Sunday, January 21, 2007

APSH - 022007 - Iman's followup

Kakak didn't cry when we dropped her at Atfal last Friday. Tho not smiling from ear to ear, she didn't give much problem. At APSH, Iman got no4.
- Is having runny nose and his hingus already greenish and thick. He was also wheezing already. Given nebuliser for 5minutes there.
- The infection in his right ear showed very little improvement despite we giving him antibiotics (Augmentin) as prescribed. There's still some nanah. We were given Zithromax this time around.
- Dr said Iman is showing signs of being hyperactive. Not being able to sit still for at least 10 minutes, speaks a little, throws tantrums and lacks concentration. Note - we need to find ways to boost his concentration. And we cannot expect miracles to happen. 2-4years is more like it.
- At 26 months, he still wakes up for nightly feed for 2-3 times every night. How I wish I still breastfeed him. This week alone, he's taking 3 cans of 900gm formula.
Given facts above, we'll be seeing Dr Nasir, again, next week.
Anyway, I tried out pau recipe I found in the net. We normally bought frozen pau and steam them for Kakak's quick breakfast. I decided to try doing it myself. Since I left the camera cable back in the office and since I won't be coming in the office until Wednesday, I defer the entry until then. There's bloopers too btw. Wait and see okay.


PB said...


nampak gaya ummi kena beli jugak lah 'RAINBOW' tu.....

myjulieyana said...

kak tie, tanak beli nebulizer letak kat rumah ker?

akak, Zithromax tuh lagi kuat dari Augmentin ek? patutla Aisya masa demam+selsema prolong hari tuh doc bagi Zithromax terus baik.. kalau tidak habis berbotol2 ubat pon tak jadi apa2.. may Imaan get well soon!

ummi said...

julie ~ so far takdelah sampai kena ada benda tu kat rumah. cuma kakak mmg ada inhaler ventolin tu. yepp,.. zithromax, augmentin tu sekelas lah tu. i'm a bit worried already sbb budak2 ni asik guna antibiotik yang kuat je. sampai pernah guna tinem dah.
ps: nama aje demam tapi.....

pb ~ adehlah PB. sampai pelangi gak, cantik dipandang, tak tercapai dek tangan!

Anonymous said...

ummi, those ubat got some portion of steroid kan. just becareful la...
btw, camne nak manage hyperactive kid ye?


kaklong said...


moga iman cepat sembuh.

doktor ada bagitau tak tips or medication utk kurangkan anak2 hyperactive ni?

ummi said...

CT ~ yep, we know. as for now we just follow dr's prescription. at the same time, also bagi diorang supplements and all. currently they're taking dr xeniji, IG6, multivitamins and scott emulsion.

CT and kaklong ~ first and foremost, you have to be very-very patient yourself because most of the time, they will drive you up to the wall. So far dr cuma advised us to give him fish-oil that contains lots of DHA (i think) that may help boost his brain power, hence concerntration. he said, kids like that may have learning difficulties sbb susah nak diam and dengar. to my knowledge, it's not medication that helps but methods. like games yang boleh increase concerntration and all. i just hope i can cope with him. there's always reason behind things that happened. I guess now i know why Allah tarik balik Iman's twin.