Thursday, February 18, 2010

Three Cups of Tea - Book 9 2010

This, is something I highly recommend to read.

This book tells about a man's vision and effort that goes beyond the boundary of race and religion. He gives without expecting to be given anything back. He gives what I can say as beyond his means. How many of us are willing to sleep in the back of our car so our pay can go to building schools for the unfortunates? He is one.

Greg Mortenson was a mountaineer. In his attempt to conquer K2, worlds second higest peak, he was lost in the icy coldness, without enough food and water to survive long. Long story short, he stmbled upon a small village. He felt so welcomed. The people there, despite being poor, offered him the best things they have. Despite him being an American and christian. He later, built schools for the children there, despite them being Pakistani and muslim.

There's 2 things that catched my attention most. One is about what change a contribution can make from just a single person. It's like a drop of water in the ocean but without that one drop, the ocean will be lesser. Another is, believe in Allah but tie your camel. Tawakkal is not without first putting out effort.

Go read this one. Inspirational.

For more information about this book (and other books as well), go to threecupsoftea.

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