Monday, March 05, 2012

Puting No More!

Our 2nd son, Adam has been latching on dummy since he was a very tiny miny baby. It was like a 'mute button' or 'snooze button' when the 'alarm' went off ^-^!

And today, as of now, I can proudly say he's doing without the puting for a day and a half already! You see, he always thinks he's a big boy these days, that made the process even easier.

'Adik, adik dah besar. Dah big boy kan'
'Big boy tak hisap puting kan Dik. Adik stop ya hisap puting? Kalau nak tidur, Adik peluk Doggie aje ye?'

And he stopped since. That was easy! Phew!

Oh Oh must remember the date 4/3/2012 :D

Doggie is his blankie soft toy btw.

Apart from Adam, Kakak pun hisap puting when she was small. In fact, dia ni lagi 'hebat', manjanglah nak ada puting kat mulut dia tu. Cam Adam, masa nak tidur je dia cari puting. Separation dengan puting pun, Kakak lagi susah. 3-4 hari moody sebab tak boleh hisap puting.

Iman? He rejected dummy puting altogether. He wanted the real thing, if you know what I mean :D :D

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