Tuesday, January 30, 2007

APSH - 032007 - Iman's checkup

Went to APSH yesterday for Iman’s follow-up. Kakak has finally came to term to the fact that she can no longer follow us there if it’s on her schooling days. She was all smile when we left. Iman, on the other hand, threw early morning tantrums when being given a bath. It was obvious he was a sleepyhead when I carried him into the bathroom. He refused to brush his teeth and hugged my legs when I held the showerhead above him. Of courselah time tu he was shouting and crying in protest and finally he ran away from the bathroom. Kira okaylah lah kot, sempat sembur air je. Kira mandi lah tu.

Like always, we were stuck in a traffic-jam even before tol Batu 9. Decided to go via the contra-flow only to realized the road was block permanently at Tmn Segar, which meant we had to go to KL center, no other choice (we usually went via MRR2). Nevertheless, we got number 2 and we still had time for breakfast and Iman even had the chance horsing around at the playground.

My boy is a 15kg boy already. (Kakak dia 16kg…). He stands a little bit above-average height for a 2yo boy. He’s active. He mesmerizes people with his antics and the way he does variety of funny faces. Kira kalau standard atok-nenek tu, memang suka lah tengok cucu jenis gitu. Mak pak dia yang letih berkejaran ke sana sini. Dr was (still) a bit concerned about his speech ability and vocabulary. To get him to sit still alone is a challenge. A friend of mine has a son with similar problem. What she does is that, she teaches him by playing. They have a trampoline at home as one of the method even! But the fine not-so-young man in the house himself was like Iman when he was small (okay, we only have 2 ladies and 2 men in the house so guess which one I’m talking about) and he turned out just fine. But I guess given the current environment we are in now, I can’t afford to take chances, right. Health-wise, he somewhat got back a bit of flu and coughing. The consolation - his ear infection is much better but we are advised to continue on with the ear-drop until his next visit. Yepp, our 4th visit 2007 will be on 10th February 2007. And we are starting back Singulair. I do give him alternative-medications such as spirulina and IG6. But at this point I am still not confident to ‘wean’ him off the hospital medications. Both still running concurrently. InsyaAllah, when he gets better, we’ll just need spirulina and IG6. Pray for us okay.

Went back to Atfal at around 11a.m. yesterday. Then took the chance to register kakak for her primary schooling which, InsyaAllah gonna start in 2008. She’s registered at Sek Rendah Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 2, which is in front of Atfal. I just hope she’ll get a place there, for convenience sake.

After registration, we adjourned to Jusco Balakong for a small shopping and lunch. Ate ‘ramen’ and on the way out, sempat grab 2 packs of bahulu (typical me).

So that was yesterday. Btw, most probably I’ll be off blogging until next week or a week after. Need to reformat my report, do KPI ratings, prepare information for Audit checking (yahh.. masih ada, belum selesai) bla.. bla.. bla..

So, have a nice week ahead everyone!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

this and that

It's kinda windy these days eh? The bamboo-angklung in the porch keeps on tip-tapping continuosly. But then it's okaylah, given the fact that the temperature already started to be hotter and drier. I'm sure we all are aware that we'll be experiencing hot wheather, or even drought. I just hope it won't be as bad as the prediction and won't have to come to the point where we have to line-up for 'lori air' to come.

Bad news. The girl, who wants to be our maid couldn't make it. She's 19 and the minimum age is 25. We can't afford to wait until then I guess. I hope we can still get one via my SIL. Failing which, we'll have to nurse some more depleting accounts whould we go via local agents. Sapa2 ada sedara mara yang nak sudi kerja as maid? Do contact me. Just datang when we are out for work only to mind the kids and simple houseworks. Once we're back, she may go off.

Anyway, these 2 old parents will be taking a day off tomorrow to register Kakak for her primary school. Can't believe she'll be 7 next year! But before that, we'll bringing 'boy of the house' (as in man-of-the-house) to APSH for his 3rd check-up in 2007 alone! How can I not be thankful to the company I work for eh? After that, we'll be picking up the shoe-rack we ordered from Cavenzi. Nope, I'm not becoming Emelda Marcos. It's just that we need a strorage for our 'alatan berkebun'. They being in the open rack is such an eyesore.

