Friday, April 30, 2010

Closing of April 2010

As my last entry goes, I ended my April dengan sedih. Thinking back, I must've been unfair to other people in anytime of my life before that someone else did exactly the same thing to me. Anyway, I am okay now (having gotten my very first gold bracelet.. yeayyyy!!)

As I've just said it, April saw me doing my first investment. Nothing to shout about. Takde macam rantai basikal or besar gemok macam donut terlebih baking powder pun. Sesuailah untuk tangan kurus like mine. I should be doing this if I have extra cash in future. Salesman itu kata belilah emas as it is stable and in addition to that, buy branded watch. Branded here means Rado, Omega, Rolex and kawan-kawan seangkatan dengannya. I tried on one Rado, cheapest one selling at RM1,500. Tapi tak outstanding like its black counterparts. Ngada kan. Tadok modal buat cara tadok modal ha ha.

On a very personal note, April has been a challenge to me, mentally and physically. Bibik was away and we're back to the routine like before. Only thing is, I am not young like before. Penat. Suprisingly we managed to sail smoothly. Of courselah ada hari yang ribut-ribut jugak but bottomline, ok. Maybe sebab Tebby tadok pegi outstation kot. But I did, mid April and he handled the kids well. Cuma balik tu kain baju bertimbun lah nak kena cuci. April also saw me and my ofismates went for our first mom's day out. We took 1/2 day leave and lingered in MidValley over nothing. Well, we did got ourselves some Denni's and Kenji's but that was about it. No major damage.

Bookwise, I only read three books i.e. Hafalan Solat Delisa (by Tere Liye, an indonesian writer), Perang Sangkil (by Akiya) and Tombiruo (by Ramlee Awang Murshid, my Malaysian favourite author).

My cash register went kchinngggg louder this month of April due to the Big B. But as I said earlier, 90% is committed for so do not expect much more entry under label 'shopping I did'.

Hope for better month ahead..


Hari ini saya sangat tension. Susah sangatkah nak faham kesusahan orang lain? Mungkin sebab sendiri tak pernah menghadapi situasi seperti saya, maka dia susah nak terima apa yang berlaku? Mungkin kalau dia sendiri perlu melaluinya baru dia faham? Saya bukanlah baik sangat, saya tidak mendoakan apa-apa kesusahan buat orang lain. Saya sedih bila saya terangkan masalah saya, dia endah tak endah. Tidak faham atau mungkin tak mahu faham. Mana-mana lah.. hak dia untuk bersikap macam tu dan hak saya untuk bersedih.

The consolation I got is, ada call from HabibJewels. Yess... my bracelet is ready for pick up.. la...laa..laaa...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big B

B for bonus, not b***st he he.

Since I landed among the average for last year performance, my bonus is of average as well. But good. Rasanya tak pernah dalam sejarah pekerjaan ku dapat average and getting bonus of more than 2 months. Always 1++ month. And those time when I landed at 4, dapatlah extra sikit.

Nothing much to splurge on. Almost 90% is alreadly committed. I need to pay in advance my one year car installment, I need to clear my credit cards hutang. Plus, the tax was high.. So I dream small. Ukur baju di badan sendiri okay. Maybe nak pegi nursery pokok and get some potted plants. That's all. Apa-apapun, kena buat some 'kunci kira-kira' dulu.

Oh ya... Bling Bling! This one is provisioned for using some cash from this. My cash register went kchhinggg few months back after I sold the remainder of my ESOS. Emas sekarang berapa RM se-gram? RM133? Habib is selling at RM126. See la how.

So, apa dah jadi dengan bonus you pulak? Sampai 2 tong ATM kat MidValley out-of-service, you all punya kerja eh?

Birthday Lunch For Tebby

Finally... setelah lebih 10 hari birthday suami saya, En Tebby, barulah saya dapat belanja dia makan. Asalnya nak ke Le Meridien buffet tapi dah tersangkut kat MidValley dengan perut lapar sambil mengadap Madam Kwan.. trus ajelah terjah Madam Kwan.

