Saturday, April 17, 2010

14-16 April 2010 - Johor Bahru

Duty calls! Outstation one, in JB. Work related. JB always has a special spot in me, there's where I spent my secondary school. Had great time, great food. Pisang goreng cicah sambal kicap, rojak asma, ayam masak asam pedas. Thursday lunch in one of those years where the food was filling the tray to the brim. Awesome! Pernah salam dengan the current Sultan and Sultanah of Johore. Striking couple I must say.

Anyway, am not going to dwell much on what I did there, work related, I'd better zip my mouth. Else I'd be spilling interesting numbers! It more like what I've seen what people do in life that piss other people off. Self centered, selfish, snobbish and the likes. Regarless the rank. High rank-ers do that in their way, low-rank-ers do that in other way. I sometimes wonder if they ever think about other people other than comforting themself, trying to make their life easier by troubling other people? Hemm.. I am a firm believer of 'do unto others as what you would've them do unto you'. Respect is earned and not asked for.

Finally, I got to eat that famous Mee Rebus Tulang, which my colleagues has been talking about each time the word 'JB' in mentioned. Well.. my verdict? Bolehlah. The taste so-so to me. What made it stood out was, of course, the tulang. They used tulang kambing and even provided straw for patron to suck out the insides. Cholesterol? You bet. I tried their Sup Tulang Kambing intead. Since I like soup and I like eating lamb, this pleased my tastebud.

I have to mentioned here that I tried Puteri Pac's fried kue-tiaw. A must try. Sedap banget (or saya sangat lapar masa itu?). Big portion but nothing wasted anyway.

Oh ya, otak-otak is very much related to JB kan. I am not so much of a fan of otak-otak, in KL particularly. Macam banyak tepung sangat. My kind of otak-otak is yang ada ikan ketul-ketul, with thick gravy (which I always went for each time I went to Alor Star's City Point during my uni days). But when my friends berebut-rebut mengorder frozen otak-otak during our meeting break in JB, I did just that too! Not just that, I even had popia otak-otak added to my list. No one pack, but two for each!

otak-otak sedang dibakar dalam oven comelku.
not as good as grilling on direct fire, tapi.. bolehlah!!

Extraordinary shopper am I not? Actually the damage started even before I exit Senai airport hu hu!
yang, cantik tak kasut merah ai?
He just said, Dorothy?
Anyway, I got them both for meself.
These damages incurred in Senai Airport.

Sebagai balasan menurut nafsu nafsi sangat, on the way balik KL, I sat beside a mamat with strong BO. Adoyaiii... kempis kempis hidung ku nak bernafas. The agony was at its most when he dengan selamba-kodoknya bukak kasut! Haihhh!!! Can I take a photo of you so that I can put it on my blog?


myjuliana said...

hehehe.. ktie, your entry always make my day.. siannye die dok tepi org BO kuat tu.. mmg dasar tak sedar diri kan?.. and banyaknye kasut akak beli? 3 sekaligus? bravo! skill terpendam ke ni?

ummi said...

julie ~ depending on my mood, I can sarcastic as well he he. itu skil terpendam... dan iya, shopping pon skill terpendam yang semakin menyerlah isk!!
ps - dua aje... brown dengan marron red tu.

myjuliana said...

bagus2.. saya pun kekadang skill terpendam ni datang tiba2 bak ribut.. boleh berdesup duit keluar sekaligus.. hehe.. tahniah2, apa salahnya blanje diri sendiri sekali sekala, kan kan?