Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I heard that this morning.. la.... la... la...

Monday, March 29, 2010

High BP

Last Firday I was on MC again. High BP, alhamdulillah tak collapse je. Dah V3.6 ni, penyakit-penyakit pon jenis-jenis V3 ke atas aje...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sejuk Perut Ibu Mengandung

Alhamdulillah.. syukran Ya Allah.

Before Avillion, Kakak sat for her Fasa 1 exam. (This Fasa 1 precedes Mid Year exam usually and basically tests what the students have learnt in January right up to March, I don't know about other schools but this is what happens to schools under Pejabat Pendidikan Hulu Langat).

Her English score is the highest in her class (they have 10 classes for Tahun 3 by the way so I don't really know where she lands amongst the 10 classes of approximately 400 students). So is her Science. I am so proud of her. I knew all along she's gonna score because these are her strong subjects actually. Hope to get good news for her Math and Bahasa as well.

This is what they call sejuk perut ibu mengandung..

Note - Above is the photo of her at about 6 months old. Her hidung jambu back then is no longer now. Dah mancung sikit.. Jambu or not, I love her alllll the same..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Was down (yesterday) with high fever (38.5d!), coughing with phlegm, runny nose, headache and joint & muscle pain. Am on zithromax, paracetamol, clarinase, piriton and sweet tasting cherry flavor cough syrup. Having taken all that, apalagi, slept like a log (well, had I not taken all those, I'd be sleeping like a log as well sebenarnya).

Anyway, I am getting well.

The first thing dr asked was - Are you pregnant? When was your last period? I was trying hard to remember the date. Well, ohhh... I am having my period now *eyes roll* *termalu sendiri*

Anyway today is my fren's birthday. Had a little lunch (not so little and we had it at Flying Chillies in Gardens MV) ditaja oleh Pekerja Cemerlang. Dihadiri oleh few lunch-mates aka teman bergosip
To my fren - Happy V3.0 Birthday
From V3.6
To Pekerja Cemerlang - Thanks for the lunch.
From Pekerja x Berapa Cemerlang

So, how was your day?

ps - kalau nak tempek gambar yang ada muka akak kat fesbuk korang, tolonglah fotoshopkan dan touch-upkan apa-apa yang patut ek.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


After a week of 24/7 being a temporary SAHM, I don't know if I can cope to be full time SAHM in future. It's tensed, full of drama, constant nagging, the kids always have something to fight with each other (the boys) and so on. And when they're being friends with each other, they ransack their toys, almost all of them. On my part, it's a constant cleaning up, pulling the boys apart when they're in one of their wars, scrubbing, mopping, washing, folding and so on. Oh, I just did one chore I hate most, ironing and dam* proud having it done hu hu.

Anyway, despite that, I have 3 things that I have successfully accomplished within that week..

1. Finally, Iman is 100% diaper-free! Wiiiiiiii!!!!! Remember this entry when we started his toilet training end of last year? (well, potty sounds too young and cute for an almost 6yo huh) and in early February he was still in diaper for poo-poo and night sleep? Read here about that. He was wailing for diaper when the urge for poo-poo came but I did not budge. He didn't do it that day. The next day he was wailing (again) for diaper. I was afraid he might get constipated but I was also afraid he would not be able to be fully toilet trained by next year. So, what's the catch? A big robot (which he'll get after 10 times going to the toilet to poo-poo, so far he's done it less than 10). Him being diaper-free is not so free for me. But anyway, I am so happy we've came through another milestone.

2. Iman is less attached with Kikkor. Kikkor is his bestest buddy no one can beat. Kikkor was with him since he was born, so they're almost of the same age he he. Kikkor has been to everywhere Iman went. School, balik kampung, holidays, you name it.. always. After some pujuk rayu and what nots, he has started to leave Kikkor in the car when we go out and now he leaves Kikkor at home for that matter. But, during his nap and night sleep, Kikkor is still there, all cuddled together with Iman. I hope soon we can pack Kikkor in the toy box and put away in the store room, along with Kakak's Pah.

