Thursday, August 30, 2012

of Pleasant Surprise!


I am ecstatic. Thanks Yang for the beautiful bouquet. Truly a pleasant surprise as this er... does not happen often :D Keep em coming baby (sempat lagi tu hi hi) Too happy that I can't wait to blog about it tomorrow :D

I'll be 38 tomorrow.
Will also mark our 12 years of marriage.

Ai lebiu Yang.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

of Sorting Out (toys)


We're moving out this coming weekends. Renting house next door for the next 3 or 4 months while our house undergoing major renovation. Not wanting to punggah unwanted things to house next door and later back into our (renovated - insyaAllah) house, spring cleaning it is then.

We do it bit by bit and last weekend, I decided it was a day for the boys' toys.

I never had this much toys when I was little! Thing is, their interest and choice of toys sync with ones of En Tebby so you know la what happen kan. Support yang mantap - morally and financially he he. When Kakak was young, her toy-phase was much shorter before she switched into books. By primary she was done with Barbie and whatnots. She still has spots for soft toys now but not as much as the boys with robots, superheroes et cetera. Iman still buys at 8yo, whatmore Adam whom is 4yo. Anddddd you should see the father's collection of comics.. er... better put - graphic novels. Boys, they never grow up.............

Adam was supervising the process. Making sure we keep what he wants to keep and we throw what he doesn't want. Although I must admit we secretly threw away some of the things he wanted to keep :D Why la want to simpan Doodle Pro that you can't anymore doodle on? Right? (I must find excuse to keep Kakak's baby-gym tho ha ha.. because nobody will want to lie down practicing motor skills anymore while salivating at the hung toys right?)

After throwing away, every each is sorted out according to categories - superheroes, matchbox cars, trucks, transformers, wild life, blocks, beads, play-dough thingy. Tiny miny things were put into zip-lock bags. Everything went in respective box. Puas hati.

Supervisor, with the toys. From 11 boxes to 9. Phew. 2 boxes less. Jadi lahhh kan. 8 boxes were moved to house next door the next day. Leaving just one, filled with their latest interest - Hero Factory.

Malam tu, Supervisor boy cried out loud wanting Optimus Prime (which is at house next door already). And I found a bag of toys hung kat sebelah dalam pintu bilik and some more hung at sebelah luar pintu tersebut. I felt like crying out loud as well ha ha! Haihhh!! Looks like we have 10 boxes now!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

'Tahlil Kubur' @my Kampung

Every Eid, as far back as my memory can recall, there's this occasion of 'Tahlil Kubur'. Every 2nd day of Eid, rain or shine :D The tradition has been passed on from generation to generation. As the name goes, it is held in the graveyard area. Tahlil as sedekah to our loved ones that have left us. And sedekah duit for the kids. Though on rare occasion there's also budak yang ada misai oredi pun sama-sama tadah tangan :D :D

The crowd seen here is basically are all my relatives - some way or another. Both my parents are from this kampung. I used to have both grandparents here in this kampung. Uncles, aunties, cousins, second cousins, atuk sedara, nenek sedara - here. Now that I am grown up (and sadly to mention, grown apart) - I hardly see them except this time of the year. Where fimiliar strangers smile and pat you on the back. You smile back but can't recall who's who.

The 'council', or tribe leader hihi. Old relatives whom you must nod at and lower your back when passing in front of them. They led the ceremony. The one standing in blue is my uncle by marriage. He's married to my mother half sister. Used to be Penghulu Kampung. Jangan main-main tau.. he reminded us not to burn the suratkabar (yang buat alas duduk) as to save our Mother Earth. Just let them rot on the ground.

Yang berdiri tu are those entrusted with coins and notes to be passed to the children (seated in rows). I remember when I was seating down with my friends (whom are also relatives!) waiting for coins many many many years ago, we hardly got even RM2.00 or ($2.00 at that time, before they change it to RM). There were not so many shops around. We just spent few coins buying gula-gula, cekedis and whatnots. The balance shall be duit belanja sekolah in days to come. That day this year, each of my children collected almost RM10 each.

Iman! He loves making faces whenever I try to shoot photos. Looking at how we bentang the suratkhabar and later leisurely sit down while waiting for ceremony to begin, he asked why we were having a picnic there on the graveyard and where were the food..

