Monday, November 19, 2007

Short Notes

  • Iman was down with fever since after Kakak's graduation on last Thursday. His temperature shoot up to even 40d. (As expected the father was the most affected and lost his appetite altogether). Chicken pox? We did not see any spots (yet?). Mintak-mintak cepat baik lah anak ummi yang sorang ni.
  • Kakak's graduation? I reserve an entry solely for that one. Later.
  • Tebby is invited for an award presentation ceremony at the end of this month. Something for scoring in his MBA. I asked if I am invited as well (by virtue of being a spouse) but with the kids, kalau ceremony dalam dewan hak kena duduk dendiam ni, I'd better forget it lah kot.
  • Me? I tipped on a scale last Friday while waiting for Iman's turn at Dr Nasir's. It seems I've gained like 2.5kg since my last check-up and I have another 2 weeks before seeing Dr Ashar. Whoaaa!!! Average that up and... 5kg in a month? I maybe slim and trim but I have to caution myself. For the past 2 pregnancies, most of the things I ate went to the babies. Kakak came in at 3.5kg and Iman 3.3kg. I hope no further than 3.5kg.
  • My course in Langkawi is postponed (again). More time to save some dough for another set of Corelle huh.


~ahni~ said...

Semoga Iman cepat baik dari demam.

Farra said...

sian Iman

anak2 cek pon tak bleh behave dlm dewan :D tak cukup matang eheh

kaezrin said...

alahai sian iman..

btw get well soon and congrates 2 ur tebby

alahai jeles nak gi langkawi jugak....

ummi said...

ahni ~ as of today demamnya dah surut. ada batuk dan selsema sikit. merengek dah kurang.

farra ~ ni semua jenis tak boleh bawak masuk majlis dewan2 ni. silap2 dia naik atas pentas!

elin ~ he's okay now. Tebby maynot be going afterall to the ceremony but he still wants the cheque (yes, they're getting some monetary rewards).