Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dengue It Is Not, Viral It Is


Despite both arms blue-and-black (from the poking for blood), both tests for dengue came out -ve. It was just a viral fever. It leaves me with muscle pain (still) tho the fever has subsided already. I mailed my boss for another 2 days leave so I can just rest and recovered as much as i can. It made us worried like h*** for the past few days. Bukannya boleh bukak perut and see the wellbeing of little Muhammad kan. Oh ya, Tebby commented yesterday, do we really want to name him Ali? So let's just call the unborn baby little Muhammad for now.


I told Tebby I am buying a new digicam and he seems agreeable to that. I am selling my Kodak for RM200 to my sister and am going to use that to knock-off the cost later. I have Canon Power-Shot in mind but still not too sure. Maybe Olympus or Nikon. This time I don't really look for sleek design but more for the functions so I can end up with superb indoor and night shoots. (habislah suamiku, dia pakai direct point-and-shoot pun tak berapa lulus lagi!). Who knows I may end up with a DLSR one day. Tebby knows a person whose camera apparatus cost even more than my ViVa! Like they say, the more professional the photographer are, the bigger thier equipments.

Oh btw. Kepada yang bekerja sesama untuk t*, sudahkah anda siapkan 360d dan juga DOA? 360d is an evaluation done by our superior, subordinate as well as peers on ourselves so next time you want to have a spat with your colleague - think again. And know what, I have 12 people to evaluate for 360d! Zarid... tak aci.. dia dapat 5 jek. I've done my DOA yesterday. Since I added my little fella ViVa as an asset, the form had to be signed and stamped by a commisioner of oath. Since we need to declare ones of our spouse as well, form Tebby pun kena jugek. Lucky us, we found one in Ampang yesterday after my blood-test. RM4.00 each.

Apart from seeing the commisioner of oath yesterday, we went to Ampang Point for lunch and a little 'look around'. Had simple lunch at 'Octopus'. It surprises me at times, eventho I am pregnant, I have small appetite (but my belly look as if I've eaten like 2 plates for lunch and another 2 for dinner. some people commented - twin eh?...). Then we proceeded to Royel but bought nothing. Went to UFO and found a long alas kaki that I've been looking for, for so long. For RM15.90 each, I greedily bought 4! If not for Tebby, the poor store-guy might have had to cart off my loot to the car himself. He.. he.. I wanted the table cloth, the runner, more alas kaki, and pillow cases etc. A trip to Guardian for some ear-cap (for thermometer) ended with me buying vitamins for the kids and belly butter. Mana nak cari ear-cap for Braun ni? 2 kedai kami pegi, seme takde. And our Ampang Point trip ended up with Tebby buying me a double scoop from Baskin Robbin. We carefully packed the spoons and wrapper and tossed those directly into the refuse-box back home (now, we don't want Kakak to get to know anything about it and started nagging and whining about it, do we? - panjang ceritanya nanti)

ps I want to openly thank Tebby who timed his hphone every 2 hours to check on me for the past few days. Who woke up and sponged me and made sure I took the medications as prescribed. Who prepared a container of plain water just-within-reach to ensure I took enough fluid to flush off whatever aliens I have in my body. I am one lucky women eh?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Of UTI, Fever and Baby No 3

I thought i'd be okay after the 4th month but just after I happily announced I am 16+ weeks pregnant and recovering, i am tested again.

Last friday after a hearty lunch at Secret Recipe, i felt a numb pain right under my belly and it was getting stronger. Called up Tebby and we took an early leave and left for clinic. I had UTI (Uterine Track Infection) and there was some protein detected. The GP felt like there was a swell but he was not sure. I was prescribed with amoxilyn and some paracetamols. The next 2 days was worse. I could not stand up straight. If i tried to, I felt sharp pain (cam tu rasa orang lepas bersalin C-sect kot.. ngeri..). I walked like a humpback, slowly waddling my way like an old lady. Other than me, Iman was the 2nd most affected. GP told me not to dukung him anymore since he weights more than a gas tank does (go try lifting - you'll know). It was quite hard since I am his almost everything. Telling him not mintak dukung is like telling newly-weds not to have sex. So to speak! But we're getting there. Not the sex part. This morning he, unexpectedly walked to the car and got himself in without much hussle.

