Friday, February 05, 2010

I Am A Saviour Mom - I Hope

Today, we did not date as we normally do every Friday. Tebby's buried under his piles of work while I am down with either something-wrong-with-my-heart thingy or some kind of acid reflux from not eating properly lately. No joke people, I did an ECG test today which left unsighly red marks on my chest.

You see, I've been carrying this huge emotional baggage on my back lately. This is more than PMS peeps. There's a lot in my mind, mostly about Iman.

Last night I dreamt I lost Iman. He was calling for me but I could not see him. We were somewhere near sea. I was in a locked room and when I eventually got out, I saw Iman sickly panic, helplessly sitting on a branch of a tree. The thing is, the tree is in the sea and Iman could not get down. I miraculously paved myself through the water and grabbed him with all my life and brought him ashore to safety.

Whatever that dream means, if is has meaning at all, in real life, I'd always want to be his saviour. I must be. I must be strong enough to pave my way through for him, no matter how impossible it may seem at times. I need to unlock myself soon enough before he submerge in the sea water.

Am reading Three Cups Of Tea. Found an inspiring quote..
When it's dark enough, you can see the stars


y@tipruzz said...

lucky u dont choose hot peri peri..if not ur reflux might getting worst!

tk care sis!

(^o^) myjuliana said...

k.tie, iman is your bright shining star. you'll definitely be his saviour dear..

ummi said...

yati ~ a ah. kalo idak, mesti lagi teruk. kalau betul reflux lah kan. thanks, i am recovering.

julie ~ itulah harapan menggunung akak ni. who knows if he's just waiting to spill out kan.