3. The third thing is not about Iman. Being 24/7 with the kids is not easy, especially during hotspell such as now. The kids begged to go out but it was too hot and I had to think about occupying them in the house. After the sun is a bit down, bukak aje pintu depan, perghhh... berlari-lari semua sarung selipar keluar main kat lawn. So petang-petang while the kids kick balls, running their hands on the sides of my car sampai tangan hitam or simple pulling and pushing each other, I prune the trees, taruk baja, get rid of some small bushes (really, I have them in my lawn already *sigh*), alihkan some potted plants. Penyodok, scaper, gunting pokok sampaikan ke cangkul, all I used for my mission. Now the lawn is in a much better shape. Don't ask why I like gardening, it just grows in me as I grow older. When I was younger, I was pelik as well at how people can take gardening so seriously. Now I know.

Anyway, 3 major things (by my standard) in a week time. Imagine what happen if it's a month? Or a year? Maybe the kids will beg me to go back to work anyway. Too much nagging he he!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Avillion Port Dickson 14-15 March 2010

We're backkk!! I am all burnt and my skin getting itchy already (from forgetting to put on sunscreen) and sore muscle somemore (from running around, not swimming he he). Avillion was beautiful.. amidst lush greenery.

Sampai PD around 12-ish noon. Masih awal so we had lunch first. Avillion full house the night before so no luck checking in early. While waiting for our room, we had fruit punch (welcoming drinks - free, which Iman kata tak sedap) and the kids were restless as they wanted so much to dip in the pool (they actually did that before our room was even ready).

lobby area

Iman.. komplen fruit punch tak sedap.. betuah betul...

Since I did my booking on the very last minute, I took whatever that was available (that option exclude their suite by the way). Masa nak book tu, only ONE room was left so imagine tangan makcik menaip selaju mungkin to secure that LAST room. Got it, not knowing it was a split level room. Fes taim makcik dapat bilik hotel dabel stori u olss! Padan le masa masuk tu, ala-ala terkujat pasal tak jumpa katil he he, nampak living area ajek.

Anyway, why Avillion? We could only afford a one-night, cuti-wise and money-wise. Avillion has things that were just enough for that kind of period of time, without you having to go around town. They have 3 pools i.e. 1 kiddy, 1 pool biasa with 1.2m depth and a lap pool untuk mereka yang pandai berenang. Being me, tau la kat mana I ended up at kan. My kids spent most of their time in the pool. Macam tak reti reti nak naik ke darat adoiyaiii anak-anak oii. Hak kenit sekali tu ada eksiden on the first day. He wanted a ball so Tebby bought him one. Terlepas pandang just few seconds only, he was nowhere in sight, only the ball left (baca dan bayangkan ala-ala cerita omputih u ols). Dia terjatuh dalam kiddy pool, I guess from chasing his ball. Kalau ikut height memang dia tenggelam but miraculously, he stayed afloat kicking in the water. Of course la kalau biarkan dia lemas but for that few seconds, alhamdulillah dia timbul. He drank a bit of pool water (and everything that came with it euwwww) and had a nightmare malam tu. Kept on terjaga-jaga and menangis sekuat hati. Adam, Ummi pun nightmare di siang hari sebenarnya masa nampak Adam terkapai-kapai menendang-nendang dalam air tu.

Kakak missed Little Chef activity (pasal sibuk sgt berendam dalam pool), by which the kids can join a baking session. Panjang muncung dia sebab frust. Lagi frust when after an hour, the products were brought out and the kids involved got to admire their work. Petang tu, we took leisure walk to the other end of Avillion where we stumbled upon a petting zoo. Adam was sooooo excited. Whatmore at the end of our walk, terserempak dengan peacock yang sombong. Sukalah anak-anak ku. Terubat hati sapa-sapa yang tak sempat join Little Chef tadi tu he he. In Avillion, they let peacock and peahen roam free there. When we came near, it made angry sound. The petting zoo opened at 10.00 a.m the next day so berkerumun le anak-anak (dan mak pak yang sebok memfoto anak masing-masing, termasuk le makcik) memberi makan (sambil mengharrass pon ada) rabbits, ayam and tortoise.

look at how excited he is!

hemm... stop and smell the flower they say huh Adam?

petting zoo... the next day.
Kakak tunggu tortoise timbul

Iman. Dah berani nak usap-usap ayam ni and let it ate from his hands

inilah rabbit kesian tu. taktau le apa salah dia, kena tampar dek Adam

As for Iman, he made so much progress. Dia dah berani masuk air separas dada and when given a pair of goggles, dia berani masukkan muka dalam air (muka aje yerr... bukan kepala sepenuhnya). Dia pun berani pegang binatang kat animal farm tu.