Anyway, my cooking experiment turned out to be a daylight nightmare! I intended to do 'apam' and it turned out to be 'bantat' with no air molecule at all. It's like a bulk of kneaded flour, even after steaming for 1 hour. Oh, I hope Safurah ate a hearty meal of Nasi Daging last weekend. She sms-ed me to confirm a few things.

I just got to know that this Thursday is a holiday for KL. So, we'll be getting 2 days off in a week. Best, best. We even made few plans like going shopping for a few things with the kids not being in our plan. After the planning is done, we got to know that it is a holiday for Selangor as well so the kindy will be closed, as well. Maybe we'll just stay home and restrict our outing for just 1 or 2 hours or so. With Iman around, I tell you.. you can't even dine in peace. With him being like that, it doesn't mean we love him any less.

Anyway, has anyone attended 'OrenBijak' course under ISO module? I went for one last Friday and, was fighting not to nod. The subject itself was dry, to me at least. After that, I'll have to study via web at least an hour a week (read: you log-in and log-out an hour later and God-knows-what you do in between). After 3 months, there's an exam (that will be my 1st exam after almost 10 years!). Failing which, I have to attend again (kena lulus jugak nih).

Next week T*B**... alahai.... (smah, zarid - korang camne?)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

life123 - gems, and it ain's shining

Selamat menghadiri dan menghabiskan kursus 2 hari. Alhamdulillah, sekarang I have some ideas on how to go about doing my tasks. The company decided to change to a new system, which incorporates all (eventually) other systems, company-wide. Since I am one of the humble users of one of the humble systems, I knew I need to get myself equipped with the appropriate knowledge to keep current. The training used mock-data, which we successfully played around with. I just hope when I extracted the actual ones, I will be as successful. I still think the old system I’ve been using is better. It offers more flexibility I think. But then, ‘tak kenal maka tak cinta’, right. Let’s just try it out first and comment more later, kan.

The training was done in Jalan Gurney. Given the fact that it rains almost every late afternoon these days, and that I needed to travel to Menara before departing from the office and go home, the trainer’s offer to let us off a bit early, was more than welcomed. But we needed to cooperate with the schedule given. The problem was that, there was a lady. I have no problems with her groovy dressing or even plunging neckline she had on, but, she was often late. She came back form tea-break ½ hour late. And we waited for her for ½ hour more after lunch. To me, that’s 1 hour she owed each and every one of us. We still went off a bit early, but a later than expected tho. That was not all. When we were becoming uneasy as it was running late, she had the guts to say out loud ‘ala, baru pukul 4 lebih’. And the next day, she told the class ‘datang lambat pun boleh pandai’. I just hope I wont have to attend any more classed with her. Btw, I don’t like the big earrings she had on, on the second day.

Okay, now off to better and happier notes.

I finally able to load the photos of ‘PAU KACANG MERAH’ I did last weekend. Something had happened also, do check it out here. I am so into cooking these days, tho it wasn’t really voluntary in the first place. Cooking, was not one of the fact that brings my husband to finally ask my hand in marriage, because.. basically I couldn’t cook well. And now, Kakak refuses most ‘take-away’s. We used to tapau nasi goreng, for example. She used to finish the whole thing but now she decided to just ate 2 or 3 spoolful. But she will eat a lot if it’s homecooked, even when it goes by the same name i.e. nasi goreng. So, I need to sharpen my cooking skill and venture into other kind of cookings, other than just nasi goreng that is. And my husband, told me how proud he is that I finally able to cook better. Yang, I think I know why the kids are getting so manja with us nowadays. Sebab makan ‘air tangan’ kita kot. Like they say, the way to the heart, is through the stomach. Well, at least among other ways, kan. Enough ramblings. Do also check CRISPY TOFU FINGERS here. It was a hit back in No. 49. I had planned to keep some and freeze for weekdays breakfast but we ended up eating the whole thing. Kakak was so liking it, petang tu dok tanya lagi, kot-kot ada lagi. The recipe is here, btw.