Anyway, on Sunday before bed I started to feel like having a fever. At wee hours, I woke up to throbbing pain in my head and pain at my back and shoulders, followed by a high fever. I had no choice but to take leave. I was worried about the baby more than for myself. I've constantly been on medication since months ago and i just hope it won't be affected. As if sensing my worries, I felt it kicking the first time. Maybe telling me not to worry too much. Tebby went to a seminar in Hilton. At lunch he worriedly called and asked me to change into proper attire and off we went to APSH to see Dr Ashar. Dengue is what we're afraid of. What more with a little human being inside me. Did a blood test and am expecting a call on the result today. This Wednesday, I need to go for another round of blood test since this dengue thing is very dynamic in nature.

The baby is doing fine. Last time we saw it actively kicking and floating like a cosmonout. Yesterday it lied on his front with his bottom jutting out. Occasionally turning towards us after being nudged by Dr Ashar. He's in the right size with his age, maybe a day bigger than it should. And who wants to challenge one's motherly instinct? The baby refused to move further after much nudging so we had the scanning done from his bottom. Wallaa.. we clearly saw the little-jon-and-the-twins. I knew all along it was going to be a boy. To be frank I had wanted another girl but another boy would be just as fine. We even have a name planned already. It's not final yet (I have Muhammad Soleh and Muhammad Abdullah in mind as well but I shall leave that final options to the father) but Muhammad Ali will be likely. My rule of naming - simple with good meaning or the name sahabat nabi. But most importantly, simple. Name that I can call in full.

As for Kakak, looks like she'll be Tebby's only princess. When told the baby is going to be a boy, she look a bit frustrated but a moment later she told us she would love to hold the baby once he's out in the world. And Ummi is going to have 2 boys by her side. I just hope he's getting Tebby's O+ blood type (the other 2 have my B+). I'd better start coaching Iman to share his collection of hotwheels with his brother!

see the baby in action. shying away from us

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Keluhan Ibu Bekerja

Came back home at almost 10p.m last night after a lenghty meeting. Itu pun after I asked permission from my GM to go back before the meeting ended (thanks boss). At the rate we were going, they might have ended at midnight (I'll check this out later). The meeting was supposedly start at 4.30p.m but as usual, it started later. Yesterday it was almost 5.15p.m (office hours ends at 5.30p.m here). Started with the usual yada-yada (non-related things) and proceeded to the real agenda almost at 6p.m. Never mind if they do not want to go back early to their family, but I do.

Picked the kids later than promised. As expected, both came out dengan muncung panjang sedepa. Not long after getting herself in the car, Kakak burst into tears and later sobs (dia memang drama queen sikit but yesterday was real, I myself was hurt with my own doing but what else can I do). She choosed to sit close to me (instead of sitting at the other end and looked outside like she normally does) while Iman sat on my lap quietly (instead of standing up on the seat and did funny acts like he normally does) Sampai rumah I postpone what I need to do for myself like mandi or kemas beg nursery and spent the time melayan diorang tengok TV and main-main. Lepas tengok mood diorang dah improve, barulah pegi mandi and sembahyang Isya'. For bed, I let her picked where she wanted to sleep. And it was Tebby on her left, me on her right and Iman on my right.

If given a solid, steady financial well-being, I'd choose the kids over my career. Really. At the moment, we still can't afford to live like we do now should I quit working. Probably we can, with some adjustments but with another baby coming and Iman is going to start his play-school next year, that shall have to wait.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Short Notes

  • Iman was down with fever since after Kakak's graduation on last Thursday. His temperature shoot up to even 40d. (As expected the father was the most affected and lost his appetite altogether). Chicken pox? We did not see any spots (yet?). Mintak-mintak cepat baik lah anak ummi yang sorang ni.
  • Kakak's graduation? I reserve an entry solely for that one. Later.
  • Tebby is invited for an award presentation ceremony at the end of this month. Something for scoring in his MBA. I asked if I am invited as well (by virtue of being a spouse) but with the kids, kalau ceremony dalam dewan hak kena duduk dendiam ni, I'd better forget it lah kot.
  • Me? I tipped on a scale last Friday while waiting for Iman's turn at Dr Nasir's. It seems I've gained like 2.5kg since my last check-up and I have another 2 weeks before seeing Dr Ashar. Whoaaa!!! Average that up and... 5kg in a month? I maybe slim and trim but I have to caution myself. For the past 2 pregnancies, most of the things I ate went to the babies. Kakak came in at 3.5kg and Iman 3.3kg. I hope no further than 3.5kg.
  • My course in Langkawi is postponed (again). More time to save some dough for another set of Corelle huh.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Own Angkasawati

