Wednesday, August 29, 2012

of Sorting Out (toys)


We're moving out this coming weekends. Renting house next door for the next 3 or 4 months while our house undergoing major renovation. Not wanting to punggah unwanted things to house next door and later back into our (renovated - insyaAllah) house, spring cleaning it is then.

We do it bit by bit and last weekend, I decided it was a day for the boys' toys.

I never had this much toys when I was little! Thing is, their interest and choice of toys sync with ones of En Tebby so you know la what happen kan. Support yang mantap - morally and financially he he. When Kakak was young, her toy-phase was much shorter before she switched into books. By primary she was done with Barbie and whatnots. She still has spots for soft toys now but not as much as the boys with robots, superheroes et cetera. Iman still buys at 8yo, whatmore Adam whom is 4yo. Anddddd you should see the father's collection of comics.. er... better put - graphic novels. Boys, they never grow up.............

Adam was supervising the process. Making sure we keep what he wants to keep and we throw what he doesn't want. Although I must admit we secretly threw away some of the things he wanted to keep :D Why la want to simpan Doodle Pro that you can't anymore doodle on? Right? (I must find excuse to keep Kakak's baby-gym tho ha ha.. because nobody will want to lie down practicing motor skills anymore while salivating at the hung toys right?)

After throwing away, every each is sorted out according to categories - superheroes, matchbox cars, trucks, transformers, wild life, blocks, beads, play-dough thingy. Tiny miny things were put into zip-lock bags. Everything went in respective box. Puas hati.

Supervisor, with the toys. From 11 boxes to 9. Phew. 2 boxes less. Jadi lahhh kan. 8 boxes were moved to house next door the next day. Leaving just one, filled with their latest interest - Hero Factory.

Malam tu, Supervisor boy cried out loud wanting Optimus Prime (which is at house next door already). And I found a bag of toys hung kat sebelah dalam pintu bilik and some more hung at sebelah luar pintu tersebut. I felt like crying out loud as well ha ha! Haihhh!! Looks like we have 10 boxes now!


KakNi (CikNi Ahni) said...

ummi, nak tanya rumah ummi ni kat area mana? senang pulak dapat rumah sewa, sebelah rumah pulak tu..

Smiley said...

amboi supervisor tuh..nampak komited! ekekke

ummi said...

Kak Ni - kat Cheras belah2 Kajang nun. Jiran sebelah beli rumah lain, dia sewakan rumah tu. area ni okay cuma kena ada transport sdn sbb public transport tak seberapa..

ummi said...

Farrah - a ah. komited mengacau hihi. dia sort ultraman dia, mana nak, mana tak nak.. pastu sebok main macam2..