Thursday, March 15, 2012

Balik Kampung!

Went back to Tgg on Saturday 10th March 2012. Came back yesterday, Wednesday 14th March 2012. A short break so we took the plane. For 5 of us, the fare was around RM1550 (lebih kurang lah), inclusive of seat-booking. My friend said it was reasonable. For us who travel mostly on-the-road, it was more than 'reasonable'. Saved approximately 12-14 hours of journey should we travel by car.

Adam was super-excited. A first-timer that he was! Albeit just going balik kampung but to actually be in the plane was really something for him. At least during the journey to Tgg. To KL, he looked a tad bit bored and kept asking bila nak sampai, bila nak turun etc. Adoilah.. baru 50 minit nak oii.

My elder 2. Seated side by side in the same row with Tebby. Gambar terlebih cahaya la pulak :P

Striking a pose sebelum naik. Adam insisted on same dress code with Iman :D Sebelum kejadian ni, Adam went pointing to a woman with long hair. And kept on saying 'macam hantu Kak Limah'. Loudly. She looked like a foreigner, I hope she didn't understand what Adam was saying :P


Smiley said...

best experience for kiddos kak
next time naek lagi ek

sib baik tak kene lempang ngan foreigner tu ekek :p

ummi said...

Farrah ~ serius akak amat terkujat masa dia jerit MACAM HANTU KAK LIMAH, MACAM HANTU KAK LIMAH. Yang kena lempang haruslah akak kan.. bukan Adam hohoho

y@tipruzz said...

Iman looks sooo grown up n matured