan. May we all get the berkat it brings along. Like any of us, I am trying to read Quran as much as I can and not to miss Terawikh. Like last year, we intend to eat home-cook iftar as much as possible. Thanks to the company which lets us go back at 4.30p.m during Ramadhan. We need to clock-in 1/2hr earlier i.e. 8.00a.m. and have our lunch-breaks shorten by 1/2hr. For these 2 days, the heaviest traffic Tebby had to go through was getting out of the parking lot itself! Yesterday I prepared Masak Lemak Ikan Terubuk Masin, Ikan Cencaru Goreng, Bubur Kacang Merah, Telur Dadar and Sliced Timun. For today, we had Chicken Soup, Sawi Goreng and Telur Dadar. We still go to Pasar Ramadhan to feast our eyes and for some kuih-muih. As you can see, nothing fancy for Iftar. Just 'everyday' food. I believe in the terms of 'air tangan'. The more you feed the family with things you cook yourself, the closer you get to each other. Maybe it's not 'air tangan' per se but the activities that bring food to the table. Groceries-shopping together and then together preparing the dishes. That adds up so much more to just 'air tangan', I guess. You just have to try then you'll know.

Masak Lemak Terubuk Masin. Fresh tumeric root, garlic, shallot - blended together.
Plus bruised lemon-grass and thick santan


Farra said...

Siap buat 2 jali test :p Sy tak pernah gitu plak, lps test terus buang plak tu :D
me too all home cook,tak pegi pasar ramadhan pon
tahun ni bleh puasa penuh la ek

meen said...

its been awhile since i came last time and look at u now..whoaa..nak tambah babby plak ya...congrats sis..

meen tumpang gembira..

salam ramadhan sis..

ct said...

k.ummi, memang boy more clingy kan.. and apparently they just knew that they are getting another sibling... i'm already in my 38th wks, and my son is soooooooooo "melekat". if i'm around (ie: tak keja), memang la semuenye "nak mama" and "tak nak bibik"... adooi.... but, ekceli i'm quite sad jugak sbb i will miss hugging him as much as i can do now...:(

aida said...

huhuhu... bestnya dpt baby... leh kawan ngan fahri ahmad..

kalau dpt girl, boleh buat menantu yer yer yer ;)

(sorry lama tak masuk blog, bznyee)

ummi said...

farra ~ mmg tak percaya mulanya, tu yang buat test 2 kali tu.

meen ~ thank you. i'm really sorry about acha. i hope you'll get her back soon.

ct ~ 38 weeks? so bersalin dalam bulan puasa jugak lah yek. I gave birth to Iman 20th Ramadhan 3 tahun lepas.

limaunipis ~ i myself hope it's a girl this time around hu hu. tapi kalau boy pun, alhamdulillah..

kaezrin said...

akak..kietr for myself mmg kali nih lain jugak...but alhamudlillah i am ok takde loya2 and what....