Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Books!

One of my 2010 resolutions (read about my resolutions here) is to read. And that's what I've been doing best among all. My bookcase is brimming and am liking it. Me and Tebby make it a routine to buy books on monthly basis. It was first for accumulating the RM for tax relief and later on I became addicted to reading (and of course buying books!).

I've just added another seven books to the bookcase. 4 from a kiosk in Menara TM and another 3 from MPH.

The first 3 books are written by Hasrizal Abdul Jamil, betterknown with his pen name saifulislam. Check out his web
1. Aku Terima Nikahnya
2. Bercinta Sampai Ke Syurga
3. Rindu Bau Pohon Tin

Another one is from Syamsuddin Mohd Noor, Dahsyatnya Doa Ibu. Once I'm done reading it later, I'll tell if this one is every mom's must have. But then, not withstanding that, apapun, always, always be careful of what you say about your kids and to your kids. We mommies, apapun dari mulut kita ni, doa.

Another 3 were bought from MPH i.e.
1. Bagaikan Puteri. Now my trilogy from Ramlee Awang Murshid is complete. I already read Hijab Sang Pencinta (read my review here) and already bought Cinta Sang Ratu last month (read about it here). Too bad that I read the 3rd book first.
2. Tombiruo. 1st book in another trilogy by the same author. I hope it's gonna worth it.
3. Diary of A Wimpy Kid - Dog Days. Now my collection is complete! I have bought and read the other 3 prequels to this and enjoyed every bit of them. Read my review of the first book here.


sikulat said...

oh.. saya pun berjaya khatamkan Trilogi Bagaikan Puteri, Cinta Sang Ratu & Hijab Sang Pencinta. Saya ari tuh pening gak sbb baca No. 2 dulu.. hehehe..

Ada la some mistake between buku 1 & 3 tak consisten yg saya terkemu. Cth : Lps lawan H.tuah kan die balik rumah parent die.. pastu baru die belayar ke Aceh.. Tapi dlm buku 3 masa dia balik ke punggor (mak die cam tak pasti plak yg die idup ke tidak lps lawan H.Tuah..) hehehe..

Dah khatam buku 'Ungu Karmilla' boleh la pasnih bace 'Tombiruo'.

ummi said...

sikulat ~ silap plot eh? akak plak baca hak last sekali. tp gaya bahasa dgn description dia mmg best.