As for the children, maybe what matter most is the amount of money collected. (speaking from experience anyway!). To us the adults, after the ceremony adjourned until next year 2nd day of Eid, we go and visit graves of loved ones, sedekahkan al-Fatihah. It reminds me of how time really flies and now that I am nearing 40. When I was small, I used to visit the graves along with my uncles and grandparents but now I am visiting theirs along with my children...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Unknotted @Tanamera Sooka Sentral

Took a half-day off today. Need to re-energize my tired (and over-stuffed) body from Eid (eating) frenzy :D Tanamera Sooka Sentral it was. Booked beforehand during Ramadhan (sounds like I knew I was going to stuff myself!) 
Ginger oil body massage. Followed by herbal body steam. Scrubbed with ginger & kaffir lime then bodywrap with the same concoction. Bath and floral body soak. I was burping away!

Kak, urat simpul-simpul ni. Mesti buat banyak kerja hari tu
Yarright dear. I perah santan 4 besen besar okay.

Came back feeling unknotted and unbloated. Bliss....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

of Shoes

I know. Boring pair of shoes.
Was selling really el-cheapo that I had to buy these hi hi.

Tebby commented. 'Aik, takkan sepasang je?'
We still have 2 days before going back balik kampung remember? :P
Brace yourself dear...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Toys on The Block

The boys are into Lego Hero Factory these days. (after ultraman, hotwheels, transformers - to name a few). Something they'd found out while you-tubing. Kids these days eh?

And despite it's Ramadhan and despite he's fasting, Iman still brings money to school. At times he buys things for himself. Sometimes he buys things for his friends. And at times, he buys things for Kakak or Adam. Of late he refuses to bring his usual dose of pocket money. Saya nak simpan duit Ummi. Nak beli Hero Factory.

:D :D 

In no time the boys collection have grown into a family of five. Surge, Splitface, Evo, Toxic Reapa and Furno. See what they've done to me.. :P We don't really mind buying actually. Every each comes in bits and pieces and they have to assemble according to enclosed instruction leaflet. Motor skill. Jog their mind. And now they have gone a phase further, assemble not according to instruction and do their own versions of hero. Way to go boys, way to go..

Thursday, August 09, 2012

8 Tahun Sudah - Happy 8th (Hijrah) Birthday Iman!

Back track 8 years ago.
20 Ramadhan, 1.37pm - I gave birth to Muhammad Iman. Difficult birth. Serik rasanya nak beranak lagi (Ye lah tu serik, tahun 2007 pregnant lagi.. 2009 pregnant lagi.. :P). Raising him was not smooth sailing either.

Happy 8th Birthday Iman (hijrah that is).
We love you loads!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Officially a Teenager - Happy 11th Birthday Kakak!

I am officially a mother of a teenager today! How time flies, before I knew it, my firstborn turns 11 today. It feels like yesterday that I stuffed myself like there was no tomorrow when I was pregnant with her.. Seriously, who would have thought I could eat a loaf of bread eaten with 7 boiled eggs at one go? Or a plate of mee, a roti canai, 3 kuih and milo? Just for a session of breakfast?

She was born a healthy 3.45kg at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital at 2.20pm.

This year, rainbow cake it is for her.This year is the second year that her birthday falls during Ramadhan. Since we went back balik kampung last weekend, why not celebrate with Atok &Wan kan. We had an early celebration. Early by 3 days. And as early as wee hours time sahur. Sahur-sahur nyanyi lagi Happy Birthday okay. :D :D

To Kakak, Happy 11th Birthday. We love you loads.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Amukan Sotong!

Asal masuk Ramadhan je mulalah sibuk fikir pasal nak masak apa, menu mingguan apa. Then share dengan kawan-kawan cara masakan pulak. Contohnya kalau nak ikan bilis goreng garing, cuma bedakkan ikan bilis dengan tepung jagung. Nak goreng ayam, campurkan dengan sikit tepung jagung masa lumur garam dengan kunyit tu.

Lepas tu tertengok pulak blog menayang sotong goreng. Sempoi je. Sotong kecik-kecik tu, goreng garam kunyit aje. Dah tu tengok gambar dalam pukul 1.00 tengahari gitu kan... haruslah semua nampak best.

I decided to try anyway.