Uhh.. we have an aspiring astronout at home! I knew Kakak had this pre-science thingy at Atfal but little did I expect that she knows quite a lot. She has the whole concept of Milky Way in mind, so to speak. She knows which planet is the biggest, smallest, nearest and furthest from the sun and the most beautiful one. She comments on comet and asteroid. And to add her own spice to that, she also includes alien. So she and Tebby had good times exploring things over the net while discussing things and I quietly browsed my errr... Impiana magazine. Dahlah muka diorang tu sepesen. In short she takes a lot after Tebby. Perhaps she just gets my gender only he.. he..

Oh, btw, she even asked if she can board the rocket someday and sees the stars from near and perhaps lands her feet on the moon.
To that we said - Kakak kena jadi yang paling sangat pandai, baru boleh naik roket. Macam abang tu. (Note - 'yang paling sangat' -> her expression of something extreme)
And to that, she replied (after minutes of thinking hard) - Kalau gitu boleh tak kita beli teropong je dulu.

Yahh,... if she continues to show interest in such thing and old and wise enough to handle the thing, we may buy that in future (flipped all buku account to see how much more we need he.. he.. -> long way to go)

Here goes some photos of her Milky Way. Note that alien space-ship. Also note the last photo, the whole thing is dedicated to Tebby. It seems I am excluded from their space mission this time around.


We picked up her report cards, books and school work from Atfal last Saturday. She did so-so lah. Scoring an overall of about 80%. She needs to strengthen her Math and most importantly - her CONCENTRATION. Both my kids lack this. Her teacher commented that, IF she can concentrate, she would have been very good in learning. Both my kids just can't sit still. Even when they watch TV, they do it while pacing back and forth and walk along the perimeter of our living room (much to our irritation actually).

This Friday is going to be her last kindy day. We have applied a day leave on Thursday to attend her Graduation Day and Concert. We've missed that for the past 2 years (1st year we were busy with office work, 2nd year she was warded sbb demam). Now she's having a mild fever and we just hope she'll recover by then. She's all excited to go. Same go with me and Tebby.

Would it be too much if I shed tears on her graduation day? Her kindy graduation?....

Monday, November 05, 2007

[Birthday] [Tea Party] [False Alarm] [Open House]

[IMAN IS 3!]
He turned 3 last Saturday (3/11/2007). Unfortunately I was too tired and was not too well to prepare anything. Not even cakes or party packs to be shared with his kindy friends. I'll try to figure out something later, InsyaAllah. Happy 3rd Birthday Iman sayang!
(He had fever that night until mid Sunday -> poor young man!)

We had Saleh & his friend (the guys that turned our lawn into a little garden) over to do a bit of maintenance of our little lawn on Sunday. Since it was still Syawal, we invited them for a little tea and some cookies and cakes after they've done with their work. After they left, the kids took over and had some fun. Since it was outdoor, I did not really mind the spills and bits and pieces and how Iman dipped his hands many-many times in the 'air basuh tangan' served. And later immitated how Tebby sponged his body the night before.

Too soon for me, I can't even feel the contractions yet! After Asar yesterday, an emergency alarm went off. I was like 'alamakk!!'. We've just been in the new building for 2 months and we were not briefed of the safety procedure yet. Not knowing what else to do, I, along with the others, took the stairs.. right from the 14th Floor until we reached Ground. It was raining heavily outside so we flocked then cramped ourselves in the lobby. Barely 15 minutes later we were instructed to go back to our offices, without any explanation what-so-ever. At that time, people were still 'arriving'. I later heard rumors that the alarm went blaring by mistake. No wonder there was no BOMBA, ambulance and what-and-who should've been there. SMS-ed Tebby. His reply? ** Boleh! As in 'Malaysia Boleh', if you still don't get it.

