Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Iman's Clinical Diagnosis

Semalam Iman berusia 3tahun, 10bulan dan 19hari.
Semalam kami bercuti. Saya, Tebby dan Iman.
Semalam saya dan Tebby bawak Iman jumpa Dr Rose Peng, Child Psychiatrist.

In short:
When asked about Iman's clinical dianosis...
He has Development Disorder, prominently attention, language and social. It seems his sensory are not well developed and not well integrated. He has balancing problems. Even his facial muscle is not well enough.

He's at the starting point of ADHD. The AD part (Attention Deficit) is more than the H (Hyperactive). He also shows signs of autism.

He's insecure of his sorrounding hence stronger attachment to security blanket (in his case -> kikkor).

When asked what are the chances he will speak like kids his age or if he can attend normal primary school when the time comes...
That's our aim. But I can't promise anything. We have to work to build the foundation first. In not, he has to go to special school.

When asked about Adam's chances going to be like Iman...
Adam has the likeliness like any other kids out there. Meaning no corelation in being siblings.

When asked about the causes...
I can't pinpoint to specific reasons.

When asked about our next course of action.
Occupational Therapy and Speech Theraphy. Suggested places that offer both simultaneously. (We're opting for Gleneagles at this point).

Saya lega. Bukan lega sebab Iman didiagnosis begitu. Lega kerana saya akhirnya berjaya melepasi halangan pertama iaitu belajar menerima kenyataan dan menerima hakikat saya ada seorang anak yang memerlukan penjagaan istimewa. Saya tahu perjalanan saya masih sangat jauh dan it's a long winding road ahead. Saya tak pasti jika saya akan mendengar cerita-cerita dari mulut Iman suatu hari nanti. Atau saya akan terus berteka teki tentang perasaannya. Marahnya. Gembiranya. Riangnya. Rajuknya. Saya tak pasti jika saya cukup kuat untuk melalui jalan tersebut. Saya pun tak pasti apa yang ada di penghujung jalan tersebut. Apa yang saya pasti, saya akan pimpin Iman mengharungi apa jua sepanjang perjalanan itu.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 4yo (Hijrah) To Muhammad Iman

Iman turns 4 year-old (hijrah) today. He was born on 20th Ramadhan. Semoga Iman akan membesar menjadi anak yang soleh dan disenangi oleh semua orang. At this point, harapan Ummi agar Iman akan cepat bercakap seperti kawan-kawan Iman yang lain. Walau apapun, Ummi dan Abah tetap sayangkan Iman, tak lebih tak kurang dari Kakak dan Adam.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let Me Tell You About Iman

I showed him a new Optimus Prime t-shirt I bought.
Apa ni? Apa ni?
He immediately tugged out the shirt he had on.
Nak bukak. Nak bukak.

He held some books Kakak left on the floor.
He ran to me and said.
Ni letak sini yahh.

I held a bottle of milk in my hands.
He saw and commented..
Susu Adam.

Of course
Still heavily pelat.
Still mostly a 2-word sentences.
His Ni letak sini yahh, was his first 4-word sentence.

At least we're moving somewhere, eh.

A little conversation between me and a receptionist in a clinic, last week. Enough to make me faint.
Hello, ni Klinik Ro** Pe** ke?
Yes it is.
I want to set an appointment, preferably sometime next week. (Explained the problem)
Next week full.
Uihh.. full?
Ya lah, ramai sakit ini macam lorr.
How about the other week?
Hmm.... how about 22nd September then?
It's fine with me.
Okay, then I need some details from you
(the usual drill, nama, DOB, contact number as well as the not so-usual-drill, IC no and birth cert no Iman, our full adress).
Err.. I need to know the charge.
It's RM210 per 1/2 hour.
(My mind was doing a quick mental calculation)
How long will the session be?
About 1 to 2 hours
(It's RM420 to RM840 then)
How many sessions will there be?
Depending on the first assessment. If need be, then there will be other sessions.
(RM840 x X sessions = ??)

Abess lah duit belanja raya kena kidnap dek Iman.

Is the rate normal? Anyone knows?
Maybe government hospitals are charging much lower but how lower and what is the waiting time expected? A month? More? Less?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy 4 Months Old Little Guy

Adam turns 4 months today.

Still feeds exlusively on breastmilk. As advised, I'll defer solid until he's at least 5 months but we'll see la how. He has shown all signs of being ready for solid. He has doubled his birthweight, he sits well while being supported. He can control his head well. And he shows interest in food and keeps on making chomping and chewing actions when we bring him to dinner table.

