Sunday, September 02, 2007

How The Weekend Went - Post Celebration

The Landscape Architect came at 3p.m. today, as promised. Yep, our years-old plan to do a lawn makeover is going to be materialised, insyaAllah. Soon. I am so excited actually. We want something simple and practical. Neither tropical, nor english. Maybe something in between. We hope they can squeeze in the wood-deck I so much want into the budget. I want green lawn with stepping stones, one or two big palms and small plants with colors. With 22x6, I don't think too much trees/small plants will be pleasing. And yes, the deck for us to laze around in the evening. Maybe even steamboat dinner outside. Enough daydreaming. The Architects will come next Sunday to discuss the plan before proceeding.


I dare not paste photos of our little lawn yet. Nevertheless, here's photos of Athirah's cucumber - chronologically. (terbalik lah pulak..)

Know what, today I made Nasi Lemak with Sambal Bilis MIL Style and Sambal Udang. It took me an hour to finish the 3. The beauty of this is that, it lasted from breakfast until dinner! The secret lies in thinly sliced shallots and ginger. And pandan, of course.

Tebby prepared Wantan dumpling last Friday. The BBQ gathering we had in Putrajaya, it was a pot-luck. So wantan it was for us.

I had a fun weekend, hadn't I?


Tyha said...

Nak resepi wantan boleh? Jgn lupa tau....gambar laman baru..:)

yatipruzz said...

wah garden lawn the greenssss...jeles!
impian kitorang gak..kena tunggu jual esos dulu huhuhu

btw heppy anniversary and belated besday! semoga pjg umur bhgia selalu ok!

ummi said...

tyha ~ ok. will put the recipe on. laman tu lambat lagi siap tu...

yati ~ esos brp now ek? akak pun bertahun2 himpun duit baru boleh buat laman cantik2 sikit.

mawar said...

wah wah..bahagianya entry dia..alhamdulillah, semoga bertambah bahagia dan dimurahkan rezeki..nak mintak akak bagi resepi untuk makanan anak-anak boleh?

ummi said...

mawar ~ alhamdulillah, so far so good. not to say takde gaduh2 and all but semuanya within manageable range lah. for recipe, you can check my food-blog at ada sikit2 kat situ. i have a lot of recipe books for babies right up till toddler at home.

Farra said...

wah kak, guna landscape arkitek?
rezeki kita lom sampai lg kot, me too lom jual esos lagi
harga tak naik2 pon
ups, happy belated annivesary & besday!

ummi said...

farra ~ pasal landscape architect tu kan, it took us years to finally be able to gather some budget to do so.

yatipruzz said...

akak...nnt jgn lupa pos gambar..and simpan contact no arkitek tuh utk kami hehe

ummi said...

yati ~ will do. weekend ni baru dia akan tunjuk sketch. mtk2 menawan le nanti hu huh. akak pi cari orang kat Pusat Flora CHeras tu, sebelum area Bkt Dukung. Dkt dgn exit Bkt Mahkota Cheras.