Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kasut Baru... Yeayyy..

Yezza.. Those are my Reebok Trail Burst and his Fuego. Our brand new running shoes. Tebby has always been exercising i.e. running and this pair is his I-lost-count-already-th running shoes. Mine is to replace the one I bought when I was still in my uni days. Lama giler kan. In fact, I have stopped exercising altogether since aeons ago. The last time maybe when Kakak was under 2. Since then, I have made numerous attempt to start again, in groups. Being young (masa tu lah), we then got pregnant after one another, sudahnya tak start jugaklah our gym thingy.

Now that I huff and puff during my naik-bukit-nak-ke-opis or merely while walking back after lunch, my waistline consistently between 28-29 and I often feel like my heart is bursting during brisk walks, I bought these. Well, err... actually I asked Tebby to pay up. He is always been supportive about me getting some exercise, he paid up (he lost a bet in our silly mathematical games.. but I think it was more like he let me won kot) and even helped me in choosing and deciding which to buy. For once, I felt like a school-going girl whose school shoes are chosen and decided for. Only in my case, I had some power to skew his desicion into something of my liking.

Tanpa perlu merengek dan hentak-hentak kaki okay.


Having paid for these, kenalah Kak Mon proof to him I-am-not-merely-buying these kan. So tadi, at 7.00am we went out to Lake Valley and had brisk walk and later running and then back to walk again. In my case, there was so much walks in between the running! Kasi can lah. This is my first run after what, 7 years? The weather was good. The sun was not high yet and it was breezy. We spent an hour there and by the end of it, I was soaking in sweat. Penat wei!! And Tebby, as always, commented on how I should run and how my hands should be positioned and moved. That's what happened when your husband is a superior. Althought his territory is elsewhere, I can't help feeling like a subodinate at times ha ha.

After that, we headed to Pasar Sungei Besi for some provision and had a bowl-full of kuetiaw sup special. Tebby ordered one without togeh and pedal. Mine was taruk semua ha ha ha.

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