No vital statistics yet since we will not be seeing his paed for regular check-up and jab until after Eid.

He started rolling over last weekend without much fuss and has been repeating his new skills many many many many times a day. Masa tidur pun buleh berguling meniarap. Dada tu pun dah angkat tinggi and he has started making that small kicks when he's on his tummy. The only problem now is that, he still doesn't know how to roll back into lying position. He'd scream and holler like nobody business until someone puts him on his back again. Needless to say, he'd almost immediately roll over again.

His hands-eyes coordination is improving. He can grab objects put in front of him or any dangling things we put before his eyes. And again, needless to say, everything he gets with his hands will go into his mouth. To dine with him in our lap is no longer advisable as he'd try to grab the plates and whatnots.

He has this little pacifier as a soother. Jangan marah makcik okeh. Kalau time dia grumpy tu, that little thing does help to certain extend. Another soother is his own thumb. Kalau dulu, his thumb will go everywhere in his face before finally landed in his mouth, sekarang tidak lagi. Straight masuk and cup cup cup dia hisap. And of course nothing beats my t**s lah he he.

Adam is one friendly guy. Talk to him and he'll offer you his widest and biggest toothless smile (maybe some teeth are on the way, he salivates a lot these days).

He is now practising his vocal. Jangan jadi penyanyi udah lah nak yek. He coos, he babbles, he screams in many kinds of voice and pitches. In fact suara dia serak-serak sekarang, from too much vocal practise.

His aunts said he looks a lot like his arwah moyang on Tebby's side. Let's hear it from Tokmi balik raya nanti.

Happy 4 Months Old Baby Adam

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Let Me Hear Your Voice

2 hari lepas, Kikkor Iman terkena muntah. Alkisahnya dia minum susu coklat sekotak and immediately after, he started running. Running running and running until he vomitted. I've been trying to kidnap Kikkor for endless of time from Iman just to give Kikkor a bubble bath in the washing machine. Everytime he'd hold tight and refused to let go. Bila Kikkor kena muntah, I had no choice but to force Iman to let go and he, himself had to let go sebab Kikkor dah busuk.

So in the washing machine Kikkor went. I felt so relieved. I think even Kikkor felt so too.

Tak sampai 5 minit Kikkor dalam washing machine, Iman started tugging my shirt and whispered 'Kikkorrrrr' to my ears. That's how bonded he is to Kikkor. I told him that he could not take Kikkor yet as Kikkor is so smelly from his vomit and that Kikkor really needed a good wash.

Nasib baik he did not retaliate. Then he told Tebby..
Word by word.

I found myself at times almost like begging him 'Iman, bercakaplah..' Each time he looks at me rather indifferently and continues on playing. Kadang-kadang I heard him singing to himself
'Transformers.. aii aiii aii aiii'
(Transfromer - more than meets the eye)
'Transformers.. aii aiii aiii aiii'
(Transformers - robots in the sky)

We'll be seeing a Child Phsychiatrist next week insyaAllah. Anyone ada experience doing the assessment? Is it done in many phases or just once? What should I expect from it?

Someone suggested a book.
Entittled 'Let Me Hear Your Voice'.
Not sold in MPH. If anyone knows where to get it, please inform me okies.
I found it in Amazon online. Kalau boleh nak cari kot-kot ada kat Malaysia.

Sempena Ramadan ni, I am putting my doa forward for Iman. Not that I did not do all these while. Ambil keberkatan bulan mulia ni.
Semoga Allah makbulkan.

To Iman, you don't know how much I want to hear you speak to me. To tell me things you do at school. Or to even ask me in words to buy the robots you like. Anything. Please don't make me wait too long.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tak Sangka

Tak Sangka 1
Pagi semalam lepas sahur, terus basuh pinggan, kemas dapur, siapkan bekal anak-anak. Dah azam tak nak tidur lepas sahur. I want to be productive. Lagipun kalau dah lelap kang, knowing me, memang susah nak bangun balik. Keluar rumah macam biasa, hantar anak-anak time biasa. Yang tak sangka ialah kena beratur kat tol Mines di BESRAYA. Biasanya barisan pendek aje. Sekali lagi tak sangka bila masuk Pantai Dalam. Sudah jem. Sampailah daku di ofis a little bit later than 8a.m. Bulan puasa ni clock-in at 8a.m. and clock out at 4.30p.m. Lunch hour shorten by 1/2 hr so it's 1-1.30p.m. Kalau hari-hari biasa, dalam 7.40-7.50a.m. dah sampai ofis.

