Saturday, September 01, 2007

Little Celebrations

I had a good 7th Wedding Anniversary & 33rd Birthday Celebration. No candle light dinner, no bouquet of roses, no romantic night just you and me. But I had good time amidst burning charcoal, burnt chicken parts, choose-yourself birthday/wedding present(s), running and screaming kids. Those spell F.U.N.

Oh, btw, our little getaway before fasting month is officially postponed. Both Tebby and I (and the kids too) have so many things on our plates at the moment. I'm moving office, the kids have a forthcoming Family Day and Tebby, like usual, is always busy. And their grannies insisted to see the two goneks early Ramadan.


After trying out the shoes and applying the 6-steps skincare regime (most probably I'll settle back to the basic 3 in no time at all!), me, Tebby and the kids went to a BBQ dinner gathering with old school-mates in a friend house at Precinct 9, Putrajaya. We were busy gossiping, taletelling of our lives, shared secrets and all (and eating), I had forgotten to snap a single photo. I even forgot that I brought along a camera. Those are friends from my secondary school. Some whom I haven't met for a good 16 years! Coincidently the host, Ana, shared same birthdate with me. So we had the limelight cutting cakes while others sang the old Happy Birthday song. (actually on Thursday, my office had a little makan-makan celebrating a retiring colleague, celebrating 50th Merdeka and also my birthday. Siap gemuruh tepuk tangan lagi tu bila buat announcement tu. Unfortunately I wasn't there. BigBoss hantaq pi meeting... waaaaa) Of course posing-posing maut kat tangga like the good old days. Before parting ways, we exchanged gifts with each other. It's a girls' thing lah, you guys will never understand. Since I have no photos (yet.. since I intend to pester my friends to have some email-ed to me), I might as well paster the gifts that I got... a wrist-rest-cum-paper-weight and a memo holder. We got home at midnight. Others stayed on until the wee hours. Some even slept at Ana's.

The nexy day, before I knew it, 1/2 the day was gone. We woke up to a shining sun. Ya Allah, ampun.. tertidur sampai tak tersedar. Instead of going for breakfast, went to a brunch in Jusco Cheras Selatan. Had steamboat @Johnny's. Sebelum balik, went around in the premise and stopped at PSA. Tried on 6 and decided to get just 2. 2 long tunics that reach my knee. Tebby paid. Had I known he was going to do that..... *evil thought*. Thanks darling. To close them all, malam tu we had a steak dinner in a steakhouse somewhere in Balakong.


Last Friday, not only we celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary and my 33rd Birthday but that date also marked the commencement of our 8th year sharing our lives together and the start of my 34th year. I am making resolutions for betterment, physically and spiritually. InsyaAllah..


matasipit said...

eh.. lupa..!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY (ehem.. belated) !!!!!!!!!

ummi said...

matasipit ~ tq. i'm old!