Makan, for me so-so je lah. Malam tu hujan lebat and we were too tired to even go out so in-room-dining je lah. Next morning buffet breakfast. Spread so-so.. bolehlah, nothing to shout about. Tak tau le kot-kot its buffet BBQ sedap tapi mahal la amat. Kalau kami berdua aje boleh tau try tp dengan anak-anak rugi je in the sense that depa makan tak banyak mana ponnn.

Remember pasal bilik kami split level tu? In the end all of us slept in the living area (memang bawak toto) and the bedroom takde sapa-sapa pon tidur ha ha.

few last photos before balik KL.
the kids at the beach.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cuti Sekolah

Esok sekolah dah mula cuti, sampai Ahad depan nun. Takde plan besar pon. Budget pon tak besar, plus kena jimat cermat cuti sebab bibik mungkin tak dapat nak balik lagi minggu depan. Minggu ni Tebby dah cuti, minggu depan saya pulak. Minggu selepas tu taktau lah macamana. Nursery memang banyak tapi dengan anak-anak yang extra sensitif dan senang menjangkit selsema, batuk and the likes, kalau boleh nak minimakan menghantar ke taska.

Yang nyata, kalau dizinkan Allah, Ahad ni kami ke Avillion Port Dickson. We have set Port Dickson sebab not too far from KL. Why Avillion? Dari hasil browsing through, Kakak berminat nak pegi situ. Ada beach (she doesn't fancy the beach anyway), ada pool, ada kids kabin, ada nature's walk, ada some animals (yess.. peacock, she likessss!). I booked online, masa nak book tu, bilik yang kami mampu nak sewa ada tinggal satu je lagi... ketar-ketar tangan makcik menaip selaju mungkin membuat booking he he. Berjaya. Satu malam je kat sana. Isnin balik KL.

Avillion Port Dickson
Photo from

Other than that, tak ke mana-mana kot. Kalau sempat nak slot in Kuala Gandah.. got fen (elephant in Adamspeak) there. But see lah how.

Photo from the web above

To those who's taking leave and go somewhere, be it near or far, drive carefully and have fun ya!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Workshop di Bangi

some participants after the telematch.. ni kaum marhain jek. bosses dah balik dah..

Workshop di Equatorial Bangi 3-5 March 2010.

Makan best. We did countless rounds filling our plates until one fine mealtime, big-big boss joined our table. Our trips immediately reduced to just 3. Terus hilang selera nak menambah.

I did not lodge in as rumahku dekat aje okay. Tebby fetched me almost midnight on the first day. I missed second day as I was sending Bibik away balik Medan. Came back on the third day and that was the day we made that 3-trip-only lunch he he.

serene. except kolam yang berlumut dan berlomoih sakan nun

makan aje le keroje nyer...

ps - makcik dah berjaya memandu ke Bangi sendirian selepas ditunjuk ajar oleh Cikgu Tebby. Lepas nyaris salah simpang, makcik sampai dengan selamatnya di Bangi. Trus call member kot-kot boleh brekfes free walaupun tidoq kat rumah...

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bibik Balik Kampung

foto sebelum Bibik naik komuter ke Port Klang

Eversince she was told Bibik kena balik kampung untuk uruskan permit, Kakak dah menangis. Whenever the subject is brought up, she'd surely cry. They even made pledge that they'll be seeing each other back after all these permit thingy is settled.

Lega? Indeed I am, there's her promise of coming back.
Tak best? Ada gak lah.. after only 7 months, and they're so close?

Originally we planned to send her Bandung on a flight. I bought her the tix and even added set nasi goreng for her, in case she gets hungry on board. Later, after ding-dong-ing between a few agents and whatnots, we send her naik kapal to Medan. Hopefully she'll comes back after all the hassle. Pening kepala makcik sama En Tebby menyelesaikan benda ni.

And today, we sent her off in KL Central with the agent. At least dia ada teman nak ke Port Klang. She was all nervous on the thought of travelling alone (original plan naik plane) and excited sebab first time naik pesawat. Tapi sudahnya naik kapal but she was 'lega' nevertheless sebab berteman all the way to Medan.

As Bibik was getting in the komuter station, Kakak was sobbing away and broke into loud cries. She can be such a drama queen but that time it was genuine (as well the many times that she cried at the mentioning of Bibik nak kena balik kampung)