Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy 4 Months Old Little Guy

Adam turns 4 months today.

Still feeds exlusively on breastmilk. As advised, I'll defer solid until he's at least 5 months but we'll see la how. He has shown all signs of being ready for solid. He has doubled his birthweight, he sits well while being supported. He can control his head well. And he shows interest in food and keeps on making chomping and chewing actions when we bring him to dinner table.

No vital statistics yet since we will not be seeing his paed for regular check-up and jab until after Eid.

He started rolling over last weekend without much fuss and has been repeating his new skills many many many many times a day. Masa tidur pun buleh berguling meniarap. Dada tu pun dah angkat tinggi and he has started making that small kicks when he's on his tummy. The only problem now is that, he still doesn't know how to roll back into lying position. He'd scream and holler like nobody business until someone puts him on his back again. Needless to say, he'd almost immediately roll over again.

His hands-eyes coordination is improving. He can grab objects put in front of him or any dangling things we put before his eyes. And again, needless to say, everything he gets with his hands will go into his mouth. To dine with him in our lap is no longer advisable as he'd try to grab the plates and whatnots.

He has this little pacifier as a soother. Jangan marah makcik okeh. Kalau time dia grumpy tu, that little thing does help to certain extend. Another soother is his own thumb. Kalau dulu, his thumb will go everywhere in his face before finally landed in his mouth, sekarang tidak lagi. Straight masuk and cup cup cup dia hisap. And of course nothing beats my t**s lah he he.

Adam is one friendly guy. Talk to him and he'll offer you his widest and biggest toothless smile (maybe some teeth are on the way, he salivates a lot these days).

He is now practising his vocal. Jangan jadi penyanyi udah lah nak yek. He coos, he babbles, he screams in many kinds of voice and pitches. In fact suara dia serak-serak sekarang, from too much vocal practise.

His aunts said he looks a lot like his arwah moyang on Tebby's side. Let's hear it from Tokmi balik raya nanti.

Happy 4 Months Old Baby Adam


CT said...

Happy 4 mos old Adam.

puterikiut said...

cepatnye kak tie kan.. takpe org kata kalau budak2 hisap jari budak baik.. aminn..

zuedin said...

bulat bulat....
biler nu'man wafiy nak jumpa si adam ni. nama je umah dekat

NeroEcha said...

Happy 4 months adam...n congrate ummi adam still exlusive bf adam...chaiyok