Nota -
1. Set tilam dan bantal kucing tu was originally bought for Kakak as 1st step to teach her to sleep on her own. Now the thing is a permanent fixture at our living area. She's still sleeping with us, btw.
2. That hotdog thing, I did for our dinner. We bought Jusco Selection's (namanya ada cheese something) but it was overly salty to our liking. Nevertheless, the plates were squeaky clean after dinner (just to note- that was before washing)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

APSH - 022007 - Iman's followup

Kakak didn't cry when we dropped her at Atfal last Friday. Tho not smiling from ear to ear, she didn't give much problem. At APSH, Iman got no4.
- Is having runny nose and his hingus already greenish and thick. He was also wheezing already. Given nebuliser for 5minutes there.
- The infection in his right ear showed very little improvement despite we giving him antibiotics (Augmentin) as prescribed. There's still some nanah. We were given Zithromax this time around.
- Dr said Iman is showing signs of being hyperactive. Not being able to sit still for at least 10 minutes, speaks a little, throws tantrums and lacks concentration. Note - we need to find ways to boost his concentration. And we cannot expect miracles to happen. 2-4years is more like it.
- At 26 months, he still wakes up for nightly feed for 2-3 times every night. How I wish I still breastfeed him. This week alone, he's taking 3 cans of 900gm formula.
Given facts above, we'll be seeing Dr Nasir, again, next week.
Anyway, I tried out pau recipe I found in the net. We normally bought frozen pau and steam them for Kakak's quick breakfast. I decided to try doing it myself. Since I left the camera cable back in the office and since I won't be coming in the office until Wednesday, I defer the entry until then. There's bloopers too btw. Wait and see okay.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

routine123 - kisah kakak, pasar malam dan nasi dagang

Esok saya cuti. ½ day saja. Kena bawak Iman ke APSH (lagi?), follow-up. Kes telinga bernanah tu lah. Belum lagi tiba harinya, Kakak dah berderaian airmata sebab dah diberitahu dia tak boleh ikut. Dia kena hadir ke tadika. Puas jugaklah saya bagi reasoning. Diakan dah tak lama lagi nak ke sekolah ‘kain biru’ (sekolah rendah). Lagipun she needs to catch-up dengan banyak benda yang she missed last year. Tahun lepas dia banyak tak sihat. Dan banyak miss sekolah. Kenalah beri gelaran good girl, big girl. Good girl does her mom favors. Those sweet talk and such. Akhirnya dia mengangguk, setuju. Tapi besar jugak kemungkinan esok pagi akan pecah lagi empangan!

Semalam saya ke pasar malam di Cheras Perdana. Dah jadi kebiasaan kami, hari Rabu dapur tutup. Beli barang rumah sikit-sikit, bawang merah, bawang putih, bawang besar. Beli dinner, nasi dagang, nasi lemak, apam balik. Beli baju harian anak-anak, RM10 untuk 5 helai seluar panjang Iman dan RM10 lagi untuk 3 helai tshirt – satu untuk kakak dan 2 untuk Iman. Dulu saya heran bila dengar cerita orang dengan skala gaji RM4-7 ribu beli baju di pasar malam. Sekarang tidak lagi. Ada gambar katun-katun kegemaran anak-anak saya lagi tu. Cars, Happy Feet, Ultraman, Superman, Barbie, Mickey Mouse. Ada kawan sepejabat pun selalu ke sana. Hari ni bila saya tanya dia beli apa semalam, monyok aje mukanya. Rupanya Wiranya kena pecah masuk waktu dia tengah menjelajah pasar malam. Not really ‘pecah’ lah. Si pendajal tu cuma korek lock. Diangkutnya laptop. Kesian, kena ganti harta syarikat tu. Itu satu hal lah. Semua dokumen kerja ada kat dalam tu. Yang tu camno nak ganti? Adehlah. Bukan dia saja yang kena. Kereta yang diletakkan berdekatan pun dicurinya radio. Na’uzubillahh. Dah semoga sipendajal tu dapat ditangkap atau diberi balasan ‘cash’ dek Tuhan.

Untuk tidak menghampakan Yati, semalam saya memfotokan (ada ke such word?) langsir kat rumah tu. Jangan tanya kosnya. Saya tak ingat. Dah 4 tahun dah tu. We opted for iron-rod utk night-curtain tu. Curtainnya pulak ‘Singapore Pleat’. Ntah,.. mungkin ada nama lain kot, tapi kat dalam buku langsir Macy tu, tulis as Singapore Pleat. I think it’s neater than the usual French Pleat. Furthermore the fabric we chose tu berat dan tebal. Em, I did mention we are boring people kan. Tengoklah tu, warna langsir sama dengan cat dinding. Sofa pun dah ‘makan matahari’, kaler asal tenggelam dan dah blend-in so well with the wall as well. But I like!

see how it blends so well with the wall

textured fabric in chiffon

close up on the pleat

Oh ya. Resepi Nasi Dagang. Saya dah tulis dalam our food-blog. Do visit. Nota-gambar tu bukanlah hasil masakan kami. Tu gambar nasi dagang yang dibeli di pasar malam semalam.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

life123 - count your blessing

Wah wah wahh..

