Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Girl

She's gonna be 9 in just a few months time.

How time flies! I remembered holding her in that stark red swaddle in APSH just moments after birth and next thing I know, we're sharing clothes (that includes inners, baby tees and tudung at the moment). How's that possible between a 36yo-mom-of-three and a barely 9yo girl? Thing is, I am small built and petite and she's not.

I can't wait for the time for us to go for girls outing and do adult things together. You know, make-up shopping, commenting and giving opinions on clothes to buy or even buying undies together! Just us (I hope the male species in this household get this message when the time comes!)

The thing is, she doesn't always agree on certain things I that I prefer for her. For example, I love her in long skirts, frilly lacey blouse, stuffs like that. But she just loves those simple straight cut tees, jeans and cargos. When at home, it's that tights (seluar nyonya, as Tebby puts it) and tees (again). Tebby once announced 'I'm a t-shirt guy' so it's obvious where she gets that trait from.

But we both are melodramatic. We both cried watching movie SEPI. We are the worry-over-nothing, helplessly-romantic type of persons. We both love books by Jeff Kinney (yes, she reads that, I'm not sure if she should though).

This, is not a birthday entry for her so save your wishes until August, will ya. The last time I wrote something like this, I got happy-birthday-and-many-returns-of-the-day thingy. I suppose we need not wait until that special day to share our thoughts. Life is something we should embrace and celebrate everyday.

I love you Kakak.


(^o^) myjuliana said...

kak tie, lama saya tak baca blog akak. hehe. anak saya aisya plak the opposite. kalau melaram, kalah mak. semuanya striking. mamanyer semua dull. rasanya dapat trait dari auntie2 kot.

well, cepatnya masa berlalu kan? (saya tgh panic buat literature review project ni. then belek2 blog sbb dah busan. hehe)

y@tipruzz said...

sometimes masa kecik lain, time besar lain plak preference dia. But as a mother, i guess just let our kids choose what they long it's ok and still 'nice' to see

ummi said...

julie ~ loooonggggg time no see. so how's life sana?

yati ~ nak gak anak dara nan sorang tu melaram sekali sekala. ni kalo tak sikat rambut pon dia relaks jek.

CT said...

wah....bagusnye penghayatan...leh nangis tgk cite SEPI tu...mesti part tau yg BF si IMAN tu dah tak ade sebenarnye kan...saya nangis part tu..

aida said...

auw, remind me of amni.. suka tgk enchanted dengan dia.. haha

i think she loves glee!

Puan Hanis said...

akak,my girl pulak baru nak masuk 5 tahun this mac.

Belom ada permintaan untuk memakai apa yg ibu dia pakai..tapi selalu cakap

'bila tifa dah tinggi macam ibu,tifa nak itu..tifa nak ini...'

thats include nak ada baby dalam perut tau.....huh!

pening ibu dia nak jelaskan kat budak umo 5 thn nih....

and dia pandai make-up...gincu...celak..blusher...segala bagai...berbanding ibu dia yang sungguhlah tak tau bermake-up....ikut mak2x sedara dia yang melaram gamaknya....

ummi said...

CT ~ its drama yang ada tony eusof tu.

aida ~ Kakak has no one she admires, especially boys. she says it's gross.

Pn Hanis ~ tu lah, sometimes taktau depa ni cedok perangai kat mana. kalau bab melasak ni, as for my kids, it's in the father's gene

ena said...

owh kak ti...
anak saya akan menginjak 1o tahun dalam bulan depan!!


ummi said...

ena ~ awak advance he he. nway, how's life in singapore?