Thursday, February 08, 2007

D****H Boy

I know someday, somehow, someone is going to sweep her off her feet and wins her heart. But I never thought it’s going to be this early. She’s barely 6 years old!

Sebetulnya tak perasan exactly when she started speaking about this D****H boy. Her tales included her usual kindy friends, N*n*, El***a, F**r* and a few others. Suddenly, recently this D****H boy came into the limelight.

My girl, has started to loose her milk-teeth already. Dentist said it’s quite early for her age. She lost one sometime in January while we were in APSH. She lost another a few days back. On that fateful day, she brought along a pack of fried nuggets to her kindy. Balik tu, masuk kereta je, she announced that she had just lost another tooth and showed her the space she just aquired in-between her teeth. So, like always, she started her telltale *imagine that Volvo advert, the non-stop talking girl and her daddy*.
In short:
How – Eating using the tooth
What – Fried Chicken Nugget
Who – that D****H boy
When – Afternoon, after preschool session
Where – Atfal Sayang (nursery)
(She was sharing the nuggets with that D****H boy and while eating, her tooth came out loose)

Yesterday, when I picked her up, there were 4 kids left. She and Iman; and another two boys. A sleek black Honda pulled-over at the opposite roadside. Kakak ran out to a swing in Atfal’s compound, a boy followed suit. They had fun for a while before went into the car. Kakak into ours and the boy, the sleek black Honda. She told us, that was that D****H boy.

And as usual, last night I checked her kindy backpack. Inspecting her homework (if any), making sure nothing ‘alien’ in there (she always put her socks in the pocket). And I came across a drawing. I thought it was of one of the superheroes that only she and mdh knows. But it wasn’t any superhero yesterday. It was of that D****H boy.


yatipruzz said...

hensem tak budak tu ekekeke

Kaklong said...


alamak..takkan dah ada calon menantu secepat ini ;)?

myjulieyana said...

hehe.. anak dara sudah jatuh cinta ye..

ummi said...

yati ~ sesama heboh, sesama kepoh, sesama rongak!

kaklong ~ hemm.. kelakar pulak kan.

julie ~ tu lah, siap kalau kita usik dia, dia mesti marah malu-malu.