Tebby does our 'marketing' every weekend (tak paksa okay, dia memang suka pegi pasar) Awal-awal dah pesan belikan sotong kecik-kecik. Tak payah potong, kasi goreng bulat-bulat aje. Of course, bersihkan dakwat-dakwat tu dulu la kan. Perap with little garam & kunyit. Just before goreng, lumurkan dengan tepung jagung. Kasi letak daun kari juga. ............... Barulah bau mengancam jiwa. And this is what I got.

And this! Tangan melepuh kena minyak panas. Dahsyat tak dahsyatnya letupan tu, sampai terkeluar sotong dari kuali. I guess sebab tak potong badan, ada air terperangkap kat dalam tu. Apa lagi, meletup la.

Kecederaan kat tangan ni cuma 40% aje. Lagi 60% kat lengan, sikit lagi nak sampai siku. Ni dah almost two weeks, parut merah dah jadi gelap. Pegi ofis kawan ofis tanya apsal tangan jadi gitu. Balik kampung, adik beradik tanya. Abang Long ai kata habislah saham jatuh. Saham pekebendanya.. dah takde pasaran ha ha.

Apapun, Tebby kata sedap. Selalu makan sotong celup tepung je kan. Sekali-sekali tukar resepi pulak. Takpe Yang, kalau you suka makan, ai sanggup berjuang dengan amukan sotong :D (jangan lupa beg raya ai anyway hihi)

Teringat pulak satu ketika dulu, lagi tak bernasib baik. Insiden goreng sotong jugaklah. Minyak panas terpercik kena tepi leher. Sebiji macam rupa love bite. Bila kawan-kawan nampak mulalah nak senyum-senyum. Ai kata sebab goreng sotong. Depa kata sotong kaki dua ke? Haihh... sumpah.. ni sotong takde kaki laaa...

Monday, August 06, 2012

Ikang Singgang

Ingat entry saya yang ini?

Ada yang email tanya macamana nak buat ikan tu. Senang je. Ikan, asam keping, garam kasar secukup rasa. Agak-agaklah ye kuantitinya. Ai main tabur je dalam periuk.

Letak air sikit je sebab ikan tu keluar air. Ikut kan arahan asal, jangan letak air langsung. I did that once, melekat-lekat ikan kat periuk sebab tak cukup air. Api selow je. Tutup periuk, buka sikit je.. (Yaaaaa... komoihnya dapoq ai! Lepaih soq tak cuci dapoq, teruih pi lena lepaih solat Subuh)

Dah masak. Kalau nak makan terus pun buleh. Tapi ai goreng dulu. Garing-garing. Boleh makan sampai ke tulang kecik-kecik tu. Cukup masin, masam, manis (manis ikan).

Oh ya. Hari ni dah masuk 17 hari kita puasa. Lagi 3 hari je bakal menghampiri 10 malam terakhir. Cepatnya masa berlalu. Elok je masuk bulan Ogos, terus naik bendera merah. Ala-ala menyambut bulan kemerdekaan kekdahnya :D Tapi dah namanya isteri dan mak orang, haruslah kena bangun siapkan sahur jugak kan walaupun tak puasa. Walaupun tak puasa, tetap makan sahur. Memeriahkan majlis :D

Friday, August 03, 2012

Milk in a Cup!

Finally! Drinking his milk from a cup!

But not for long!! :P Two days later he's back asking for 'nak susu kecik..........' FYI, he drinks only 4oz at one go. We have coaxed him to drink more but he simply refuses bigger bottles. Kakak dulu minum 13oz at on go, Iman 9oz. Iman juara monthly consumption. 8 cans of 900gm susu. Without fail :D Adam normally consumes 2 cans of 900gm monthly.

Tho he digress back to bottles at home, it's been like two weeks already dah tak bawak botol susu pegi taska. 'Adam dah besar Ummi. Mak Nor kata Adam kena minum dalam cawan'. Adoilah. Cakap Mak Nor (pengasuh taksa) jugak yang laku ye Dik. Pastu kat taska Adik besar, kat rumah Adik kecik balik ye...

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Baju Ayah, Abang, Adik

Picked up the boys' Baju Melayu from KAS Tailor yesterday. Brown it is for Eid this year. Teluk belanga for Iman and Adam. Cekak Musang for Tebby. Akhirnya, after 12 years, he agreed to have a tailor-made Baju Melayu sepasang. If not, kain pelikat lalalala.. kain pelikat lalalala..