Since it was for his birthday, the selection was up to him (with a little 'coaxing' from me of course he he). We had Curry Fish, Fried Chicken and Kangkung Belacan. Walaupun the curry was meant for 2-3 person, it came in large serving that we tapau-ed the balance back home.

Anyway, again, Yang, Happy Birthday.

ps - bila nak pakai wallet baru you tu??

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tupai Tupai

Terima Kasih Bos. Moga dimurahkan rezeki pada masa-masa hadapan.

Bos belanja lunch di Tupai Tupai. First time saya pegi makan kat sana. Bos belanja lunch sempena.. er... ntah. Bos saya memang suka belanja makan. Lunch, breakfast.. brunch. The best bos sepanjang saya berkerja setakat ini. Dia ni more relaxed tapi he gets all things running and operating well. Bukan bodek nih.. kalau saya nak bodek kena buat time before appraisal kan. And dia tak baca pon blog nih.

Yang ni saya tak sanggup paste gambar.. pasal muka saya vooolat macam pinggan! You can't tell which is my chin and which is my neck, seriously!

Acik Sibuk!

Acik sibuk. Takde masa nak layan blog. Nantikan entri tertunda yaaaa!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Q Thai (Tak Habis-Habis!!)

Q Thai again! Between this and the last time I wrote about our makan-makan at Q Thai, there's many times in between that we went there. Saya tak buat apa-apa entry on those time. We ate the same food, at times sat at the same table and chasing after the same kids he he. This time, it's only me and Tebby. Selepas hampir 10 tahun, I have accepted the fact that we sometimes need our time together. Just the 2 of us. Bukan tak sayang anak-anak, tapi perlukan juga masa 'bertenang'. Outing untuk anak-anak, khas untuk melayan anak-anak sahaja. Outing berdua, bolehlah layan tekak sepuas hati tanpa perlu menahan sabar bila ada yang celup tisu dalam gelas air, bukan segelas tapi gelas jiran pon dia nak celup. Ada yang berlari-lari.. Ada yang nak pi toilet. For now, let's just savour our private time together.

first customers you allss!
buka kol 6 ptg, kol 6 gak lah kami dah terpacak depan kedai he he

seleksi mee kering
ada sejenis nun, rendam lah lama mana pon, tetap kenyal

ni untuk steamboat.
pilih! pilih!

yang tak tahan tu ada manusia suka ambik seme dalam sebekas tu..
wei, tinggal le sikit kat orang lain.. dasar tamak!

our first round.
round2 lain acik tak ambik gambo.. bizi makan beb!
nampak tak udang sama ketam dalam pinggan tengah tu? butter prawn + crab. lazat amatss you olss!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

14-16 April 2010 - Johor Bahru

Duty calls! Outstation one, in JB. Work related. JB always has a special spot in me, there's where I spent my secondary school. Had great time, great food. Pisang goreng cicah sambal kicap, rojak asma, ayam masak asam pedas. Thursday lunch in one of those years where the food was filling the tray to the brim. Awesome! Pernah salam dengan the current Sultan and Sultanah of Johore. Striking couple I must say.

Anyway, am not going to dwell much on what I did there, work related, I'd better zip my mouth. Else I'd be spilling interesting numbers! It more like what I've seen what people do in life that piss other people off. Self centered, selfish, snobbish and the likes. Regarless the rank. High rank-ers do that in their way, low-rank-ers do that in other way. I sometimes wonder if they ever think about other people other than comforting themself, trying to make their life easier by troubling other people? Hemm.. I am a firm believer of 'do unto others as what you would've them do unto you'. Respect is earned and not asked for.