Tuah ayam nampak di kaki. Tuah manusia?
Anak ramai?
(kalau guna tanda-aras ini, saya belum cukup bertuah, harus ditambah barang 2-3 lagi)
Gaji besar?
(yang ini pulak, bolehlahh.. cukup makan pakai, ada rumah, ada kereta, boleh makan burger kat McD, bawak anak-anak pegi pasar malam)
Kereta berderet?
(satu aje, cukuplah untuk system pengangkutan kami. Nak tambah pun yang kiut je)
Rumah besar?
(22x70, built-up 1590kakipersegi? Cukup kan? Untuk kami 4 beranak. Dan maid yang bakal datang)
Itu yang zahirnya kelihatan. Selebihnya wallahua’lam.

:: Si Zarid tengah excited dengan kerja-kerja ubahsuai rumah. Kalau buat house-warming tu, akak mempersilakan Zarid jemput akak yekk..
:: Dengar ceritanya Yati pun sibuk dengan rumahnya. I just salute her. Between work, MBA, relocating to new house, a man and a boy. Me? Angkat tangan siap-siap. I’d go mad just in-between the kids and MBA (an obvious reason why I hadn’t pursue).
:: Ada orang tu pulak (identity dirahsiakan sampai empunya diri mengaku) dah beli rumah baru! Kenapa sebut rumah baru? Sebab dia dah ada rumah, pehtu beli lagi seketul. Mahal pulak tu. Sekali lagi, akak mempersilakan empunya badan menjemput akak nanti.

Saya? Sudah tentu terheret sama dengan keriangan kanak-kanak ribena dengan rumah-rumah mereka. Tidaklah sampai membeli rumah baru sebab rumah kami rasanya dah cukup perfect dah (belajar bersyukur.. alhamdulillah). Tidak juga buat renovation sebab poket belum mengizinkan. Saya cuma membasuh langsir yang dah bergantung hampir 4 tahun (bukan 4 tahun tak basuh tau.. dah 4 tahun pakai langsir sama). Nak tau apa jadi? Langsirnya mengecut dan memendek. Sekarang day curtain saya menjengah keluar. Ibaratnya pakai kain tapi nampak kaindalam. Buruk kan? Mungkin saya tak akan tempah langsir baru. Besar kemungkinan saya akan pendekkan day curtain tersebut. Senang kan? Langsir tu saya tempah di Macy. Kainnya tebal berat. RM50 semeter! Itulah sebab yang paling kukuh kenapa saya tak boleh senang-senang gantikan langsir bertuah tu. Pakailah sampai rabak nampak gayanya….

Thinking back about ‘tuah’, we’re all lucky in our own way, some way or the other. I may not have fat thick accounts nor do I have vital-statistics for you to envy. I don’t even have my own car and I have bad hair-cut. But I have a wonderful man, blessed with 2 wonderful kids, a job, a house I can call home, bank accounts I can still rely on during hard time.. alhamdulillah.

Even with my crippled curtain – alhamdulillah!

Monday, January 15, 2007

APSH -012007-Iman's followup check-up

Sabtu lepas kami bergegas ke APSH. Tiada yang emergency sebenarnya. Tapi harus bergegas sebab hari Sabru selalunya crowdnya extraordinary sikit. Kalau lambat alamat dapat nombor giliran belas-belas, malah mungkin 20 kot! Bagi si Kakak, pegi ke APSH ni semacam satu ‘event’ – she likes! Iman ikut saja. Kalau Kakak happy, Iman pun suka. Dapatlah mengerjakan kuda plastic kat situ atau boleh try terjun terbang dari tempat mainan tu (my God, he starts to jump from the stairs while holding on to the child-gate. He sometimes hold the rail and extend himself horizontally from the stairs, macam Superman)