Thanks for those who invited us. We could only managed one. Tebby's friend in Ampang Saujana. They were buddies since their UMIST days. Later another buddy joined and from the look of it, they had lots of fun. Menu included roast lamb, laksa johor (i had 2 servings), soto, fruits and some cold and hot drinks. Did not take much lamb - takut pening kepala yang sememangnya sedia pening. Those friends whose house that we couldn't make it, really sorry. Health did not (mine and Iman) permit us doing so.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


[BABY 1]
Went for regular antenatal check-up yesterday. We left home just a little bit later than we usually do to work, so that the kids did not suspect that we were going somewhere else. Tebby was on leave and I was on my way to get an MC. Had a fever of 37.9d the night before, accompanied by nasty coughing and blocked nose. I even took 1/2 day off the 2-days (Mon & Tue) training I attended in Jalan Gurney. Could not tahan anymore. One time I was shivering cold, the next feverish hot.


Despite I am not eating well and vomit regularly (still), the baby is growing as it should be. And despite the fact that I am already wearing my maternity-wear at 13 weeks due to big bump I have, there's only one baby. During scanning, it was actively moving. The features are already defined. We could tell the head, the body, the hands, the legs and its backbone. It was moving about, hands flailing, legs kicking. When it touches my uterus wall, the momentum was almost like one of cosmonaught in space. And my motherly instinct strongly tells me, most probabyly it's going to be another boy this time around. And from the look of it, it has wide forehead like the rest of its siblings. I guess it runs in the family!

As for me, it seems I haven't even gained back the weight I had lost in the past 2 months. I eat poorly, I dislike the taste of milk, I can't take plain water and I eat small portion of lunch and if I'm lucky, dinner occasionally stays in my stomach. For that Dr Ashar prescibed me with 6 things. Put aside 2 medications for selsema and demam, I have 4 types to gulp down everyday, as to ascertain I have all the vitamins and nutritions I should for me and the baby.

I have small pimples, especially on my forehead. By stating 'especially', it means I have them all over my face. My skin gets oily and I have stopped using mosturiser altogether. I hate the smell of my perfume and I don't like to powder my face. I put on lipstick once in a while only. Luckily I still have my clothing coordinated or else I'll look like a lost clown. A boy huh?

I bought a pair of new sandals after being nagged by K Nor and Zarid, my colleagues. These are going to be part of my wardrobe till I give birth. Non-slip and comfy.

[BABY 2]
Iman tried to terjun tiruk from our dining table last few days. He left Tebby screaming and me throwing away whatever I have in my hands into the kitchen sink (I was doing the dishes that time). I managed to catch him just in time and my heart was thumping madly as if I had just ended a 100m running race. With him, there's never a dull moment. Like my MIL had with Tebby when he was small. He's almost 3 now. Still wakes up for milk at night. Loves choc-roll and absolutely adores me. Despite being an active boy, he still wants 'dukung' whenever in public. And despite me being pregnant, I still 'dukung' him. And despite Kakak's 'aaa aaa nanti ada baby ummi tak dukung iman lagi dahhh,... aaa... aaaa... tak tau...' he still 'sits' comfortably while Tebby or me panting for breath. He's more than 15kg. Imagine carrying a small cooking-gas tank, it's easier to put things into picture.

The photo below snapped before we dived into plates of steak at nearby steak-corner. Iman is a mini-me, male version, so they say.

[BABY 3]
Kakak will end her kindy in matter of a couple of weeks from now. And in no time she's gonna start her primary. When asked about her kindy exam, which is running this week, she confidently told us she could answer all except for just one question. We'll see about that during the Parents Day on this coming 10th, shall we. I am still ding-dong-ing on whether to send her to sekolah agama next year. I am thinking of postponing it till she's in Primary 2 but Tebby doesn't seem to agree. Despite being in the era of superkids, somehow, I want my kids to take things slowly. I don't want to rush things too much that they do not get the chance to be themselves, kids. Maybe I'll change my mind later after she's in Primary. As for Kakak herself, she just can't wait to start art class. Drawing to be exact. So like the father.

Photo below of Kakak, oblivious to me snapping this. Daydreaming about life in castle. Too much Barbie movies I guess.

[BABY 4]
The biggest and oldest baby I have. (Baby yang ini kalau merajuk.. lagi susah woo nak pujuk..). He just started another blog. If you compare, his writing differs from mine. He loves movies (which I seldom enjoy), he loves reading (he does more on educational and intellect reading, while I savor Impiana, Anjung Seri and the likes. Tengok gambar je banyak, bacanya tidak!). I hope he'll keep the momentum going. Unlike the first blog he had. He himself could not even remember the blog tittle.

And when I'm having a fever, be sure he's gonna sponge me even at the wee hours in the morning!