Thursday, March 15, 2012

Muhibbah Seafood

The bulk of our domestic expenses goes to *drumroll* - FOOD. (of course putting aside payment for car and and our home sweet home house). One of our feveret outlet is MUHIBBAH SEAFOOD. It's a chinese-muslim restaurant. The address is as per printed on their wet-tissue packet. Previously they were operating at TTDI, occupying shoplots. In Sg Penchala, they have their own place, with compound. Better and bigger.

Went there 5th March for lunch with En Tebby. We took the long, more complicated route! Lalu kat belakang rumah orang, ingatkan dah sesat :D :D The much more easier way is to just drive ahead from their TTDI outlet, turn left then right. That's it, you're at MUHIBBAH SEAFOOD Sg Penchala.

First to arrive were these. Peanuts, kicap cili and hot wet tissue. It's not in their menu btw. Courtesy with a cost. Why? Masuk dalam bil. Tak taulah kalau tak usik masuk bil ke tidak sebab everytime we'll finish up the peanuts and used up the tissues.. While waiting for out main course to arrive, mari tengok persekitaran dahulu yer.

In midst of green. For someone who has been raised in kampung, it is really soothing to be surrounded by trees.

Our drinks. I had BARLI SUAM (mintak suam tapi yang sampai panas amat, kena mintak ais) Tebby had this 'kasturi something' drink.

BUTTER PRAWN. Took the smallest serving. Tebby ate one. The rest is history. Well, my history actually :P

Steam fish. Garoupa. Thai style with loads of jeruk bawang putih and halia. We intended to order yang stim with sayur jeruk but the waitress warned us yang tak ramai orang order that variation sebab kurang sedap. Bukan ai cakap yer, dia cakap. And we ikut cakap dia hihi.

We also ordered KAILAN IKAN MASIN. All time favorite vege dish. Tak di foto, I was busy eating :P

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