Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Toys on The Block

The boys are into Lego Hero Factory these days. (after ultraman, hotwheels, transformers - to name a few). Something they'd found out while you-tubing. Kids these days eh?

And despite it's Ramadhan and despite he's fasting, Iman still brings money to school. At times he buys things for himself. Sometimes he buys things for his friends. And at times, he buys things for Kakak or Adam. Of late he refuses to bring his usual dose of pocket money. Saya nak simpan duit Ummi. Nak beli Hero Factory.

:D :D 

In no time the boys collection have grown into a family of five. Surge, Splitface, Evo, Toxic Reapa and Furno. See what they've done to me.. :P We don't really mind buying actually. Every each comes in bits and pieces and they have to assemble according to enclosed instruction leaflet. Motor skill. Jog their mind. And now they have gone a phase further, assemble not according to instruction and do their own versions of hero. Way to go boys, way to go..


aida said...

kak beli kat mana ni?

ummi said...

byk tpt jual. toys r us, jusco, metro, brickboy (gardens). tapi tak byk sgt selection nya.