Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Unpaid Day 2 - Iman's HFMD

My first day as fulltime housewife (pretty boring so far). Pressed mdh's office wear, threw laundry into the washer, fried drummets for Kakak and me and Iman, read a National Geographic. And it's only 8a.m. Maybe esok I'll have more to do. I've asked Sikulat to save some files for me to work on while I'm at home. I am not a workaholic but to me responsibilty IS responsibility. I have a report to submit this week, or my phone will start ringing.

The boy is still sleeping. He slept late last night. Kakak had her adrenalin pumping from too much Ribena I guess. We all went to bed well after 11. And since one of them is sick, living area is our hibernation center until he gets well. Nanti dia bangun tu susah sikit nak do things as I wish as he gets jealous at practically anybody or anything when it comes to me. He's jealous of mdh, his sisters and this laptop included. I haven't really plan what to eat to day but noodles would be fine for dinner I think. I've promised Kakak something nice that she likes for dinner. I am, in fact, mentally preparing myself for the ordeal kejap lagi. To administer Inflamide and Combivent. It takes 2 to hold him down, tu pun berpeluh-peluh kami. Whatmore when I have to do this myself. God, give me strength.

If you ask, despite the HFMD, Iman is still a ball of energy. Thank God the spots are not that itchy so he doesn't really scratch his skin out. He still bounces up and down. He still fights Kakak. He still pours water all over the floor (the blessing - I ended up mopping the floor). His formula intake is improving after dropping to maybe just 4-5 bottles a day. As for Kakak, she'll most likely get HFMD also. So far, except the high fever, she's still okay. We urged her to drink a lot of plain water and from time to time checking her body for spots. None so far. She's still attending Atfal. Maybe I'll give Atfal a call just to inform the situation, who knows Iman might have gotten it there.

Okay peeps.. wish me luck. It's inhaler time *roll my sleeves up*


CT said...

ummi, how did iman get HFMD? my fren's son pun ada sorang tekena this virus last december. she's staying in keramat.
ape2 pun, take care..


yatipruzz said...

get well soon iman!
enjoys ur holiday k.tie!

inaz said...

hehehe..nihlah cubaan bila anak2 sakit... bab2 nak jaga sakit tuh tokleh nak kata apalah kan.. tapi bab nak kasi ubat tuh... aduhlaaa jenuh!

ummi said...

ct ~ since penyakit tu senang berjangkit, he could have gotten it from anywhere. dr kata, almost every month dia dpt kes hfmd ni.

yati ~ insyaAllah. ada beransur kering blisters tu seme.

inaz ~ makan ubat most of the time okay. nak bagi inhaler tu macam berperang aje.

farradasmiley said...

nak kene HFMD ni mesti demam dulu ker k.tie?

last wk sy bawak anak2 ke klinik coz si baby 1o months ni naik bintik2 sekitar leher & lengan. Dr cek around mulut, telinga, kuku, tgn takut HFMD. Buat masa ni, Dr kata bukan hfmd. So, kami jusr guna carlomine losyen & ubat sapu.
Nampak dh kurang sket la ni
Maybe cuaca panas kot, naik gatal2

myjulieyana said...

musim2 panas nih, banyak2 bagi anak2 minum air, tak kesahla air apa, asalkan banyak bagi air.. kita parents pon jangan lupa banyak minum air ok?

selamat holiday k.tie!

aida said...

alahai cuaknya ummi bila tau iman dpt HFMD.. saya doakan dia cepat sembuh ok, and also for kakak tak berjangkit, insya Allah