Sunday, January 28, 2007

this and that

It's kinda windy these days eh? The bamboo-angklung in the porch keeps on tip-tapping continuosly. But then it's okaylah, given the fact that the temperature already started to be hotter and drier. I'm sure we all are aware that we'll be experiencing hot wheather, or even drought. I just hope it won't be as bad as the prediction and won't have to come to the point where we have to line-up for 'lori air' to come.

Bad news. The girl, who wants to be our maid couldn't make it. She's 19 and the minimum age is 25. We can't afford to wait until then I guess. I hope we can still get one via my SIL. Failing which, we'll have to nurse some more depleting accounts whould we go via local agents. Sapa2 ada sedara mara yang nak sudi kerja as maid? Do contact me. Just datang when we are out for work only to mind the kids and simple houseworks. Once we're back, she may go off.

Anyway, these 2 old parents will be taking a day off tomorrow to register Kakak for her primary school. Can't believe she'll be 7 next year! But before that, we'll bringing 'boy of the house' (as in man-of-the-house) to APSH for his 3rd check-up in 2007 alone! How can I not be thankful to the company I work for eh? After that, we'll be picking up the shoe-rack we ordered from Cavenzi. Nope, I'm not becoming Emelda Marcos. It's just that we need a strorage for our 'alatan berkebun'. They being in the open rack is such an eyesore.

Anyway, my cooking experiment turned out to be a daylight nightmare! I intended to do 'apam' and it turned out to be 'bantat' with no air molecule at all. It's like a bulk of kneaded flour, even after steaming for 1 hour. Oh, I hope Safurah ate a hearty meal of Nasi Daging last weekend. She sms-ed me to confirm a few things.

I just got to know that this Thursday is a holiday for KL. So, we'll be getting 2 days off in a week. Best, best. We even made few plans like going shopping for a few things with the kids not being in our plan. After the planning is done, we got to know that it is a holiday for Selangor as well so the kindy will be closed, as well. Maybe we'll just stay home and restrict our outing for just 1 or 2 hours or so. With Iman around, I tell you.. you can't even dine in peace. With him being like that, it doesn't mean we love him any less.

Anyway, has anyone attended 'OrenBijak' course under ISO module? I went for one last Friday and, was fighting not to nod. The subject itself was dry, to me at least. After that, I'll have to study via web at least an hour a week (read: you log-in and log-out an hour later and God-knows-what you do in between). After 3 months, there's an exam (that will be my 1st exam after almost 10 years!). Failing which, I have to attend again (kena lulus jugak nih).

Next week T*B**... alahai.... (smah, zarid - korang camne?)


yatipruzz said...

saya dah attend course tu on the 18th. dan saya telah fail utk login selama sejam last week haha abisla daku...exam iso? huhu not in my priority list :p

psr mlm cheras jaya ari ape eh? kitorang gi semlm..tapi rasanye weekdays ade jugak rite? penuh ngan pendatang2 asing best, berjaya beli slipper and baju spiderman utk idlan and cadar power rangers, suke benar idlan semlm!

ummieMK said...

ummi..orenbijak ISO tu ada exam ek...adeilaaaa...saya kena gi 31jan nie...busan plak dengar ada xm ...sbb dah lam tinggalkan era2 xm nie

aida said...

hahaha.. cam tau je course ISO la ni, mujur la tgh sibuk kursus 'jems' otak..

ilsa said...

Ilish attended that orange thingy gak last week.. tapi berhari2 kat ulu yam.. yang ISO punye rasanya sama dengan yati ek? Ilish selamba je kata "alahh.. nanti abang login lah benda tu" bila I enquired about what yati was saying about logging in.. whatever that means..

Nasi daging tu ilish kata ok. thank you for the recipe! :)
I couldn't eat much-- besides having a cold resulting everything tasting as bland as paper; I used bahagian tulang rusuk yg bayak sket lemak dia sebab ilish suka--takpela dia kurus, but for me I'd have to control the amount I'm taking!

oh by the way ummi.. just to share, a pakistani friend of mine ajar masa nak masak nasi beryani (dia pakai kismis jugak), u actually rendam kismis tu dalam air panas dalam beberapa ketika then goreng dalam minyak yang panas.. you'll find the raisins will 'swell' so that the dried raisins takle kecut or keras bila masuk dalam nasi tu.

~ahni~ said...

Akhirnya dapat jugak masuk balik blog Ummi ni, bukan apa saya kehilangan url ke blog Ummi.

Apa khabar sekarang?

kaklong said...


oh..nak amik maid rupanya. moga dpt yg terbaik.

hari khamis thaipusam..hmm, kat area batu caves ni sure sesak sungguh start esok (Rabu).tak kemanalah kami jawabnya. tak larat nak harung jem

onde said...

our helper arrived last Tuesday, aged 27 so far Alhamdulillah nak tunjuk ajar, hopefully bertahan lah InsyaAllah; I took this helper from kak za1 Albarakah Niaga. Hopefully Iman's check up shall be a smooth one.

ummi said...

ummieMK ~ gud luck. bawak sweets banyak2. the class starts at 9a.m by the way so take your time.. :)

aida ~ jems itu? sudah daku pergi jua. adehlah, in my case, nasib baik i'm quite fimiliar with essbase so senang sikit nak faham.

ilsa ~ kat ulu yam tu teambuilding hardcore punya. suamiku kena pegi jugak tu nanti. cakap kat illish, malas belajar tu nnt tak lulus kang. dah kena attend sekali lagi (nak dengor sekali lagi yg horror tu actually)btw, thanks for the raisin tips.

ahni ~ sugat and spice, everything's nice! adalah ups and downs, sweets and sour but then it's life kan. sooo.. how's yours? dah pindah blog nampaknya?

kaklong ~ my ex-boss dulu dok kat area sana tu. if thaipusam sure dia cuti punya because dia kata almost impossible nak keluar dari rumah.

onde (k wan) - tgh tgu my SIL nih. kalau tak berjaya jugak, we'll go thru via agent jugaklah. hopefully dapat yang baik2. ye lah, i dont expect yang perfect, dia pun manusia biasa kan. ada web ke barakah tu? nak tengok2 jugak.