Back to cerita APSH. Kami sampai kat sana around 9.00 a.m. already. Sebabnya menyinggah di Atfal dulu, bayar yuran budak-budak tu. Katanya Kakak kena hadir ‘kelas tambahan’ (10-15 minutes extension) sebab dia kena catch-up whatever yang dia tertinggal tahun lepas). Lepas tu pulak, budak-budak tu pegi ambik hoolahoop nak main. To get them off the things pun satu masalah, tu yang menambahkan lagi kelewatan tu. Anyway, we got no 1 and we left APSH at about 9.30a.m. Iman still needs to continue his Singulair and Ketotifen. Dr check telinga dia yang berair dulu tu. Still ada nanah so he was prescribed with ear-drop and antibiotic. Ear-drop, he likes, selamba je tadah telinga dia. Antibiotic tu (Augmentin), bueekkk, he so not liking it. Anyway, next check-up will be this Friday, 19th. For his ear, that is. Iman lah Iman, lepas satu.. satu budak tu.

Balik tu singgah McD sebab masing-masing dah berkeroncong tak makan pagi lagi….

Selain dari tu, kami juga (sila fokus kepada mdh) try resepi-resepi baru. It may be old to you but we’ve just tried them so please pretend to be excited as well yek! Please visit our food-blog for the followings: -
1. Daging No49
2. Steam Fish
3. Murtabak Daging + Kari Ayam Sempoi
Mardhiah12 – akak hutang resepi Nasi Dagang. Coming soon okay.

Have a nice week ahead!

Friday, January 12, 2007

parenting123 - what had your kids done to your life?

i bet every mother out there akan bersetuju dengan pendapat saya. when we have kid, our life takes a different pattern. new priorities, new budget, new spending and new routine.

my eldest is almost 6 already. how time really flies. one moment, she was just a 3-teeth little monster and now she's starting to lose her milk teeth already. when iman came along 2 years ago, kakak was 3+ years. these two keep me on my toes all the time and iman, at 25 months still wakes me up 2-3 times every night for his feed. with no maid, time alone with myself is a luxury.

take for example. bathing/showering. almost everyday, it's 2 or even 3-in-1. by that, i don't mean 2 or 3 persons in a bathroom at the same time but those are the activities i do while i'm showering. with my cubicmate suddenly so into beauty concious, she drags me along into worrying about my skin and all. suddenly the need to put on facial mask on alternate days became a neccesity a few days back. suddenly i feel the need to scrub my body. so, after cleansing my my face, i'd put on the mask. while waiting for the mask to 'work' (i hope it still does because i can't even remember when i'd purchased that basil mask), i'd scrub the toilet bowl, sink, tiles and all. and i'd soak the scrub-glove while i'm at that, well, to soften them a bit (sakit woo kalau tonyoh badan masa dia belum betul2 basah). after rinsing the bathroom, i'd clean the mask and slap my body with body scrub and while it 'works' (again... it was a longg longgg time ago), i'd brush my teeth or shampoo my (so-buruk, cepatlah panjang semula!!!) hair.

i remember when my kids were small. well, they still are. when they were much smaller, it gave me a fright when they cried. especially iman. if i let him cried for 5 minutes without attending to him, he's go beserk and merajuk and won't stop crying and nothing will work to sooth him. i was especially careful with that little fellow. whenever i bathe, i left the bathroom door open and keep my ear alert. even when the baby-monitor was turned on. the habit worked. a slight cry sent me hurrying to him. he has long stopped his crying-unnecessarily but the habit stays on. you know what they say, bad habit hard to break. i still leave the door opened. it proved that i really need to break that on the eve of eid fitri late last year. while enjoying myself under the hot shower in the cold of the dawn, i heard my mom shrieked - ngapeee tak tutup pintu??? nasib baik itu ibuku and she was the only person who has woken up (maybe some people decided to pretend they didn't see, who knows? *malu weh*)

kakak who takes a lot after her father, is a young lady already. iman, who's said 90% resembling myself, is 25 months already. i, now, shower behind closed door. i am not planning to shower with door opened yet, again. not yet.

so, have a fruitful and enjoyable weekend peeps. as for ourselves, we'll be paying a visit to dr nasir's in APSH. the first trip in 2007 - iman's checkup. and maybe some gardening while letting the kids tire themselves outside.

see, how they'd taken over our lives?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

learning by how you live by

lately ni rasa cam takde mood and malas nak membelog. i hope it's temporary because other than this, i have no other means of jotting down the goods and the bads, the sweets and the sours bla bla bla. except in this little brain of mine, which is getting forgetful anyway. i was clearing-up my e-mailbox just now. you know, to be more organised and systematic. i stumbled upon a mail which i've been keeping since 2000. i do not know whether it was actually written by the sender or merely copied from somewhere but it's very relevant, i think. so i am sharing it here.

