Monday, August 27, 2012

Unknotted @Tanamera Sooka Sentral

Took a half-day off today. Need to re-energize my tired (and over-stuffed) body from Eid (eating) frenzy :D Tanamera Sooka Sentral it was. Booked beforehand during Ramadhan (sounds like I knew I was going to stuff myself!) 
Ginger oil body massage. Followed by herbal body steam. Scrubbed with ginger & kaffir lime then bodywrap with the same concoction. Bath and floral body soak. I was burping away!

Kak, urat simpul-simpul ni. Mesti buat banyak kerja hari tu
Yarright dear. I perah santan 4 besen besar okay.

Came back feeling unknotted and unbloated. Bliss....


Smiley said...

i likeeeeeeeee
so bape cajnyer ek?

ummi said...

Farrah - emailed already..