Friday, January 12, 2007

parenting123 - what had your kids done to your life?

i bet every mother out there akan bersetuju dengan pendapat saya. when we have kid, our life takes a different pattern. new priorities, new budget, new spending and new routine.

my eldest is almost 6 already. how time really flies. one moment, she was just a 3-teeth little monster and now she's starting to lose her milk teeth already. when iman came along 2 years ago, kakak was 3+ years. these two keep me on my toes all the time and iman, at 25 months still wakes me up 2-3 times every night for his feed. with no maid, time alone with myself is a luxury.

take for example. bathing/showering. almost everyday, it's 2 or even 3-in-1. by that, i don't mean 2 or 3 persons in a bathroom at the same time but those are the activities i do while i'm showering. with my cubicmate suddenly so into beauty concious, she drags me along into worrying about my skin and all. suddenly the need to put on facial mask on alternate days became a neccesity a few days back. suddenly i feel the need to scrub my body. so, after cleansing my my face, i'd put on the mask. while waiting for the mask to 'work' (i hope it still does because i can't even remember when i'd purchased that basil mask), i'd scrub the toilet bowl, sink, tiles and all. and i'd soak the scrub-glove while i'm at that, well, to soften them a bit (sakit woo kalau tonyoh badan masa dia belum betul2 basah). after rinsing the bathroom, i'd clean the mask and slap my body with body scrub and while it 'works' (again... it was a longg longgg time ago), i'd brush my teeth or shampoo my (so-buruk, cepatlah panjang semula!!!) hair.

i remember when my kids were small. well, they still are. when they were much smaller, it gave me a fright when they cried. especially iman. if i let him cried for 5 minutes without attending to him, he's go beserk and merajuk and won't stop crying and nothing will work to sooth him. i was especially careful with that little fellow. whenever i bathe, i left the bathroom door open and keep my ear alert. even when the baby-monitor was turned on. the habit worked. a slight cry sent me hurrying to him. he has long stopped his crying-unnecessarily but the habit stays on. you know what they say, bad habit hard to break. i still leave the door opened. it proved that i really need to break that on the eve of eid fitri late last year. while enjoying myself under the hot shower in the cold of the dawn, i heard my mom shrieked - ngapeee tak tutup pintu??? nasib baik itu ibuku and she was the only person who has woken up (maybe some people decided to pretend they didn't see, who knows? *malu weh*)

kakak who takes a lot after her father, is a young lady already. iman, who's said 90% resembling myself, is 25 months already. i, now, shower behind closed door. i am not planning to shower with door opened yet, again. not yet.

so, have a fruitful and enjoyable weekend peeps. as for ourselves, we'll be paying a visit to dr nasir's in APSH. the first trip in 2007 - iman's checkup. and maybe some gardening while letting the kids tire themselves outside.

see, how they'd taken over our lives?


The Singa said...

hehehe..setuju saya still mandi dgn pintu tertutup..kekadang 3in1 gak, tp all girls in the bath tub..syok oo bila dimandikan kakak..hehe

ummi said...

mama-singa - la ni tak leh mandi sesama dah. kakak is getting curious and asks too much questions! PLUS, adik pun dah besar so I guess I need to draw a line already.