Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Spilling Beans?

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I wonder at some people who can be so easily, and casually spilling beans of what supposedly be secrets. Yes peeps, S.E.C.R.E.T. Yes, I, in a way, at times do pliviledged to get newest juicy gossips but I just can't help wonder if my beans has been spilled as well? . And the way the stories were told 'from trusted source', I wonder if those are 100% true afterall? Maybe 20% fictional, to add some zing to it? Or is it just 20% facts?

It scares me.

I can have millions of friends but I need to be careful in choosing close friends, ain't I? I pray I won't 'roar' my way to this person anytime during this year of Tiger.

Do you know that I was born in 1974, a year of Tiger, according to Chinese calendar? No? Well, never mind...

ops... are any of those mine? hope not!!
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Zuedin said...

series tu luahan hati kak wati ni.

ummi said...

zue ~ akak rasa mmg serius. spilling beans satu hal.. bleh plak this person puts bits and pieces here and there makes conclusion... and tells people about it.

stalker said...

yep btol...tak sume cerita boleh diceritakan..tmbh2 lg kpd seseorg yg suka bergosip..huhu.
end up, yg plg senang..mind our own bisnes jek..hehe