Finally, I got to eat that famous Mee Rebus Tulang, which my colleagues has been talking about each time the word 'JB' in mentioned. Well.. my verdict? Bolehlah. The taste so-so to me. What made it stood out was, of course, the tulang. They used tulang kambing and even provided straw for patron to suck out the insides. Cholesterol? You bet. I tried their Sup Tulang Kambing intead. Since I like soup and I like eating lamb, this pleased my tastebud.

I have to mentioned here that I tried Puteri Pac's fried kue-tiaw. A must try. Sedap banget (or saya sangat lapar masa itu?). Big portion but nothing wasted anyway.

Oh ya, otak-otak is very much related to JB kan. I am not so much of a fan of otak-otak, in KL particularly. Macam banyak tepung sangat. My kind of otak-otak is yang ada ikan ketul-ketul, with thick gravy (which I always went for each time I went to Alor Star's City Point during my uni days). But when my friends berebut-rebut mengorder frozen otak-otak during our meeting break in JB, I did just that too! Not just that, I even had popia otak-otak added to my list. No one pack, but two for each!

otak-otak sedang dibakar dalam oven comelku.
not as good as grilling on direct fire, tapi.. bolehlah!!

Extraordinary shopper am I not? Actually the damage started even before I exit Senai airport hu hu!
yang, cantik tak kasut merah ai?
He just said, Dorothy?
Anyway, I got them both for meself.
These damages incurred in Senai Airport.

Sebagai balasan menurut nafsu nafsi sangat, on the way balik KL, I sat beside a mamat with strong BO. Adoyaiii... kempis kempis hidung ku nak bernafas. The agony was at its most when he dengan selamba-kodoknya bukak kasut! Haihhh!!! Can I take a photo of you so that I can put it on my blog?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happpy Birthday

Happy Birthday Tebby!

Too bad I have to leave for JB in a while. Hope you still enjoy the day..

ps I hope you like the wallet

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Bibik-less Done To Me

Tak kisah le nak kata ai tak superwoman pun atau supermom pon. Iyerr.. ai penat takde bibik (bibik cepatlah balikkkk). Pertamanya masa ada bibik, rumah ai prim and proper (albeit perabot-less), kain baju basuh everyday, tshirt pun bergosok. Walaupun sekejap, ai got used to it. La ni nampak pinggan dalam sink walaupun 2 keping je, mesti nak basuh. Such an eyesore. Eksyen kan. Thing is, age is already cathing up on me. Dulu semilan tahun ai uruskan rumahtangga sama En Tebby tanpa bibik. OK jerrr. Hari hari punggah berangkut segala harta budak bertiga tu ke neseri. Malam-malam sidai kain dengan rambut sanggul macam tah apa (nasib takde orang cabut lari nampak ai rupa gitu sidai kain tetengah malam), baju putih siap bernila bagai. Iyerr... ai buat dengan selamba aje. La ni tidak lagi. Ai penat. Dua minggu lepas BP ai naik. Pastu demam la pulak. Jemaat lepas dah dizzy kemain sampai termuntah-muntah. Itupun selonggok baju dah outsource kat kedai dobi upah gosok. Dah tak selamba okay.

Ni esok nak pegi JB plak sampai Jemaat. Malam ni nak kena siapkan resepi dan bahan-bahan baju bajan, jajan, beg segala anak-anak. Pempers Adam nak kena beli sebelum balik ni kang. Nak kena pesan sama Kakak bangun pagi tu cergas-cergas sikit. Kena bagitau Iman jangan suka nangis-nangis time nak pegi sekolah. Pesan sama Adam jangan kacau Abang kalau tanak kena debik. Pesan sama kat Iman jangan suka debik Adam. Anakanda sekelian, kalau bekal roti bakar je okay tak? Hari hari ngadap brader tebar roti canai tu sebab pesan nak bekal utiii syanaiii. Brader tu pun dah tau dah. Roti telur 2, kasi koyak, kuah tanak, masuk bekas ni (sambil hulurkan 2 bekas plastik untuk isi utiii syanaiii).

