Friday, February 02, 2007

Ummi's Tale Of A Tooth

To be frank, I'd rather go and see my gynea and have pap-smear performed on me than having to go and see the dentist and let him/her minds my teeth, or even a tooth. It didn't take long for the dentist himself to sensed my nervousness today. In fact I was already nervous even before I called up the clinic for appointment. When I was there, I fidgetted with whatever I had in my hands; my handphone, my handbag, the magazine they have in the clinic or even with the buttons of my black jubah. Having said that, it was obvious that I had to go there. 3 molars have been causing me growling tummy. And as a person whose among biggest agendas is, eating, I was frustrated with the situation. And they were especially painful when I was eating. Even the humble, soggy, soft sandwich.

I didn't know if it was procedural or due to my fidgetting, not to mention my rather shaky voice, I was given a jab before he started drilling my 2nd last, right upper molar. While waiting for the bius to take effect, I had my 2 left upper molar x-ray-ed to ascertain if I had done root-canal. And there I was, again, wearing that 'security' heavy 'cloth'. After he's done with the right one, he continued with the left ones. It seemed that, I had done a root-canal before but only on the tooth next to the painful one. I had no choice but to do another root canal. (The dr did mention 'cabut terus' but I didn't consider that as an option, don't want to be rongak lahh) But before he do anything, I asked about cost. Root-canal costs RM500 (end-to-end) and if I need to do crowning, that would be another RM700-RM800. Root-canal only then. He took much longer with the left ones. A syringe with crooked end, a thing that resembles cookie-mould, something looked very much alike masking-tape that I later bite into and grinded my teeth on. And several small spirally things that resembled screws. Oh, I even made a false allegation. You see, I had jabs right and left, I felt as if I had the biggest gum in the world, so when he drilled my teeth, I thought he was wrongly drilling other spots.

Oh, the dentist was an indian. He's so soft-spoken, curteous and offered much insights and information. The only thing I was confused about is when he shook his head left and right. I didn'y know if it was an OK or KO. Yes, I'd certainly suggested him to anyone that requires services pertaining to dentistry. However, I don't know his name but I can check it out later. It's Pristine Dental Surgery at Midvalley Megamall.

OK peeps. Duty calls. Iman is throwing things, ... and tantrums.

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Richard said...

Hi Ummi, Thank you for the info on pristine dental clinic. It was informative and quite funny as well. I am a 41 yr old guy and I too have a fear for the dentist. Did you find out the name of the indian doctor?

I called the clinic and the receptionist told me there are 4 dentist there and all of them are Indian.

Thanks Ummi for the blog.