Wednesday, February 21, 2007

APSH062007 - Iman's Routine Check Up

Alhamdulillah. Iman is HFMD free now. The blisters all dried up into black spots. After starting using aerochamber + inflamide + combivent, he was cough-free and runny-nose-free for the whole week. But he got rashes under his chin and along his hairline – eczema. But then again, alhamdulillah. He doesn’t really mind the rashes and doesn’t scratch. Believe me, albeit the HFMD, he was still a ball of energy who didn’t sit still. He’d changed the CD after 2-3 minutes and demanded this and that. It’s more like me who needs sympathy! But anyway, that’s what motherhood is all about and not all gets the opportunity right.

Mcats, he finally came to term with that aerochamber thingy. The trick was, he was given the chance to inpect the thing and tried it on himself. I let him check that inflamide and combivent. Slowly he stopped struggling and then even took the thing himself and asked me do it onto him. He still, at times refuses. And that’s when you need to clown around and make silly faces.

Farra, yep, before the blisters came out, he got a sudden-fever. He first got high temperature late afternoon and by 9p.m., it shoot to 38-39d. The next day saw some spots coming out. Macam chicken-pox but far apart and only at hand, foot and a bit under his lower lips. If it’s chicken-pox, the spots would’ve emerged on the body first. In his case, none was on his body. He got some in the mouth and was prescribed a cold gel. He loved it so rubbing that thing inside his mouth didn’t cost me a finger. Some of the blisters pecah and leaked out a bit of liquid and some just dried up. He has added up more spots on his legs area. Macam rimau bintang already.

Aida and Julie, alhamdulillah semua dah beransur baik. Kakak got the fever but the spots was like ‘supressed’. Nampak macam ada but then that was it. Last-last hilang macam tu aje. Kakak memang suka minum air especially Ribena (which is banned after 7.00p.m at my house). Iman pulak, despite the mouth-ulcer he had, still minum susu 7-8 bottles a day. And Julie, kesiannya Aisya sampai berdarah-darah mulut. In case macam tu, betterlah kena drip air. If dehydrate, mudah kena demam pulak. I hope she’s all well now. Dah notty balik ye?

He’s sent to Atfal today. Routine falls back into places I guess. It had better be that way. Over time that I’ve spent 24-7 with him, he’s becoming clinging to me. He wants to nap or sleep in-between my legs. If I happen to be sleeping on my side, the crook of my arm would be fine and in case he that is occupied by Kakak, the crook of my bent legs, would also be fine. As long as he’s glued to me, any position would be fine. Scary huh? I mean, as a mother no doubt I love him to bits but he’s becoming so so very attached and clinging to me is not 100% welcome unless I have a few assistants that I can order around. That is not including he wanting to perch on my hip while I cook. Mind you, he’s around 14-15kg. So, where’s my husband been sleeping all these time? Kesian kan. That’s when the comforter comes handy!

Anyway, the visit to APSH last week gave me quite a relief. Iman is HFMD free tho he has to continue on with the inflamide. After weekly or biweekly check-ups, our next check-up is another month away. If you were me, that surely ‘tells’ something right. I just hope we won’t be popping in before that time comes!

ops.. btw.. I've put down in my other blog another recipe. Nasi Minyak Tokmi & Gulai Ayam ala Akhni.


yatipruzz said...

akak nasib kite serupa! macam manekah cara utk mengurangkan sindrom attached mengattach ni yer? help me help me!

ummi said...

yati ~ akak pon masih tak dapek nak selesaikan masalah tu. nnt kalau ada tips, bagitau yek.

Kaklong said...


kesian tgk iman asyik makan ubat aje. hmm..anak2 saya pun apa kurangnya..

ummi said...

kaklong, gitulah dia. selagi dia tak betul2 sihat, saya tak berani nak stop kan ubat2 tu. dalam masa yang sama, saya bagi dia supplemen. maybe bila dah sihat nnt saya continue supplement aje. iman bukan setakat makan ubat aje, yang sembur pun dah kena jugak!

yatipruzz said...

aerochamber tu ape kak? sembur kat hidung ker?

ummi said...

yati ~ a ah. cam serombong lah. perantara hidung budak dgn ubat inhaler tu. cute tau, ada gambar bear.

yatipruzz said...

no wonder he likes it hehe

pasni akak kehilangan seorg teman lunch la eh :(