Friday, January 08, 2010

Ladies Please!

Bersiaran dari T*T*, Jalan Semarak KL. Attending two courses in a row. One was just a-day-course, which took place yesterday. Today, is another one, which ends next week's Thursday, 14th January. Combined both, I have fulfilled my training KPI for the whole year la la la.

T*T* has always has a special spot in my life. This is the place where I first met En Tebby. I shall not dwell on that in this entry anyway.

T*T*, when I first knew it, it was TT* Jalan Semarak. Then it was named MM*. And later on, T*T* until today. The place is old. I can't imagine how I could pave through living here for one solid month during my induction, wayyyy back in 1997. Latest change that's taking place is the renovation of ladies and gents. Good move, but do you have to it for so many, at one time? On Thursday, my training took place near Blok A, which only took about 1-2 minutes walking to get to the ladies. And today, my training took place at one of the blocks that is situated end-most. It takes like 5 minutes to go to the ladies and another 5 to come back. Not to mention another 5 for waiting (and swearing.. apa le lama sangat dalam toilet.. urghhh!!). For a person who drinks a minumum of 1.5L during the 8-office-hours, this, is so not encouraging. Tolongggg!!!


Anonymous said...

patutla aku call opis x jawab..rupa2nya ada kursus..


ummi said...

mek ~ tu la pasal... lama gila aku kat sini