Menambahkan stress ai ialah baju ala-ala trench coat yang ai beli last week tak muat! Ai perasan diri masih kurus kerempeng, maka orderlah saiz 38, rupanya tak muat. Kalau squeeze in macam ala-ala nangka. Buruk okay. Nasib baik blouse yang lagi 2 lai tu fit me nicely. Ai like. I am in my next phase of my life already, bibik dah takdok sebulan pun, berat ai dok tang tu jugak. Menyapu tiap-tiap hari, mengemop selang 1-2 hari pun tak efek berat ai. Something I need to think about.

Dah lah.. ai nak pi buat milo plak. Stress buat ai lapar. Stress jugak buat ai tulis merepek-repek, such as this one *sigh*

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Wiken Yang Penat!

Tiring weekends! A good one nevertheless.

Dari Jumaat malam dok pulun basuh kain baju. Almaklumlah Bibik takde ni, kain baju basuh ikut dan je. Mula-mula putar kain baju yang dah dua hari tak basuh. Lepas tu baju-baju dipakai ke ofis pulak. Siap hak tu, masukkan hak kaler putih pulak, kasi rendam 8 jam pastu basuh. Pagi Sabtu pulun menyidai. Penuh pagar belakang, 2 penggantung ala payung sama 1 rak penyidai kain.

Pastu hantar Atok and Wan (my parents) balik kampung. They were here for 2 weeks jaga Adam yang tak sihat sementara Bibik Ros tak ada. Adam dah sihat, Atok dan Wan pun balik kampung. Sebelum balik kampung, singgah di Kajang sebab Tokmi dan Tokbat (Tebby's parents) datang dari Terengganu dan stay di rumah MakLang (Tebby's sister) di Kajang. Atok dan Wan dah lama tak jumpa Tokmi dan Tokbat. Jadi singgah lah sekejap.

Lepas tu singgah di rumah Mokkucu (my sister) pulak di Temerloh. Atok dan Wan ambik kereta dari PakLong (my brother) yang rumahnya berdekatan dengan Mokkucu. Dekat pukul 1 bertolak ke Kuantan pulak. Di Kuantan melawat Along (Tebby's sister) yang baru lepas operate perut.

Malam pukul 8.30 baru sampai BTHO. Penat! Angkat kain, longgok dalam bakul.

Ahad pagi basuh pulak towel sama cadar dengan sarung bantal dengan alas meja. Pastu baju-baju pulak. Penuh lagi ampaian sampai gantung kat pagar depan.

Tokmi, Tokbat sama keluarga Maklang dan CheDe (Tebby's sister) datang lunch kat rumah. Masak sup tulang, ikan gelama goreng, sotong celup tepung dengan ulam timun. Lauk pauk semua licin licau. Yang paling dipuji ialah sup tulang. Tebby yang buat. Sedap Yang you buat sup. Lain kali bab-bab sup ni I serah kat you je lah.

Lewat petang diorang balik semula ke Kajang. Saya pi angkat kain, dapat sebakul penuh. Campur hak malam tadi dah jadi 2 bakul. Ni bukan 2 bakul sedang. Bakul besar yang melimpah-limpah isinya! Sesi melipat pun berlangsung. Sampaikan En Tebby pun menolong he he. Dinner nasi goreng Tebby buat. Lepas Adam tidur, saya iron baju. Dah biasa Bibik gosokkan tshirt, saya pun dok pun gosok jugaklah tshirt sama. Lepas tu simpan kain baju dalam lemari. Kemas beg budak-budak pasal minggu depan depa kena hantar pi taska.

Ni tengah nak update kerja-kerja ofis yang tak siap. Dan teringat kasut sekolah Kakak tersadai dalam bilik air belum basuh uwaaaa!!!!!

btw ~ we're selling few household things. dining table, small side table and a small sideboard (lemari rendah). gambar saya upload kendian, kalau interested bagitau okay.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Sofa Sudah Sampai!

Ingat ini?

