Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Own Angkasawati

Uhh.. we have an aspiring astronout at home! I knew Kakak had this pre-science thingy at Atfal but little did I expect that she knows quite a lot. She has the whole concept of Milky Way in mind, so to speak. She knows which planet is the biggest, smallest, nearest and furthest from the sun and the most beautiful one. She comments on comet and asteroid. And to add her own spice to that, she also includes alien. So she and Tebby had good times exploring things over the net while discussing things and I quietly browsed my errr... Impiana magazine. Dahlah muka diorang tu sepesen. In short she takes a lot after Tebby. Perhaps she just gets my gender only he.. he..

Oh, btw, she even asked if she can board the rocket someday and sees the stars from near and perhaps lands her feet on the moon.
To that we said - Kakak kena jadi yang paling sangat pandai, baru boleh naik roket. Macam abang tu. (Note - 'yang paling sangat' -> her expression of something extreme)
And to that, she replied (after minutes of thinking hard) - Kalau gitu boleh tak kita beli teropong je dulu.

Yahh,... if she continues to show interest in such thing and old and wise enough to handle the thing, we may buy that in future (flipped all buku account to see how much more we need he.. he.. -> long way to go)

Here goes some photos of her Milky Way. Note that alien space-ship. Also note the last photo, the whole thing is dedicated to Tebby. It seems I am excluded from their space mission this time around.


We picked up her report cards, books and school work from Atfal last Saturday. She did so-so lah. Scoring an overall of about 80%. She needs to strengthen her Math and most importantly - her CONCENTRATION. Both my kids lack this. Her teacher commented that, IF she can concentrate, she would have been very good in learning. Both my kids just can't sit still. Even when they watch TV, they do it while pacing back and forth and walk along the perimeter of our living room (much to our irritation actually).

This Friday is going to be her last kindy day. We have applied a day leave on Thursday to attend her Graduation Day and Concert. We've missed that for the past 2 years (1st year we were busy with office work, 2nd year she was warded sbb demam). Now she's having a mild fever and we just hope she'll recover by then. She's all excited to go. Same go with me and Tebby.

Would it be too much if I shed tears on her graduation day? Her kindy graduation?....


aida said...

kak tie.. comellah kak tie kat luar. huhu, sorry la, ingat nak borak. tapi saya lak segan (aheheh)..

i saw athirah first, lepas tu dok pk.. eh familiarlah budak ni.
but then i noticed iman is so excited, and saw your tebby calling him.. huh, sah-sah dah kak tie ni..

kak tie, await slim sangat? apekah rahsia menguruskan badan? :)

oren said...

last week saya pegi tengok Mira buat persembahan untuk hari graduation kawan2 dia..walaupun dia tak naik untuk amik 'scroll', tapi rasa bangga semacam bila tengok her performance..sok2, bila dia betul2 amik scroll, lagi la semacam rasa..hihihi...

Farra said...

aida, ni kes jumpa kat umah Zarid la ni erk

ummi said...

aida ~ iman is always excited gitu.. kdg2 sukar dikawal. sampai kering air fountain si Zarid dikerjakannya.

akak selim bukan sbb tak makan he he. one thing mmg genetically akak nyer family slim2. pastu takde maid, pastu ada Iman. itu aje tips nyer..

ummi said...

oren ~ true. ada satu perasaan 'overwhelming' bila tgk anak naik atas stage. walaupun tak menang apa2, tengok dia participate pun dah cukup kan. time dia ambik scroll last Khamis, dalam hati akak - wahh... dah besar anak dara aku ni yek (read - dah tua mak nya!)

ummi said...

farra ~ a ah, jumpa kat rumah Zarid hari tu le. the power of blogging. rasa cam dah kenal. Mawaddah apa khabar? Punyalah kuat suara dia menangis hari tu.