Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dengue It Is Not, Viral It Is


Despite both arms blue-and-black (from the poking for blood), both tests for dengue came out -ve. It was just a viral fever. It leaves me with muscle pain (still) tho the fever has subsided already. I mailed my boss for another 2 days leave so I can just rest and recovered as much as i can. It made us worried like h*** for the past few days. Bukannya boleh bukak perut and see the wellbeing of little Muhammad kan. Oh ya, Tebby commented yesterday, do we really want to name him Ali? So let's just call the unborn baby little Muhammad for now.


I told Tebby I am buying a new digicam and he seems agreeable to that. I am selling my Kodak for RM200 to my sister and am going to use that to knock-off the cost later. I have Canon Power-Shot in mind but still not too sure. Maybe Olympus or Nikon. This time I don't really look for sleek design but more for the functions so I can end up with superb indoor and night shoots. (habislah suamiku, dia pakai direct point-and-shoot pun tak berapa lulus lagi!). Who knows I may end up with a DLSR one day. Tebby knows a person whose camera apparatus cost even more than my ViVa! Like they say, the more professional the photographer are, the bigger thier equipments.

Oh btw. Kepada yang bekerja sesama untuk t*, sudahkah anda siapkan 360d dan juga DOA? 360d is an evaluation done by our superior, subordinate as well as peers on ourselves so next time you want to have a spat with your colleague - think again. And know what, I have 12 people to evaluate for 360d! Zarid... tak aci.. dia dapat 5 jek. I've done my DOA yesterday. Since I added my little fella ViVa as an asset, the form had to be signed and stamped by a commisioner of oath. Since we need to declare ones of our spouse as well, form Tebby pun kena jugek. Lucky us, we found one in Ampang yesterday after my blood-test. RM4.00 each.

Apart from seeing the commisioner of oath yesterday, we went to Ampang Point for lunch and a little 'look around'. Had simple lunch at 'Octopus'. It surprises me at times, eventho I am pregnant, I have small appetite (but my belly look as if I've eaten like 2 plates for lunch and another 2 for dinner. some people commented - twin eh?...). Then we proceeded to Royel but bought nothing. Went to UFO and found a long alas kaki that I've been looking for, for so long. For RM15.90 each, I greedily bought 4! If not for Tebby, the poor store-guy might have had to cart off my loot to the car himself. He.. he.. I wanted the table cloth, the runner, more alas kaki, and pillow cases etc. A trip to Guardian for some ear-cap (for thermometer) ended with me buying vitamins for the kids and belly butter. Mana nak cari ear-cap for Braun ni? 2 kedai kami pegi, seme takde. And our Ampang Point trip ended up with Tebby buying me a double scoop from Baskin Robbin. We carefully packed the spoons and wrapper and tossed those directly into the refuse-box back home (now, we don't want Kakak to get to know anything about it and started nagging and whining about it, do we? - panjang ceritanya nanti)

ps I want to openly thank Tebby who timed his hphone every 2 hours to check on me for the past few days. Who woke up and sponged me and made sure I took the medications as prescribed. Who prepared a container of plain water just-within-reach to ensure I took enough fluid to flush off whatever aliens I have in my body. I am one lucky women eh?


oren said...

ye..akak memang beruntung..

CT said...

k.ummi, waa.. nampaknye another hero in town ye...

ummi said...

oren ~ indeed akak mmg beruntung. cuma kdg2 tu tak tau bersyukur! Astaghafirullah.. kena muhasabah diri lepas ni.

ct ~ nampaknya cam tu lah. ramai sikit bodyguard ummi dia nanti nih. and Kakak will always be the princess.

Farra said...

beruntungnya nyer kak
syukur pd allah

ummi said...

farra ~ alhamdulillah.