Friday, March 16, 2012

Tanamera First Timer

Tanamera literally means Red Earth - Tanah Merah. When I first went to spa (sort of), Tanamera Spa was one of the considerations. I went to Hammam instead nevertheless :) (Hammam web

I've been reading Tanamera's web ( and its spa web, 'hanging out' at their online outlet (, been reading other people's review and all. Tanamera has its own spa (few, to be exact). It sells products as well. Unlike Hammam. Should you need to use their product, you have to go and use em up at their spa! Tanamera on the other hand, you can spa yourself at their outlet OR buy their products and spa yourself up at the comfort of your own bathroom. Having read a bit about Tanamera, I was tempted to sample up few things. Facial scrub, facial mask and body scrub.

Recently Tanamera opened a temporary booth at neighboring office. They were selling things at 20% discounts (some were 70% but I couldn't recall which items as I went and terjah all the things I had wanted - facial scrub, facial mask and body scrub).

First, let's see what Tanamera claims. Born in the land of Malaysia. Au naturel. Supports recycling too.

Tropical Lulur Scrub. Selling at RM40 per pack before 20% discount. It comes in a jar. Inside, you'll find 6 small packs of Tropical Lulur Scrub. Each pack for one session of lulur. And a bottle of 60ml distilled Tanamera Rose Water. Add up about 40ml of water plus 10ml of rose water to the lulur. Mix and slap em up your body. Tunggu sampai half dry. Then silalah sental daki anda :D

Tropical Lulur Scrub falls under Tanamera's Natural Body Scrubs. Other variations of lulur are Tropical Boreh Scrub (for aching muscle and tiredness), Tropical Coffee Scrub (to break fatty deposit and prevent cellulite), Organic Brown Sugar Scrub (with ylang-ylang to relax and rejuvenate) and Himalayan Rock Salt Scrub. Price varies according to type. My next aim will be Tropical Coffee Scrub.

Having used only once the Tropical Lulur Scrub, I can only review the immediate after effect. Of course cleaner skin laa after daki-daki tanggal. A tad bit drying. But always apply body lotion after body scrub anyway. Smelling of spices, even after adding up Tanamera Rose Water. One thing Tanamera can improve is to include penyukat for the rose water. It says add up 10ml. Takde kekuasaan lah nak pegi cari syringe nak sukat bagai kan. I added up until it reached consistency of my liking.

More info here

Kacang Hijau Facial Scrub aaaannnndddd Black Rice Facial Mask. For mature and blemished skin. Ahem. I am 38, what do you expect kan. Other variations are Tanamera Mangir Facial Scrub (for oily, acne skin), Sengkuang Facial Scrub (for dull tired skin). I was torn between all three. I have occasional acne, I have blemished skin, my skin is mature, I have dull skin. But cannot tamak, can we? SA suggested Kacang Hijau Facial Scrub.

For facial mask, other variation includes Temu Facial Mask (for oily and acne prone skin) and Hibiscus Facial Mask (to soften and brighten skin).

More info:

The ones I bought comes in 4 small sachets. 1 sachets for 1 application. Memula scrub muka then pakai mask. Macam tu lah aturannya.

I used this one few days back. I tell you, sangat tingling sensation okay. Macam panas-panas sikit. I almost wash it up after 1-2 minutes. Tapi tahan ajelah kan. Kaler cam dull purple, maybe it contains beras pulut hitam kot. Smells nice tho. This kena tempek kat muka sampai kering. Bubuh kat leher jugak yer. See note - budak-budak bawah umur sila jangan pakai. The after effect, supple! Ingatkan muka jadi merah menyala but it didn't. Rasa supple and hydrate. Tak sia-sia menahan tingling itu.

As we know, green bean ni, the Koreans dah lama pakai as part of their beauty regime. Apart from ditempel ke muka, it can be soaked overnight and later use as hair wash. It claims to reduce dandruff. Haven't tried on my hair tho. I have no complaint on this scrub. Tempel and sental. Don't over do, kesian kulit muka tu kang.

My bill, after 20% - RM72. Kalau pakai weekly, the facial scrub and mask will last a month, body scrub for 1 and 1/2 month.

Tanamera's other offerings. Boleh tinjau tinjau kat They're also having a Malaysia GP Sale 10th March - 15th April 2012, diskaun 20%. Good time to buy kalau nak try-try. Boleh order online here

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