Sunday, February 28, 2010

Closing of February 2010

There's two things to note about February, my February.

I read 8 books in February! Yes people, e.i.g.h.t! Well almost, actually since I'm not done with one with the tittle A Long Way Gone. But anyway, never in my life have I been so hooked up reading. Thing is, it took me so long to gain the momentum but once I've gained it, it's hard to stop. Okay peeps, let's give me a pat on the back.

Secondly, I made progress where Iman is concerned. Read how my made my first step here. And my second here. To some of you who might have known what I'm up to, just keep it a secret at the moment will ya? Until I get everything in document, approved and signed, I'll spill the whole lot of beans.

Another big thing is that, we went for a picnic (read here) It was a last minute plan actually. Thanks to the tension that's been sorrounding Tebby, it made out little getaway a reality. Tho it was just a day trip, it was good to spend time with our loved ones.

My Y.E.S fund is not making any positive progress, yet. Well, there was a slight 'kchengggg' at my cash register but nothing to shout about. At least I was not living solely on Tebby's allowance like I did in January.

What I did poorly was in the department of cooking. I hardly tried anything new as I had listed in my 2010 resolution. As you can see from the top, right hand side of my blog, I just tried 4 recipes, only 1/2 of what I'd planned earlier.

Anyway, tomorrow will mark the first day of March 2010. How time really flies!

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