Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Eidul Adha - cerita bergambar

oh, i'll be 33 this year. 7 years of marriage, 10 years of working and a mother of a girl aged 6 and a boy, 3.

i am having a case of coughing, and had just taken medication that is supposedly makes me sleepy. so while waiting for the dozing-off part, (and since the kids are hooked on watching HOODWINKED), i feel like blogging about our recent Eidul Adha. It's pictorial, by the way.

e left KL on 30th December, a day after i took a day of emergency leave (i ended up cleaning some dead, dried rat babies which i found in my sewing box.. euwwww). had lousy breakfast with the slowest service in taman melati and eventually reached tgg at 3.30p.m. the kids immediately did their own business running about while we nursed our aching muscles (hey, i had to hold up Iman all the way from KL, he just won't sit). my SIL, who followed her husband to Turkmenistan, is back indefinately. since the demise of Turkmenistan's president, Malaysian Embassy, fearing for riots, sent them home. and she, and her baby, were in tgg. it was like love-hate relationship. one moment they hit one another, the other they jumped happily together on my inlaws couch. that night, we prepared Nasi Dagang. my MIL, the director and mdh acted as cook based on the instruction while i jotted down the recipe, making sure i didn't miss a slightest thing. (Photo~the kids after body painting activity)

proses pembuatan Gulai Nasi Dagang.
pelakon-pelakon - my MIL and mdh.
nampak tak kikkerr tu.. tu bukan sebahagian dari bahan-bahan yaa..

I think my kids truly enjoyed our stay in tgg, despite the absence of ASTRO and dvd player (well, except the portable one mokja has). when the weather was good, we let them played outside, chasing after chicken, gawking at goats, feeding the ducks and not forgetting 'main pasir' part. mokja brought along CDs as well, mostly Barney, Kipper, Sesame Street and the likes. The problem was that, the kids kept on pushing on another to get the best angle to view the small screen.
(Photo~berkerumun to get the best angle to view Kipper)

Iman had grown curls since his last haircut back in September. The mop of his hair seemed to be irritating him, as well as us. While mdh was in hospital, accompanying my MIL for her check-up (she got a mild stroke last year), we went to cchabang (Cabang Tiga) to shave off the boys' head. The moment I lifted Iman into the seat, he started screaming and spread his legs and each landed on the armrest, making it impossible to make him sit. I ordered for No2 and the boy shaved Iman's head while I hugged him. Abis semua air liur, hingus, peluh meleleh-leleh. His scream was enough to make a cycling man, stopped, got down from his bike, checked us out and then went away. The result, one handsome, cheeky young man. (a day before we left, i also got myself a haircut, the most terrible and horrible one in my entire life - even mdh dislikes it, until today).

while waiting outside the barber shop - Kedai Gunting Adik Mat

iman, chasing after a kitty he had just seen

taraaaa.. with new haircut. while waiting for abah to buy 'mi jambo' in cchabang

we left tgg on Friday, with some caftans for myself and kakak, a bundle of borong-ed kids clothes (I paid RM100 for 4 pairs of girl's wear, 4 pairs for boy's and 2 long-sleeved tshirt for myself). and a big bulk of meat from korban (I think they got the concept wrong, it's more like bagi hadiah). it was so bulky that it took about a day to thaw. mdh prepared us steaks for the night and murtabak for the next day's breakfast (we bought the skin from keda pok ding). i thought i had had enough until today mdh cooked us fried noodles with lots of sliced beef in it. SODAPP!!

oh oh, the medication has begun taking over. pen off for now. i need to sleep.


yatipruzz said...

hehe cumel rambut iman (2nd last pic tuh).

syok kan bebudak main kat kg..udara segar, jumpe ayam itik sumer...kat kl, no more live chickens, ducks, etc....

kat kl idlan cuma kenal bird, dog, cat, horse and binatang yg glamer2 dlm tv/books...blk kg baru bley berkenalan ngan chickies and duckies :)

ummi said...

yati ~ rambut dia tu pesen melekap kat kepala, pastu curly2 kat hujung, looks irritating. bila nampak panjang je, terus cukur no2. betul betul, kesian budak dok kl. kambing pun dog, lembu pun dog. isk.. isk.. isk..