Dalam entry tu, ramai yang berkenan hak belang-belang tu kan.. kecuali Zarid yang vote corak bunga bulat-bulat kaler grey. But I was not buying any of those two pun sebenarnya. Instead, beli Durrington 2+3.

calon pilihan ramai..
termasuklah Incik Tebby

Zarid suka ini

After more than a month, barulah siap. We had them slipcover custom made. I have tried to sway away from my monotonous, earth tone, plain boring me but this, is the furthest I could go. Which is not of not so much difference pon from the usual me. But am liking it to bits walaupun Incik Tebby sedikit berkerut-kerut when looking at the final products. Man, they want a bit of excitement from time to time, don't they? :P

Durrington in its showroom
Acik tak kenan slipcover dia nun.. ala2 satin sikit

ha.. ni lah translation selera diriku..
3 seater Durrington in slipcover of my choice in my own show room ha ha

Anyway, akibat membeli baju tidak ukur badan sendiri.. in this case, membeli sofa tidak ukur ruang tamu rumah sendiri, we had problem arranging these bulky things around the limited space we have. Dari 9.30 sampai 12 tengahmalam dok mengusung sofa ke sana sini before we arrived to the best configuration. Lotih makcik.

Even getting those inside the house was a challenge. They can't fit the one-leaf wooden door. My sliding door refused to open up (after yearsssss of tak dibuka-buka). Kenalah letak minyak, korek-korek sikit, barulah terbuka. Itupun budak-budak yang hantarkan sofa tu yang kerjakan.

And since the sofa are still of 'the boring me, monotonous type', Incik Tebby wants to paint the walls as well. I'll leave that to him after he scrapped of Kakak's girly rosey pink suggestion and my barley white, light grey and boring brown and dull green options. Let's see how man-of-the-house can add excitement where colors are concerned. I am so afraid to play with colors so I play it safe all the while. But Yanggg, let's have any of our girly rosey pink, barley white, light grey, boring brown and dull green upstairs, shall we. Excitement, can come in other form other than color *wink*.

Sofa komoih yang dah jadi kenang-kenangan. Walaupun komoih, it went through a lot with us. Zaman-zaman Iman sakit banyak kali, muntah atas tu, terlanggar sofa sampai berdarah2 hidung. Anak-anak tak sihat lepak atas ni etc. Anyway, kipas berdiri tu no longer with us.. dah pass to my sister and bunga dalam pasu tu dah selamat gondol budak2 buat main lawan pedang-pedang.

2-seater Durrington yang turut besar gaban sama recliner. Recliner tu x ingat nama dia, let's jez name it Tebby Recliner since it was his choice dan tersangatlah insist on buying it. Tapi best wooo dok atas tu. Lembut dan gebus. Sedang dimodelkan oleh model cilik yang belum mandi pagi, Muhammad Iman.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tak Sihat?

Ada beberapa orang menegur, tidak sihatkah saya?
Nampak letih, tak bermaya.. nampak tak sihatlah.
Ada yang meneka saya berbadan dua lagi.
Atau mungkin sedang berusaha ke arah itu (berbadan dua).

Iya, memang saya rasa tidak begitu sihat.
Dan tidak, saya tidak berbadan dua. Walaupun dari segi fizikalnya, ianya mencadangkan idea tersebut!
Dan tidak, saya tidak berusaha ke arah itu. Ada yang kata saya masih muda tapi keputusannya setakat ini, begitulah.

Walaupun berperasaan seolah tidak begitu sihat, alhamdulillah selera saya masih ada. Semalam berjaya makan steak dengan side dish nya licin belaka, hari ni makan nasi bawah pokok sama lauk-pauk yang lazat sama-sama dengan Incik Tebby.

Terima kasih atas keprihatinan kawan-kawan.
Sejujurnya saya menghargai itu semua.

Semoga Allah kurniakan kesihatan yang baik-baik kepada kita.
Bila nikmat sihat ditarik, walaupun sekejap, siksa rasanya!