Tak Sangka 2
Walaupun berpuasa, saya tetap menjalankan tanggungjawab saya memberikan yang terbaik untuk Adam. Adam masih menyusu badan dan alhamdulillah masih full breastmilk. Err.. ada gak kekadang saya colek kurma lembek kat mulut dia. Tengok orang makan, meleleh-leleh air liur dia. Saya tetap buat aktiviti mengepam. Sekali pam saya boleh dapat 4-7oz. Saya risau takut production susu menurun bila puasa. Maklumlah, liquid dalam badan kurang. Saya pastikan makan kurma. InsyaAllah bertenaga dan susu banyak.

Tak Sangka 3
Walaupun boleh balik 4.30p.m, kami tunggu sampai pukul 5.00p.m. Sembahyang Asar dulu. Tunggu traffic clear sikit dari parking Menara tu. Surpisingly, Tebby tak ambil masa lama untuk keluar dari parking lot. Biasanya, kalau ikut dulu-dulu, 1/2 jam belum tentu boleh keluar. Kena pulak kalau parking kat belakang-belakang nun. Ataupun ada **&%$ yang pandai block keta orang tapi tak pandai turun on time untuk alih keta. Nak kena calling-calling pulak mintak alih keta.

Tak Sangka 4
Keluar ofis kol 5.00p.m. kami sampai rumah a little bit more than 5.30p.m. Alhamdulillah. Kakak abis sekolah agama jam 5.30p.m. and biasanya sampai di Atfal jam 5.45p.m. Jadi kami balik rumah dulu untuk masak-masak. Semalam buat Sup Ayam dan Ikan Merah Goreng. Tebby masak. Untung saya kan. Saya cuma masak nasi dan potong buah epal dan kupas oren.

Tak Sangka 5
Tahun lepas ada Pasar Ramadan dekat Jusco Cheras Selatan. Rumah saya atas bukit dekat tu aje so kami selalu jugak ke sana tahun lepas. Tahun ni takde lah pulak. Tahun lepas crowdnya boleh tahan jugak. Malas nak pegi jauh-jauh, singgah dekat DJu Cafe. Beli Murtabak Daging, Popia Goreng dan Puding Roti.

Tak Sangka 6
Kakak willingly buat homework dia. Sampai2 aje kat rumah, terus buka beg selesaikan homework. Biasa-biasanya punya liat nak buat homework. Tebby supervise dia. Homework on peribahasa. Apa tu ringan tulang. Tebby tested her. Ohh.. kalau tulang yang tak berat, itulah ringan tulang. Well, literally right but secara literaturenya tidak. Nak tergelak pun ada.

Itulah cerita tak sangka saya semalam.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

2 Ramadhan 1429H

Busy banget dari pagi. Kol semilan ada meeting. Kol duabelas setengah ada meeting. Meleret-leret sampai lunch hour. Memanglah bulan puasa takleh makan tapi otakku mahu relaks jugek. Sok meeting lagi. Talipon dari tadi dering-dering. Email tak renti-renti masuk. Adoilah, cabaran 1st day di ofis bulan puasa nih. Nak cover tahun lepas nyer bulan puasa kot. Last year makcik datang keje seminggu aje masa bulan puasa. The rest melepek kat rumah melayan muntah-muntah dan pening-pening.

Perut lak cam nak start berbunyi dah hu hu :P

Semalam Kakak cuba-cubaan berpuasa. Puasa mencabar daya ketahanan dia. Manakala kami pulak tercabar kesabaran.

:: Kol semilansetengah okay-okay lagi sambil tengok TV. Tetiba Iman mintak nasi. Dah Kakaknya nak sama. Dia baring bawah kipas sambil mata merenung kipas. Dia kata kipas tu macam telur goreng, bulat aje.

:: Kol sebelassetengah dia dah start nangis lapar. Terbaring-baring. Saya diam saja. Kalau ditegur-tegur, makin pecahlah empang tu karang.

:: Kol sebelasempatpuluhlima, saya goreng telur dan bancuh air oren sepertimana dia nak. Kalau sampai pukul duabelas, petang nanti Kakak boleh beli apa yang Kakak nak di Pasar Ramadhan.

:: Kol sebelaslimapuluhlima, dia tegak depan jam dinding.

:: Kol duabelas, apa lagi... tak perlulah diceritakan rupa dan keadaan dia masa makan nasi tu...

Upahnya singgit. Kat Pasar Ramadan dia beli agar-agar dengan air jagung. Walaupun dia dah
berbuka tengahari tadi. Janji tetap janji, kan.