Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let Me Tell You About Iman

I showed him a new Optimus Prime t-shirt I bought.
Apa ni? Apa ni?
He immediately tugged out the shirt he had on.
Nak bukak. Nak bukak.

He held some books Kakak left on the floor.
He ran to me and said.
Ni letak sini yahh.

I held a bottle of milk in my hands.
He saw and commented..
Susu Adam.

Of course
Still heavily pelat.
Still mostly a 2-word sentences.
His Ni letak sini yahh, was his first 4-word sentence.

At least we're moving somewhere, eh.

A little conversation between me and a receptionist in a clinic, last week. Enough to make me faint.
Hello, ni Klinik Ro** Pe** ke?
Yes it is.
I want to set an appointment, preferably sometime next week. (Explained the problem)
Next week full.
Uihh.. full?
Ya lah, ramai sakit ini macam lorr.
How about the other week?
Hmm.... how about 22nd September then?
It's fine with me.
Okay, then I need some details from you
(the usual drill, nama, DOB, contact number as well as the not so-usual-drill, IC no and birth cert no Iman, our full adress).
Err.. I need to know the charge.
It's RM210 per 1/2 hour.
(My mind was doing a quick mental calculation)
How long will the session be?
About 1 to 2 hours
(It's RM420 to RM840 then)
How many sessions will there be?
Depending on the first assessment. If need be, then there will be other sessions.
(RM840 x X sessions = ??)

Abess lah duit belanja raya kena kidnap dek Iman.

Is the rate normal? Anyone knows?
Maybe government hospitals are charging much lower but how lower and what is the waiting time expected? A month? More? Less?


CT said...

mahalnye... is it becoz it's private hosp? do govern hosp has this kind of specialist...
patut la ramai golongan yg kurang berkemampuan, biarkan aja anak2 diorang yg ada masalah kan... the cost is way too much... cekih darah punye cost..
nih la masanye nak guna duit menabung kan... anyway, gud luck iman...

ummi said...

ct ~ pstt... dah pesan kat Iman, nanti assessment buat betul2.. takdelah lama sgt nanti he he

aida said...

tapi kalau pergi government, i bet the waiting list would be much longer

i know that neurologist fee (pakar otak) is much higher, 1/2 jam RM 70,000.. nak botak kepala kalau pk mana nak korek duit you

ummi said...

aida ~ me think that too. nak cepat kena bayo. takmo bayo kena tgu lama. see lah how we progress after the 1st assessment. hopefully nothing serious. maybe merely speech delay je kan. i hope.

~akuni~ said...

Dulu Ummi ada ambik insuran tak masa Iman kecik2? Kalau ada at least boleh lah potong dari situ... itupun kalau panel rasanya...

ummi said...

akuni ~ ada insuran utk dia tapi tak sure cover ke tak utk benda2 cam nih. at the moment ni kami guna duit poket dulu. tengok progress dia cemana.

mamalisa said...

medical fees nowdays mmg mahal la kak..alisa's medical cost dah nak cecah 100K. nasib baik company cover kalu x mak aiii entah mampu ntah idak..

iman case TM x cover ke?

kaezrin said...

demi kasih seorang anak kan kak ti...btw hope all goes well...sacrifices u've done today is for the better kan akak...so insya allah tuhan akan tolong kiter..

ummi said...

mamalisa ~ there's one fren I know got GL for her kid's speech theraphy. nak pi siasat nanti. that theraphy alone is around RM200 per session.

ummi said...

elin ~ that's what mothers do. we sacrifice for our kids, we spoil our kids, we marah our kids, we manja our kids. it's a neverending, at times tiring and taxing but, rewarding as well. when Iman says something, I can feel tears welled up. when Kakak speaks in flawless english, my heart leap, when Adam rolls over, I was overwhelmed.

Farra said...

berkorban apa saja yer kak

sy pon tak pasti co. kita ni cover tak benda2 camni..yg pasti insurans kita mmg basic..benda2 salu tak cover punyer..tp better u tanyer dulu ur insurance agent

ummi said...

farra ~ si Iman ni memang 'demanding' sejak dr lahir lagi. ada2 saja benda/kerenah dia. tapi apa2 hal pun, mahal atau tidak, we still need to do something abt him kan.

ummi-of-3 said...

govt hosp cuma bayar rm10 for each visit.
Actually, kalau just to diagnose your son, you can choose to go private or govt, depending on your kemampuan. Govt hospitals also have experts in this, try HUKM, they have a Child Development center (CDC). What's the point of paying high (unless it's within our kemampuan) but the assessment is the same?!?
What more important is the next step, that is what to do after the diagnosis... that is where money will be better spent on. Again, govt hospital pun ada therapies bagai which only cost RM10/visit compared to private which charge by the hour

cikwawi said...

biasala.. consultation fees memang cekik darah.. tu sebab private DR, especially specialist ni bule kaya raya..

anyway kak,
U've been tagged. Sila amik kat blog kita kalu tak keberatan ye...