Monday, March 19, 2012

Making Do..

There was this corner lot selling at RM520k in 2010. Very near to my house. The time was not right since I wasn't working that time. Then another corner lot, last year. For about RM600k. I was still not working then. Takde rezeki. (I am not complaining tho. I took leave to attend to Iman. Witnessing his progress is indeed much more than RM520k or RM600k or any other amount for that matter)

Very recently, there was another one selling. At freaking RM750! That, I complained. Such aa huge hike in such a short time. After thinking and deliberating and not wanting to put almost all eggs in one basket, we decided to just make do. Some said to go elsewhere where there's still cheaper, bigger house. You see, we are rooted there. We love routines when it comes to certain things. Where we're staying, included. The house was sold barely a week after it was advertised.

Renovate it is then. Perhaps we should make use of the long driveway (we can park two cars front and back now). And extend the kitchen. And paint the house blue with black ironworks as grills and gate. And install an oven in the kitchen. I shall have a small breakfast counter. To even have a small reading/solat area if the situation (and budget) permits. I want to have a french window at the living area. And a built-in shoe rack. And a walk-in wardrobe. I have endless list..


We're withdrawing our EPF Account 2 fund. Last time we did that was in 2002 when we first bought our house. It's been 10 years. Hoping for full settlement, insyaAllah.


Am said...

alhamdulillah...syukur... x rugi beli rumah... so happy for you :)

ijjah said...

Betui 3X k.tie....area umah sy pon dah naek...nk move out sudah sgt selesa di sini. nxt intention nk move in to dreamt home, insyaAllah.