Tuesday, January 30, 2007

APSH - 032007 - Iman's checkup

Went to APSH yesterday for Iman’s follow-up. Kakak has finally came to term to the fact that she can no longer follow us there if it’s on her schooling days. She was all smile when we left. Iman, on the other hand, threw early morning tantrums when being given a bath. It was obvious he was a sleepyhead when I carried him into the bathroom. He refused to brush his teeth and hugged my legs when I held the showerhead above him. Of courselah time tu he was shouting and crying in protest and finally he ran away from the bathroom. Kira okaylah lah kot, sempat sembur air je. Kira mandi lah tu.

Like always, we were stuck in a traffic-jam even before tol Batu 9. Decided to go via the contra-flow only to realized the road was block permanently at Tmn Segar, which meant we had to go to KL center, no other choice (we usually went via MRR2). Nevertheless, we got number 2 and we still had time for breakfast and Iman even had the chance horsing around at the playground.

My boy is a 15kg boy already. (Kakak dia 16kg…). He stands a little bit above-average height for a 2yo boy. He’s active. He mesmerizes people with his antics and the way he does variety of funny faces. Kira kalau standard atok-nenek tu, memang suka lah tengok cucu jenis gitu. Mak pak dia yang letih berkejaran ke sana sini. Dr was (still) a bit concerned about his speech ability and vocabulary. To get him to sit still alone is a challenge. A friend of mine has a son with similar problem. What she does is that, she teaches him by playing. They have a trampoline at home as one of the method even! But the fine not-so-young man in the house himself was like Iman when he was small (okay, we only have 2 ladies and 2 men in the house so guess which one I’m talking about) and he turned out just fine. But I guess given the current environment we are in now, I can’t afford to take chances, right. Health-wise, he somewhat got back a bit of flu and coughing. The consolation - his ear infection is much better but we are advised to continue on with the ear-drop until his next visit. Yepp, our 4th visit 2007 will be on 10th February 2007. And we are starting back Singulair. I do give him alternative-medications such as spirulina and IG6. But at this point I am still not confident to ‘wean’ him off the hospital medications. Both still running concurrently. InsyaAllah, when he gets better, we’ll just need spirulina and IG6. Pray for us okay.

Went back to Atfal at around 11a.m. yesterday. Then took the chance to register kakak for her primary schooling which, InsyaAllah gonna start in 2008. She’s registered at Sek Rendah Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 2, which is in front of Atfal. I just hope she’ll get a place there, for convenience sake.

After registration, we adjourned to Jusco Balakong for a small shopping and lunch. Ate ‘ramen’ and on the way out, sempat grab 2 packs of bahulu (typical me).

So that was yesterday. Btw, most probably I’ll be off blogging until next week or a week after. Need to reformat my report, do KPI ratings, prepare information for Audit checking (yahh.. masih ada, belum selesai) bla.. bla.. bla..

So, have a nice week ahead everyone!


yatipruzz said...

akak, kita berjiran rupanye. Umah saya kira cam opposite Jusco tu je, saya lalu jln belakang kot cheras jaya, sampai jusco dlm 7 minit gitu after u turn.

akak gi psr mlm cheras jaya kan?

mardhiah12 said...

tak try gamat ke? ataupun baru lagi on spirulina? spirulina tu mkn dekat 2 bulan, baru nampak effect. kalau nak try gamat pun rasanya okay kut, sbb tu supplement kan. cuma hanyir la, kut iman tak tertelan

ummi said...

yati ~ mmg dekat aje rumah kita. akak lak dalam 2 minit sampai kat jusco tu kot.taklah yati, akak selalu pg pasar malam cheras perdana, hari rabu.

mardhiah12 ~ true. and ari tu stok habis, mmg dah rasa penat balik. baru replenish. *wallet menipis*. gamaton tu husband akak mkn tp still tak nampak efek sbb dia dok on-off makan. iman? tak pernah try bagi lagi setakat ni. hopefully your hand dah baik.

kaklong said...


ummi, my huda dah 3 thn lebih tau, masa umur dia masuk 3 thn baru nak bercakap. sblm tu, dia hanya lebih panggil ayah, ummi esp. ayah. puaslah duk ajar dia sebut perkataan2, tp dia mcm tak mau ikut, kalau nakkan sesuatu, dia suka sebut sukukata akhir. pernah sekali saya menangis tiba2 dlm bilik air fikirkan dia takleh ebrcakap sbnrnya.
alhamdulillah, by 3, dia nak ebrcakap dan skrg ni, very talkative, tp ngan kamilah. ngan outsiders dia susah nak friendly.
doktor pernah bagitau saya, ada budak dia akan simpan semua maklumat perkataan dia ada, hinggalah tiba masanya dia akan luahkan, dia akan jd banyak bercakap. sungguh, betul apa kata dr. tu. mmg camtulah Huda.

So ummi, jgn risau sangat ya.insyaALlah, dia akan bercakap bila tiba masanya.

oh ya, imaan tu suka makanan berasaskan coklat ke? mcm roti coklat, gula2 coklat dsb...kalau suka, bolehlah kurangkan pengambilannya sbb coklat ni lagi merangsangkan keaktifan budak.

sori ya..panjanglah pulak.

CT said...


i would suggest herbalife. i am quite skeptical about all this supplement at the first place. tapi i read abt 1 person (i rasa die penah tinggalkan komen kat sini) about her asma prob. i terus met this person and tried it to my son sbb my son ada asma.
alhamdulillah in this 1 mth, my son memang sihat tak de kena sakit ape2. usually, selang seminggu ada je, flu la, cough la....
maybe u shud consider this as well. this is supplement, it provides all type of nutrition that we need.

ummi said...

kak long ~ kami mmg purposely tak bagi dia makan benda bergula banyak2. after 7p.m no air manis, no gegula, no cocholate. tp dia masih bouncing ke sana sini! anyway, thanks for the long opinion and comments. really appreciate that.

ct ~ thanks for the input. maybe kalau after elken tak jalan, i'll try herbalife jugak. mmg ada org email i personally (thanks dear) pasal ni and based on her own experience, she suggested me herbalife thingy. so,... good luck to both of us!