Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bibik Balik Kampung

foto sebelum Bibik naik komuter ke Port Klang

Eversince she was told Bibik kena balik kampung untuk uruskan permit, Kakak dah menangis. Whenever the subject is brought up, she'd surely cry. They even made pledge that they'll be seeing each other back after all these permit thingy is settled.

Lega? Indeed I am, there's her promise of coming back.
Tak best? Ada gak lah.. after only 7 months, and they're so close?

Originally we planned to send her Bandung on a flight. I bought her the tix and even added set nasi goreng for her, in case she gets hungry on board. Later, after ding-dong-ing between a few agents and whatnots, we send her naik kapal to Medan. Hopefully she'll comes back after all the hassle. Pening kepala makcik sama En Tebby menyelesaikan benda ni.

And today, we sent her off in KL Central with the agent. At least dia ada teman nak ke Port Klang. She was all nervous on the thought of travelling alone (original plan naik plane) and excited sebab first time naik pesawat. Tapi sudahnya naik kapal but she was 'lega' nevertheless sebab berteman all the way to Medan.

As Bibik was getting in the komuter station, Kakak was sobbing away and broke into loud cries. She can be such a drama queen but that time it was genuine (as well the many times that she cried at the mentioning of Bibik nak kena balik kampung)

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