Thursday, January 21, 2010

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Book 4 2010

Am done reading this book, this morning. Light and relaxing. Seswai di baca after long day while unwinding. Ala-ala bedtime story la lebih kurang. Just that it doesn't make you sleepy.

It's about Greg, a middle-schooler, who, as his school implies, is in between a child and an adult. A difficult age (as I remembered mine) where he thinks he's old enough to do adult's things but his parents think otherwise and keep on treating him like a child. But, on certain occasion, he himself proves that he is a far cry from being an adult, by acting childish!

Greg is in the age where, what his peers think of him matters a lot. He wants so much to hang around and be cool. Just imagine how he feels when his mom makes him join a school play entittles The Wizard of Oz!

Now that I'm done with this book, am looking forward to its three, yes, read me right, not one, but three sequels. Afterall, this 1st book was launched in 2007, it's only me that just realized its existence recently ha ha.

So, here goes my book wish-list..

1. Rodrick Rules - Rodrick is Greg's brother btw. Greg has a younger brother, Manny. I guess Manny will make his debut in other book in this series. I hope by then, I am still in the age that read this kind of book.

2. The Last Straw - Do you know what it means by last straw? In my understanding, it is one last cause that make you let go an outburst or something like that. Kind of situation where you've been accepting and keeping and keep on being patient, until that one last thing happen and, you mengamuk. Not so good example but that's the best my brain could think about now. One last straw that broke the horse back. Something like that.

Why la this image terkecik la pulak?
Anyway, all these 3 sequels are available in MPH Online (click here and search for Diary of A Wimpy Kid) as well as Borders. It's just that Borders takde online store here in Malaysia.

For further info about these books, boleh layari