Thursday, March 01, 2012

I'm a Puffer

I am puffer!

I have been relatively healthy for the past 38 years. No major health issues. Which was why I was so suprised when Dr in Klinik Kita scheduled me for neb sessions from last Sunday 26th to Wednesday 29th February for coughing. I mean, I am or was not asthmatic. true that I live around asthmatic people, my husband is, my three children are. Asthma is not contagious. Having surrounded by them while I was taking the gas was, well,.. adalah sangat weird. Tables are turned everyday anyway right? :D

Apapun, I have been well for the past 38 years (almost), syukran Ya Allah for that. I have been thin, I have been a little plump for a while. I am having flabs from three pregnancies which seem so setia with me. I have my share of pimples. I have period pain. I have PMS. But no, no major health issues. And I hope this one will not be as well.

Medications prescribed. 7 of them. Some are to be taken during the day and night. Some are during the day only. Some are for night time only. Pretty confusing huh? Kenyang makan ubat. Tak payah makan nasi :D We'll see anyway :D

Medication to be taken during night time. Nasiblah semua kecik molek jer. Hak lonjong 2 biji tu adalah antibiotik. Pas ambik mesti rasa sakit perut.

Anyway, Rabu lepas was my last neb session. Then jumpa balik Dr. He said my lungs are much better and the phlegm dah dislodge. I was still having coughing that time, and worst time was (still is!) bedtime. Sampai tak boleh tidur. My stomach muscle sampai sakit sebab terbatuk-batuk. My back muscle as well. Insaf nikmat kesihatan yang Allah bagi that I may have neglected and taken for granted.

So, I got these.. inhalers. Welcome me to the world of inhalers! Budesonide & Ventolin. Whatever happens to Seretide? I remember when my children were younger, musti dapat Seretide. Yang Ventolin ni memang dari dulu sampai sekarang wujud :D

Ventolin, 2 puffs 3 times a day.
Budesonide, 2 puffs, 2 times a day.

Kosongkan lung, relax. Puff the spray in mouth. Inhale.

(Sounds and looks easy, until I tried it at home. Macam naga okay, asap keluar dari hidung. The after-taste adalah sangat tak best. Pahit dan payau. Oh ya, must drink water after puffing, kalau idak, serbuk tu buat tekak gatal)

Baik Dr.

Ventolin & Budesonide guna sampai sihat. Then discontinue Ventolin, sambung dengan Budesonide for another month.

Hurmppp.. baik Dr.

Always bring these with you where ever you go. Kalau dah pernah kena macam ni, besar kemungkinan akan kena lagi in future.

Baik Dr.

So, I am puffing since. Told you, now I am officially a puffer ^_^

Anyway.. I was feeling giddy (and was shaking a bit, my friends told me that's normal after neb session). Tapi boleh lagi request nak pegi makan nasi Arab kat Al-Barada. Rasanya Al-Barada ni takde branch lain except this one in Suarasa, BTHO.

Hot Lemon Tea. My current favorite. Rasa lain dari Lemon Tea I have tasted elsewhere. Ni Liga Arab punya :D Yang biasa I minum tu Liga Asia punya :D :D

Seberang Al-Barada is Bangi Kopitiam. Dulu ramai gi** customer then beransur surut. Walaupun tak seramai dulu, it is surviving.

I ordered Arab Rice with Lamb & Ladyfinger. Ni nasinya. Lembut. Sedap. Wangi. I loike.

Dalam mangkuk tu Lamb and Ladyfinger. Sedap. Lamb tu amatlah lembutnya.

Tebby's. Chicken Mandy. Dia tak puas hati his rice is not as nice as mine hihi.

Oh ya, my friends also told me, usually after neb session, they usually get veryyy hungry .. so that pretty much explains it....


Ina Hashim said...


akak sajes pegi jumpa pakar sbb bab2 amik inhaler ni bukannya leh buat main2...i mean all these while tie bukannya asthmatic person pun kan?tetiba disebabkan batuk and now you're being prescribed with inhalers

Smiley said...

mak haii banyak nyer ubatttt