If a child lies with criticism, he learns to condemn
If a child lives with hostility, he learns violence
If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy
If a child lives with shame, he learns to feel guilty
If a child lives with encouragement, he learns confidence
If a child lives with praise, he learns to appreciate
If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice
If a child lives with security, he learns faith
If a child lives with approval, he learns to like himself
If a child lives with acceptance and friendship, he learns to love the world

i'd like to add one of the principles i've been holding on to, where it concerns the upbringing of Kakak and Iman
they will most likely do what we do. they don't really do what we tell them to do without us doing it.

so friends, the choice is yours.

if the power trips (like it did few days back), i learn to appreciate this forsaken candle

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Eidul Adha - cerita bergambar

oh, i'll be 33 this year. 7 years of marriage, 10 years of working and a mother of a girl aged 6 and a boy, 3.

i am having a case of coughing, and had just taken medication that is supposedly makes me sleepy. so while waiting for the dozing-off part, (and since the kids are hooked on watching HOODWINKED), i feel like blogging about our recent Eidul Adha. It's pictorial, by the way.

e left KL on 30th December, a day after i took a day of emergency leave (i ended up cleaning some dead, dried rat babies which i found in my sewing box.. euwwww). had lousy breakfast with the slowest service in taman melati and eventually reached tgg at 3.30p.m. the kids immediately did their own business running about while we nursed our aching muscles (hey, i had to hold up Iman all the way from KL, he just won't sit). my SIL, who followed her husband to Turkmenistan, is back indefinately. since the demise of Turkmenistan's president, Malaysian Embassy, fearing for riots, sent them home. and she, and her baby, were in tgg. it was like love-hate relationship. one moment they hit one another, the other they jumped happily together on my inlaws couch. that night, we prepared Nasi Dagang. my MIL, the director and mdh acted as cook based on the instruction while i jotted down the recipe, making sure i didn't miss a slightest thing. (Photo~the kids after body painting activity)

proses pembuatan Gulai Nasi Dagang.
pelakon-pelakon - my MIL and mdh.
nampak tak kikkerr tu.. tu bukan sebahagian dari bahan-bahan yaa..

I think my kids truly enjoyed our stay in tgg, despite the absence of ASTRO and dvd player (well, except the portable one mokja has). when the weather was good, we let them played outside, chasing after chicken, gawking at goats, feeding the ducks and not forgetting 'main pasir' part. mokja brought along CDs as well, mostly Barney, Kipper, Sesame Street and the likes. The problem was that, the kids kept on pushing on another to get the best angle to view the small screen.
(Photo~berkerumun to get the best angle to view Kipper)

Iman had grown curls since his last haircut back in September. The mop of his hair seemed to be irritating him, as well as us. While mdh was in hospital, accompanying my MIL for her check-up (she got a mild stroke last year), we went to cchabang (Cabang Tiga) to shave off the boys' head. The moment I lifted Iman into the seat, he started screaming and spread his legs and each landed on the armrest, making it impossible to make him sit. I ordered for No2 and the boy shaved Iman's head while I hugged him. Abis semua air liur, hingus, peluh meleleh-leleh. His scream was enough to make a cycling man, stopped, got down from his bike, checked us out and then went away. The result, one handsome, cheeky young man. (a day before we left, i also got myself a haircut, the most terrible and horrible one in my entire life - even mdh dislikes it, until today).

while waiting outside the barber shop - Kedai Gunting Adik Mat

iman, chasing after a kitty he had just seen

taraaaa.. with new haircut. while waiting for abah to buy 'mi jambo' in cchabang

we left tgg on Friday, with some caftans for myself and kakak, a bundle of borong-ed kids clothes (I paid RM100 for 4 pairs of girl's wear, 4 pairs for boy's and 2 long-sleeved tshirt for myself). and a big bulk of meat from korban (I think they got the concept wrong, it's more like bagi hadiah). it was so bulky that it took about a day to thaw. mdh prepared us steaks for the night and murtabak for the next day's breakfast (we bought the skin from keda pok ding). i thought i had had enough until today mdh cooked us fried noodles with lots of sliced beef in it. SODAPP!!

oh oh, the medication has begun taking over. pen off for now. i need to sleep.